4e The Master Books


Master Books

 450 PAGES!
50,000 WORDS!

When you teach something it opens you up for further learning.
Understanding that,
know that I wrote these books in the early nineties.
I was about to become a professional writer,
I was about to make my biggest discoveries in Matrixing,
and this is the material that would springboard me onward.

Following is a description of each of these invaluable books.

ENTERING THE THIRD LEVEL ~ A description of physical and mental states of the various Martial Arts. By reading this material you can tell exactly where you are in the Martial Arts. The question is, are you brave enough to look at yourself.

FIVE ARMY TAI CHI CHUAN: THE FIRST SECTION ~ One of the few books I wrote on Tai Chi Chuan.

HOW TO START YOUR OWN SCHOOL ~ I have had schools in Ukiah, Santa Rosa, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tujunga.
I have taught people and groups of people in back yards, on rooftops, in basements, in back alleys…anywhere somebody was willing to learn.
This is the data I used to get myself started every time. It is sweet and simple, and all you do is follow the directions on each page, one, two, three…and you’ve got a school.
Heck, Andrew Woods used to sell material that didn’t work as well as this for hundreds of dollars a pop!
Here’s what one of my students had to say,
‘After completing the ‘Start Your Own School Course’ all I could feel was joy and regret at the same time! I felt regret because had I read this book before opening my own martial arts school, I would have avoided several years of organizing errors and extremely costly mistakes. Literally EVERY SENTENCE of this book covers something that every martial arts instructor should know about opening a school – no matter what his/her martial art is.’
 Harry Hsu–Founder of Harry Hsu’s Martial Arts Academy

FIVE ARMY TAI CHI CHUAN: LINES AND APPLICATIONS ~ Instead of talking about chi and the cosmos and all that, one should just define the basics. Tai Chi then instantly makes sense.

MAKING THE TRUE ART WORK ~ A look at the actual evolution of a technique through various martial arts. This is dynamite stuff, and it will go a long way towards de-corrupting any art!

MY LIFE FOR YOURS: THE BODYGUARD TRAINING MANUAL ~ In the late eighties I was called upon to provide security for a major protest. In a matter of a couple of hours I had to hire hundreds of people, organize them, train them, and begin the overseeing process. The result is the material of this book. These are drills which are incredibly intense, and are not anywhere else.

THE OTHER NINE TECHNIQUES ~ The sequel to ‘The Perfect Technique,’ this book is the first revelation of the Ten Hands Theory. This material is crucial to understanding Matrixing.

THE PERFECT TECHNIQUE ~ I take one of the Ten Hands techniques and evolve it. This really is amazing stuff.
These three books, The Perfect Technique, The Other Nine Techniques, and Making t he True Art Work, I always considered as the necessary works for an Instructor to be able to understand and impart the True Art.

THE WIZARD’S HANDBOOK ~ A look at the core concepts of the Martial Arts after 25 years.

3RD LEVEL 6TH SENSE SWORDFIGHTING ~ When I was young (around 25) I took a year off from my normal training and concentrated on the sword. These are the exercises I used. If you want to explore the core concepts of swordfighting, if you want to be able to use a sword as easily as you use a knife and fork, this is the book.

ten books,
each one worth ten bucks,
but here’s the deal.


That’s ten books for the price of one!

How to know what level of the arts you are at.
Three Instructor Manuals which detail
The Ten Hands Theory and
the evolution of technique.
The Core Concepts of Swordfighting.
Bodyguard drills that have never been seen before.
How to start your very own school!
And more, more, more!

let’s get honest,
it would be downright laughable
if you didn’t order.

You could be reading them within two minutes!

To help you along,
I am including,
absolutely free,
The Matrixing Dictionary.
I use a Matrixing term that you don’t understand,
flip open the dictionary and
you have the full meaning!

You can have the knowledge of a Master
just by clicking on the button!

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