2ba Matrix Tai Chi Chuan

You’re About to Find Out the Truth About Tai Chi

One of the first things that I heard, when I began the martial arts, was that it took 3 lifetimes to master the martial arts.

That’s certainly the long view.

But the martial arts are knowledge, so why should one field of knowledge take 3 lifetimes, or even 3 decades, to master?

Have you bought into the idea that you have to be old to know anything?

Have you bought into the idea that you have to be old to know anything?

It’s knowledge!

Would you expect somebody to say, ‘It’ll take you 3 lifetimes to learn math.’ Or, ‘It’ll take you three decades to learn how to play the guitar.’

So why does this particular field of knowledge, Tai Chi Chuan, take so long?

Because it is taught wrong.

Tai Chi Chuan, more than any other martial art, is taught in random strings of knowledge. Furthermore, the basics (the alphabet of what you are doing) isn’t even defined! And the whole mess is perpetuated by old guys who hold on to their mystical beliefs simply because it makes them money!

Young students flock to learn the mysteries, and they are greeted with mysterious smiles and promises of arcane knowledge…and the old teacher goes to the bank.

And the mysteries of Tai Chi? The secrets that the student was going to learn? The big secret is learning how to smile and convince the rest of the world that you know something that they don’t know…and then charge them money for it.

Yet, there are secrets to be learned. But these are not mysterious things that take three lifetimes, they are a simple set of principles that nobody understands.

Principles that are hidden in ancient language, and cultural misunderstandings, and other veils.

Principles that can be taught as simple as an elementary school teacher teaches addition and subtraction.

lady tai chi

You can learn Tai Chi in a couple of months, and master it in a year or so!

Consider, the normal method of teaching Tai Chi Chuan is to get the student to do the form. Takes him a year or so, and then he is taught techniques from the form, for another year or so. And, finally, he is taught freestyle exercises (such as Push Hands) for another year or so.

So, it takes a half a dozen years to memorize a random sequence of data, and to figure out what it means.

That’s like tossing the letters of the alphabet into a hat and telling somebody to pull them out and read.

No wonder so few actually know what Tai Chi means!

Yet, the truth of the matter is this: Tai Chi Chuan is one of the best martial arts, and it is one of most effective martial arts, in the world!

Yet it has been reduced to old people and health exercises.

And nobody understands how it really works.

And here is the terrible joke,  those old people, and the students seeking good health, get only a  tenth of the value in Tai Chi if they don’t understand what it means.

A 90 second sample from a 90 minute video (plus book)

All the straight goods on pressure points, locks, throws, energy manipulation, everything!

Have you ever noticed that a mechanics car almost never breaks down?

That’s because he understands the car.

So if you want tai chi that never breaks down, that actually works in a fight and can stave off injury and bring good health, then you need to do more than memorize movements and wave your hands around and think that you are doing something.

You have to understand what it means.

Matrix Tai Chi is the missing link. It is the Eureka. It is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Matrix Tai Chi gives instant workability to your art. It gives the real reasons so you actually understand what you are doing.

Not following ancient instructions written for another time and another place and another culture, but understanding them as a filed of scientific principles.

Matrix Tai Chi raises your awareness instantly, not through a thousand repetitions of an arcane movement, but through a few repetitions of movements that you actually understand right from the get go!

Matrixing Tai Chi is based not on the mystical mysterioso of secret riddles imbedded in verses translated to English, but on a form of logic based on Boolean Algebra. (page 4)

In Matrix Tai Chi you will learn…

  • why basics aren’t basics in Tai Chi… (page 8)
  • …and what the real basics are. (page 9)
  • a simple matrix to organize all your postures and fighting techniques.  (page 28)
  • how to apply a matrix to a posture. (page 30)
  • two different matrixes for analyzing the body.  (page 31)
  • how all the basics fit into a basic fighting matrix.  (page 33)
  • how the two different matrixes analyze Tai Chi.  (page 39)
  • problems and oddities about Tai Chi Chuan that matrixing reveals  (page 44) (You would NEVER learn these things without applying a matrix to Tai Chi!)
  • hard applications of tai chi chuan.   (page 33)
  • The Matrix for Tai Chi Chuan   (page 60) Never seen anywhere!
  • 25 potential hard techniques that will work in any fight!  (page 61)
  • How to matrix the footwork in Tai Chi Chuan.   (page 63)
  • 25 silk reeling exercises…and the knowledge how to find as many more as there are in Tai Chi.  (page 68)
  • how to use the chi energy you generate in Matrix Tai Chi Chuan.  (page 69)
  • soft applications for Tai Chi self defense.  (page 72)
  • how to set up a second Tai Chi Chuan matrix that will give you 25 SOFT techniques that will work in any fight.  (page 80)


The point is this: you will learn what Tai Chi Chuan is and means, how to use it in a fight, how to generate massive amounts of chi right out of the gate, and how to use this chi. And you will learn this in the couple of hours it takes you to do this course, and you will be able to apply this data with just a few hours practice.

One last thing: all these things that I have told you are explained in a book, written out with the actual reasons and logic on digital paper. Then they are demonstrated in the accompanying video.

That’s an 80 page book, 90 minutes of video.

And the matrixing you will see has NEVER been seen before. It is new technology, based on logic, that has never been seen in China.

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If everything I have told you here doesn’t work, and exactly as I say it works, then please…PLEASE…ask for a refund.

good service guarantee

I have sold thousands of courses, and can count the refunds on the fingers of one hand. Everything I do is unique and never seen before. Matrixing is a new logic that was never thought of in China. Heck, they didn’t even have logic!


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