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Learn Kenjutsu Quickly through Matrixing!

The samurai sword is considered the ultimate sword.

It is three feet of slightly curved steel, so sharp that a floating piece of silk will slice itself in half merely upon landing on the blade.

A real samurai sword is considered a Japanese national treasure.

And the qualities that the samurais of old are the stuff of legends.

Able to tell when an opponent is going to draw his sword…before he does it.

Knowing what attack an opponent is going to offer…before he does it.

These are just the tips of these incredible warriors.

And, there were many schools of sword play in old Japan.

We are not talking Kendo here. Kendo (Way of the Sword) commonly uses bamboo swords.

No, we are talking Kenjutsu (Art of the Sword).

Schools such as Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu, which specialized in drawing and cutting), Hyoho Niten Ichi-ryu (Two Heavens, One School) founded by Myamoto Musashi, and Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto-ryu, which was founded in 1447, and whose headmasters are actually designated ;Living National Treasures of Japan.’

These are schools which require traveling to Japan, learning the language, immersing oneself in the culture and a unique lifestyle.

These things are not commonly available to Gaijin (foreigners), which means that if you are a westerner, you have small chance of ever training in one of these old schools.

There might be a better alternative, however, than spending a few thousand, going to Japan and begging some old master to teach you.

Matrixing is a form of logic, it makes the martial arts quick and easy to study. Long decades of study can be replaced simply by understanding the concepts and principles of a martial art.

And, let’s be honest, when you learn old systems you are usually learning a lot of dreck, useless techniques that some fellow, in some lifetime, figured were important, but weren’t, or at least aren’t any longer .

Most systems are over accumulated collections of put togethers, garbage compiled by people who thought their lives were more important than the truth of what they were supposed to be teaching.

Matrixing Kenjutsu is not such a conglomeration of junk.

Matrixing Kenjutsu is logic applied to the motion and potentials of motion of the human body. There is NOTHING more efficient. Which means you can learn the sword and the staff quickly and easy, and there are NO poser techniques, useless moves for ‘chi power,’ or anything else that detract from you knowing the actual truth of how to manipulate a sword and staff.

Matrix Kenjutsu is initially based upon a book I wrote some thirty years ago titled, ‘Third Level Sixth Sense Swordfighting.’

The following testimonial was written about this book on Amazon…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Literally all you need to know about swordfighting that can’t be figured out by simple time and practice. Those two key ingredients, YOU have to put in.

This book is like a blueprint, containing many ideas of HOW you might (and should) spend that time and practice, as well as several benchmarks you might use to better understand where you’re at and where you might go next.

I have studied two different schools of Iaido; two additional schools of kenjutsu; Shaolin, TaiJi, and XingYi weapons; and I have an instructor certification in Eskrima:

This text contains every one of the best drills I can think of from each of those schools; I cannot think of a single thing I would add.

There are no forms in this book.

There are many, many drills. These drills will change the way you interact with the world on many levels. Your understanding of your own senses will change (especially hearing and touch) and that ‘sixth’ sense (proprioception, or the intuitive understanding of where the body is at relative to itself in space) will grow steadily.

Work the drills, watch your world change, and become unpredictable in your Art.

I have had many people, over the years, ask me to put this book onto video, to actually show the drills and exercises. Here’s what Lori S had to say…

I am working on my karate form and blocks pretty much every day, on my blinding steel basics and matrix tai chi line every day. Nothing old discarded, the new will be incorporated to form a whole. After all, you designed it this way (grin). I read thru all the materials you gave me, bonuses and all, I filed and organized them neatly and work my way thru the concepts and discoveries. I love your scientific approach, cuts a lot of crap out. Thank you. Do the world (and me, duh) a huge favor and turn your sword fighting books ASAP into an entire matrix kenjutsu course. ;-))

Now you know what and why Matrixing Kenjutsu is, and here is what is on the course:

  1. The original ‘3rd Level 6th Sense Sword Fighting’ book.
  2. video showing the exact cutting and thrusting moves.
  3. video showing the exact footwork that encompasses ALL footwork.
  4. video showing the exact blocking movements.
  5. video showing exactly how to make larger techniques out of the smaller basics.
  6. video showing exactly how to freestyle so that you can..MASTER KENJUTSU! And in the shortest time possible!

And I repeat…with this material you can master Kenjutsu in the shortest, quickest amount of time possible.


I realized, after I had done the course, that I had made a mistake. I had made it too easy. Which made the course appear too light. Not enough on it.

So I fixed it.

I have over three hours of myself teaching Matrixing Kenjutsu.

That’s right, That’s over three hours, and I included it, and I call these videos…

How to Teach Matrix Kenjutsu!

That’s three hours in which I go through all the material, actually teaching it.

  • how a student responds
  • how to deal with mistakes
  • how to deal with the various ‘what ifs’ that a student comes up with

I should say something here…

Matrixing is not for dopes.

In fact, it is not commonly for beginners.

I’m serious here.

Beginners invariably look at the material and say…’Oh, we have that in our system.’ Even though they don’t. It is just their mind leaping ahead, courtesy of the material, and making an assumption.

People who have studied the martial arts for decades are different, they are no longer caught in the assumptions that beginners make. They can see the truth.

And, they have often been mired in classical methods so long that when they encounter matrixing everything breaks free, everything organizes, and they SUDDENLY understand the truth of the martial arts. Their systems fall into place, their body and techniques align, and everything becomes crystal clear.

Not so beginners, who watch Youtube and think they know something.

So Matrixing is for people who have been in the martial arts for a while. They are tired of the complexities and they want the simple truth.

But, more important, Matrixing is for instructors.

It has long been known, and this has been proved out by more than 600 pages of testimonials to my methods, that the people who frequent this site, who catch the Matrixing fever, are teachers, or are training to be, or have serious plans to be.

Matrix Kenjutsu will, in the space of a few hours, in the hands of experienced martial artists, become an entire course of study to complement what they are already teaching.

These people, the ones who get the ‘How to Teach Matrix Kenjutsu’ course, will instantly be able to turn around and offer it, as a seminar to get more people interested, as a small course to jack up their students, or even a longer course for the more serious students.

So I have put it all together, the original, simple course, and the three hours of myself teaching a student Matrix Kenjutsu.

So, if you order the ‘Teaching Matrix Kenjutsu’ course, this is what you get…

  • The original Matrixing Kenjutsu course
  • which includes the original ‘3rd Level 6th Sense Sword Fighting’ manual.
  • which includes all the videos I originally made for the Matrix Kenjutsu course.


You get over three hours of video showing me teaching the system to one of my students.




  1. How to Teach Martial Arts
  2. How to Start Your Own Martial Arts School
  3. How to Put on a Martial Arts Seminar

These three booklets because matrixing is for teachers. It is for people who want to teach the martial arts, and who want to use matrixing when they teach.

So, I am not offering the first course here, but BOTH courses. You get the Matrix Kenjutsu course, AND the How to Teach Matrix Kenjutsu course, for only $74.99. Click on the following PayPal button!


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