2e Kung Fu Package

A thousand years of martial knowledge in one package!

Many people order the following courses in one block.

Shaolin Butterfly
Pa Kua Chang Butterfly
Five Army Tai Chi Chuan
Create Your Own Art

They cost $165,
buy them in the Kung Fu Package
and allow me to put all the training manuals on one CD,
and they are only $110.

That’s one third off!

Having all the manuals on one CD is convenient,
saves me money,
and saves you money.

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5 responses to “2e Kung Fu Package

  1. Hi Mr Al. There seems to be a discrepancy between the listed price of $110 and the price listed when Pay Now button is pressed ($119) for the Kung Fu Package.

    • Hi John, thanks for the heads up, I think I fixed it, let me know if doesn’t work or any other probs. Have a great work out!

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  3. After i complete the full black belt course, am i self promoted ?

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