2b Butterfly Pa Kua Chang

Amazing Chi Powered Kung Fu

shurikenThe legend of Pa Kua Chang is simple.
Dong Hai Chuan met a student of religion in the woods,
and was shown a method of circling and chanting.
He combined this method with his own Art,
and practiced it for a decade.
He then became unbeatable,
and shared the Art with the world.
But there are further truths to be gleaned here.

First, he was a student of the Martial Arts before he met the monk(s).
Probably Shaolin, but who knows.
That meant he was probably well versed in the hard martial arts,

mantis kung fuSecond,
in articles I have read about him,
he was a popular fellow,
fellow martial artists would call upon him,
and they would discuss the martial arts for hours.
This means that he received,
in some manner,
instruction in a vast variety of Martial Arts.
He was a knowledgeable fellow.

The result of this,
knowing both the hard and the soft,
having a vast knowledge of all the Arts,
in his Art being almost Matrixed.

circulat kung fu

Well, heck.
I have said,
in other writings,
that a fellow who studies long enough
will come across Matrixing.
And that the originators of some Arts
no doubt,
have stumbled across Matrixing concepts.

pa kua deerhorn sword

So, would you like to ‘stumble’across
Matrixing in Pa Kua Chang?
Would you like to approximate,
and thereby know,
what was really going on in Dong Hai Chuan’s mind?

Well, there are two things you are going to have to do.
you’re going to have to walk the circle.
That goes without saying.
And a lot.

about kung fu system

you’re going to have to look at Matrixing,
specifically Matrixing in Pa Kua Chang.

There are so many different Pa Kua’s out there,
that nobody really knows what the True Pa Kua is.
But Matrixing will show you what was going on
in the mind of the founder of Pa Kua Chang.

shaolin weapon

In this course,
which consists of one training manual on CD (PDF format)
and two DVDs,
you will first be instructed in basic circle walking.
This insures a good, strong foundation.

Second, you will learn about the Ten Hands theory.
This is Matrixing in its purest form.
And there is a nice, fat section on applications.
Good, solid applications,
where you throw your opponent around and tie him up in knots.
And these applications will reinforce the simplicity of the Art,
and the importance of Matrixing.

monkey boxingThird, you will learn the Eight Animals and their applications.
This is the definitive version of the Eight Animals,
because it has been developed by matrixing
from virtually every other form of Pa Kua,
and then it has been matrixed even further,
until it is simply undeniable.

I realized I was in contact with something which would definitely alter the world of martial arts.You get one CD (109 page booklet-PDF format)

2 DVD(s) (80 minutes of instruction)

including tons of applications!

So how much should you pay for all this?
An entire Art…taught the way it should be taught,
with logic and function!

How about…


Think about it,
an entire Art, at say $80 per month
for three years,
would be nearly

And you could have this entire Art for only $40!

I mean,
come on…

Press on the button now.

martial arts

If you would like to save Ten Dollars
do the course in just TWO MINUTES…

Click on the Next button and get the


After you do the Paypal thing
you will be directed to
a password secure site.

martial arts

If you experience ANY problems with the downloads,
contact me at:


The Butterfly Pa Kua Chang Course is copyrighted, but you have special permission to download the course to your hard drive, to store the course on disk, and to make a paper copy of the instruction manual.

This style of Pa Kua Chang will increase the chi power in your legs a hundred times over.

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