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(formerly Instant Aikido) 

shurikenAikido is a prime example of an Art that is almost matrixed. It goes so far, yet, with matrixing, it could go all the way.

What does ‘all the way’ mean? ‘All the Way’ means you could master it in months. Not the decades it now takes, but months.

Consider the Instant Aikido Seminar (Now called Matrix Aikido). I took four guys and taught them Aikido in 80 minutes. The proof is on the video. The proof is that just watching the video enables most people to do Aikido instantly. Matrixing technology is that powerful.

karate quoteBut, and here’s the point, what would happen if you followed the program I outline in the manual?

Four guys, eighty minutes, and they can toss people around, and they can use what they’ve learned in any Art.

No, they don’t look pretty, but what would happen if they studied the Matrix Aikido for a few months?

Look, you can’t escape the fact that they are learning ten times faster than normal! That is the result of Matrixing. That is the result of making logical the Core Concepts of an Art.

Man, if they studied an hour a day for as little as three months… well, there is no comparison for where they would be.

I want you to think on something. Aikido is fantastic, but it is founded on religious principles. And this slows it down, makes it significant, and provides a long path.

But if you look at it logically, that shouldn’t take away the profound spirituality of the Art! It should just speed it up.

I want you to know something. You are faster and more intelligent than any previous generation.

morihei saying

Go ahead, look on the net for videos of Morihei Uyeshiba, compare them to modern day Aikidoists. There is no comparison. They are faster, more intuitive, more able.

This is not a slap in the face of O Sensei! This is merely a recognition that people change. That society has evolved, and people are just that much faster and more intelligent.

So while it took O Sensei a lifetime to put Aikido together, it doesn’t take us a lifetime to absorb it. We are faster than that. We have more opportunities that O Sensei.
We have Matrixing.

So leave behind your beautiful ideas that it should take a lifetime to learn Aikido. And realize that you can learn it within 80 minutes. Furthermore, you can apply it instantly to any Art you know.

So, knowing that you have the opportunity of a lifetime, that you have the chance to learn Aikido, and go further and faster in a few months, than people have gone in decades, let me explain a little bit about where it came from, and what, exactly, you are getting.

In the nineties I had a school in Tujunga, CA. I taught Karate, Tai Chi, Pa Kua, Shaolin, and whatever else I felt like. This was a rich time for me, as I was experiencing the full bloom of my Matrixing research.

One day, on a whim, I told my students, ‘I can teach you Aikido in a couple of hours.’ They blinked.
But I was taking them and throwing them this way and that, and now I was saying I could teach them how to do the very same thing in a couple of hours!

ueshiba instruction

And they said, ‘But you studied Aikido for years! How can you get us to do Aikido in a couple of hours?’

‘Look,’ I said, ‘I’ve been practicing Aikido for years, I didn’t take it for years. I took it a short time, saw what the core concepts were, and that was that.’

Another blink. The way I was throwing them around they were sure that I had studied Aikido for decades!

But they knew me; they knew I didn’t lie; they knew that I meant what I said.

So they signed up for the first Instant Aikido seminar. And the proof is in this video. Two DVDs, 80 minutes, of me demonstrating the core concepts of Aikido and how they worked.

And, at the end of 80 minutes I had them taking turns, standing in the middle of the room, throwing each other around.

And, if you watch this seminar, if you get what I am talking about, then you will be able to stand in the middle of a room, and throw bodies around easily.

If you’re a school owner, then there’s no reason you can’t put on your own seminar. Teach others how to stand in the middle of a room, and throw others around effortlessly.

Man, will that grow your school!

Here’s the thing, Classical Aikido teaches by throwing you into a tree, then having you crawl through the branches of techniques, until you find the trunk. I hand you the trunk, and tell you to grow the branches.

morihei spearThis means that you will actually be creating Aikido on the moment, as you desire.

Will you be perfect? Nah. But you will definitely understand Aikido, and, understanding the core concepts, you will get better faster! Much faster!

And, here’s a bonus,

you will understand how to make Aikido out of any Art you study! That’s right. This is really Core Matrix Stuff!

You will learn Matrix Aikido, and you will be able to ‘grow’ Aikido out of any technique you do, and, further, you will understand one of the pivotal concepts of Matrixing. And you will understand it first hand, seeing how I evolved it on the spot, without any plan, just doing it, because I understood the concepts.

You want the concepts? Do you want something that’s worth hundreds of dollars? Perhaps thousands of dollars? Something that you would have to study decades for, and then not really be sure what you had?

Listen, you’re going to be able to stand in the middle of a room, and throw dozens of Attackers every which way, including loose!

You’re going to be able to take this knowledge, this Matrix Aikido, and make it part of any Art you have.

You’re going to be that good. My promise.

So how much?

not 300 dollars,
not 200 dollars,
not even 100 dollars.


This course was going to list at $300!
Now it is only $39.95!

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