1a Matrix Karate

  The Theory of Matrix Karate

martial arts instructor course

 When you learn Karate, or any martial art, you are shown a technique, and you do it.

shuriken    Then you learn another one.

    And another one.

    A form gets put together.

    And, five or six months later you have your first belt.

    And three or four years later you have a black belt.

    The problem is that it took you ten times as long as it should have. And, not to offend anybody, but there is still a vast amount of material missing, or that people just don’t understand.

    Karate, or any other martial art, is learned by memorizing random sequences of movements.
First, the monkey see monkey do approach is vastly inefficient…it is a learning method designed for children.

    Second, memorizing random sequences of movements is like trying to learn to count by memorizing 14, 2, 83, 20, sixteen, apple, 0, 34, 16…everything is out of order, and that makes it hard to remember, and hard to use.

 karate testimonial      The Matrixing tool, and it is an actual tool, a graph that is applied to martial arts motion, puts all motions in the correct order. It does this regardless of geometry, difficulty, specific martial art it is taken from, or anything else.

    This is like counting by learning 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. And they will recognize ten when they hit it, and shortly they will be figuring out twentys and thirtys and fortys and so on, and then they multiplying, and dividing, and doing all sorts of things that are far beyond the ability of the person who only learned to memorize random sequences of numbers.

    Within a couple of months they will reach the point where they intuitively know what the next number coming is, or, specific to the martial arts, the next motion.

    Art is random; science is prediction.

    Art is whimsical, depending upon the frame of mind of the artist. Science is the actual, factual sequence of motions that define the Martial Science.

    Art takes 3 or 4 years to learn, and that’s with a good instructor. Science, as defined by Matrixing, takes as little as 3 months. And Matrixing won’t leave any gaps in your knowledge, or places where techniques are smushed together and don’t make sense.

    Before I go on I want to make a point. I have proof for what I am saying, and it is on video tape. Elsewhere on this site you will see a couple of pages devoted to something called  ‘Three Month Black Belt Course.’ In that course I took a fellow and brought him to Black Belt in three months. I filmed his progress, and you can see exactly what I did, how I teach, the methods, drills, forms, techniques, freestyle and so on that used…everything. 120 hard core lessons.

The History of Matrix Karate

    Karate came from Okinawa. Okinawa was a major port for the Far East, and for 400 years sailors, merchants and ambassadors came and went, and pieces of martial arts began collecting on that island.

    The pieces of Martial Arts were put together into the art known as Karate, and practiced by the Okinawan Imperial Bodyguards.

    Eventually the King was commanded by the Japanese to live in Japan.

    The bodyguards now had no one to protect, and there was little purpose for their art. They eventually began teaching it to children.

    Teaching children is a hazardous undertaking, and it is pretty obvious that the Okinawans withheld certain techniques. After all, no one wanted Little Johnny dislocating the arm of little Jimmy, and then poking his eyes out, and just over a little lunch money.

    The teachers of Karate then went to Japan and began spreading their art. Now, even if they knew the secret meanings of the art, would they be willing to teach those things to the people who had stolen their king?

    The fact that they used the same methods that they used for children seems to indicate that they weren’t.

martial arts testimmony    Eventually World War 2 came along, and the Americans dropped a couple of bombs on Japan, and then moved in to rule the place.

    Do you think the Japanese, even if they knew the real teachings of Karate, would be willing to share those teachings with the people who had wiped out a pair of their cities?

    Karate then came to the United States. People who had had a couple of years of lessons became teachers, and do you think they knew the real teachings of Karate?

    And, to complicate the matter, these ‘airplane black Belts’ (they got on the plane in Japan as Green Belts, got off the plane in the United States as Black Belts) began to commercialize Karate, to alter it for tournaments, to force students to stay through the use of contracts, instead of offering them the lure of real knowledge.

    Do you see how Karate, and any other martial art, became corrupted? Can you see how vested interests, tournaments, religion, medicine, language, culture, and all sorts of other things corrupted Karate and the arts and made them less than what they were, and, at the least, very difficult and time consuming to learn?

   And, before I go on, I want to let you know that everything I offer is money back guarantee. If I don’t deliver exactly what I promise, as described on this website, please let me know and I will refund your money just as soon as I receive your request.


    You can fix Karate; you can fix any martial art using Matrixing. All you have to do is look at the Matrix tables, and plug your own art into them. Your art will be instantly matrixed.

    Further, there is a line up of forms. You can plug the movements of your art into those forms, and you will have instantly matrixed forms in whatever art you happen to plug in.

    And, there are two man forms, so you will quickly see that there is no excess bushwah added in, everything is lean and mean and to the point, and everything works exactly as it is supposed to.

    And, there are specific methods of freestyle which will totally change the way you do freestyle. Without getting into these methods here, let me just say that freestyle is taught totally and exactly the opposite of how it should be taught. This will become totally obvious as you start doing the drills and exercises.

    The real bonus here is that Matrixing is going to ‘infect’ the way you think. You will find that, once you have matrixed an art, you will start looking at the world in a different way.

    You will see things as they are, eliminating the bushwah and surplus, and you will start experiencing the world in a much more intuitive way.

karate concept in the mind

   Now, I don’t expect you to believe me right out of the chute. But I do hope I have made you curious enough to want to find out more. And it is easy to find out more. I have written a report telling you what arts I studied (and taught), and the exact sequence of experiences and thought processes that enabled me to come up with Matrixing. This report is free. Simply email me at aganzul@gmail.com and ask for the Free Matrixing Report. You don’t even have to ask me, just put ‘Free Matrixing Report’ in the subject line of your email.

    I will send you the report within 24 hours.

    Again, simply click on aganzul@gmail.com and put ‘Free Matrixing Report’ in the subject line.


    I’ll be honest with you. When I first started selling Matrixing through this site, back in 2007, I was selling it for a couple of hundred dollars. I sold a few, then started getting wins in the email.

    I remember talking with my partner, and we talked about putting it up for a thousand dollars. The wins we were getting…we thought about it seriously.

    But I wanted more wins, I didn’t want to sell a few courses a month, I wanted to sell thousands of courses a month.

    So we backed away from the thousand dollar price tag and made it so anybody could get it.


for the only perfect (fully Matrixed) Karate in the world.

gung fu student speaks of training wins

 You could take your girl to the movies for thirty bucks,

or you could learn a whole system of Karate,

a perfect system of karate,

a system that will fix all other systems of Karate,

and even all other Martial Arts.

The course consists of…

A 164 page book on CD (PDF format)

that’s 276 illustrations,

six forms with uncounted  applications,

two man forms,

and methods of freestyle that have never been seen before.

And you get…

A DVD teaching Matrix Karate.

and another BONUS DVD teaching a system of kicking.

It is called ‘Power Kicks,

 it has form, techniques, and special kicking drills.

    Look, there is no better deal anywhere! This is THE original Matrixing course.

    It has the matrixing tables and how to use them.

    Forms, techniques,two man forms, drills, special freestyle methods.

    A complete science that has never been seen before, and which totally fixes Karate, and any other art you apply it to.


for the single most intense couple of hours of instruction you will ever receive.

Compare that to the price of lessons for a year or four,

then click on the button.



martial arts

If you would like to save Ten Dollars

and be doing the course in just TWO MINUTES…

Click on the next paypal button and get the


You will be directed to
a password secure site.


martial arts

If you experience ANY problems with the downloads,

contact me at:


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    Thank you: Phil Kasper

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  53. I really happy to know of this and the matrix. this honest thought has being hiding for so long and I spent 9 years to get to 3rd Dan. thank u please post for further information

  54. Hi there, I’m interested in the course, but a bit confused about what I’d be paying for: is Matrix Karate only the first level (white belt) as the cover of the book on this page shows? Or is it a complete system? If I buy this will I have to acquire other books later on? Is there some sort of a package deal?


  55. Abdilah juma mwanaja

    Seen u’r info on matrix karate,and have got interested to learn it.for the moment I am studying shotokan karate five years now(blue belt)and I am still keep on learning.Found in Tanzania.How much must I pay,including shpn/transportations?or learning through internate videos esp. whatsap?

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  89. Donald Edwards JR

    i would like to do the black belt course disk instead of download on computer 10 4

  90. Donald Edwards JR

    i would like to do the black belt course disk instead of download on computer

  91. Christopher Adams

    We get everything you talk about for just 29 dollars?

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  93. I just want to know, this is a complete karate course? Teaching how to do the blocks, punches, kicks?

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