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I began writing articles for the martial arts magazines back in 1981. I had my own column in Inside Karate for a number of years during the ‘90s. During this millennium I discovered article marketing, and I have literally thousands of articles on the net.

You May Not Be A Black Belt!Got Your Black Belt? You might Not Really Be One!

American Martial Arts are Going Bad!American Martial Arts are Guilty of Factionalism and Elitism!

Martial Arts Master Founder Has Been Found!There Can be Only One Martial Arts Master Founder…and that’s ME! 

Karate Basics are the Secret of the Best Martial Arts!Calling All Karate Basics!

Basic Karate Punch Can Be Perfect! ~ Article on how Karate Punch Uncovers Real Martial Arts Power!

Martial Arts Ranking Systems Revealed!Martial Arts Ranking Systems…

Martial Arts Laws Will Keep You Legal! ~ An Article on The Department of Martial Arts Laws.

The True Martial Art Can Be Found Through CBM!There is a Way to Find the True Martial Art!

Kung Fu Instruction Reaches New Heights with Shaolin ButteflyKung Fu Instruction from Shaolin article.

What’s Wrong with the Martial Arts in AMERICA?Factionalism and elitism are jeopardizing the future of the Martial Arts in America. Intriguing article.

Gung Fu Method Ranges from Choy Li Fut to the ButterflyAnother great example of The Shaolin Butterfly!

Tai Chi Chuan Lessons in Martial Arts PhysicsTai Chi Chuan Lessons Take New Shape

Martial Arts Exercise Makes for Ultimate Empty Hands! ~ Martial Arts Exercise article To Jack Up Your Training

Martial Arts Mail Order Warning!Martial Arts Mail Order Mania!

Monkey Boxing Techniques and Drills ~ An article on Monkey Boxing Kung Fu.

Internal Karate Can Be Made Out of Any Style of Karate! ~ Great article for making Karate an internal Art!

Bagua Zhang Style Martial Arts Opens New UniverseBagua Zhang style Universe!

Martial Arts Chi Power Secret is Revealed!Martial Arts Chi Power is Easy to Grow!

Tai Chi Chuan Instruction Five Animal StyleTai Chi Chuan Instruction article.

Mixed Martial Arts Doesn’t Have These Throws! ~ Mixed Martial Arts Has No Intention Throws

Martial Arts Defense Against Carjacking! ~ The down and dirty on one of the most dangerous situations you can encounter.

Martial Science is the Answer to Martial Arts! ~ Martial Science signals the end of Martial Arts

Chi Energy Power Defined on All Levels ~ Article on Chi Energy being the ultimate expression of spirit

Self Defense Techniques for both Sides of the Body ~ Self Defense Techniques!

Martial Arts Classes Too Tough to Die! ~ Article on Martial Arts Classes!

Kung Fu Techniques from the Tiger and Dragon ~ Kung Fu Techniques from the Dragon.

Martial Arts Forms Uncover the Truth of LifeMartial Arts Forms Contain the Secrets…

Chi Kung Power Makes Superhuman Martial Artists!Chi Kung Power is Best!

The Martial Arts Kicking Bag that Kicked My Fanny! ~ ’The Martial Arts Kicking Bag from Hell!’

Martial Arts Styles are All the Same! ~ Martial Arts Styles aren’t Different.

Karate Throwing Techniques That Work in Real Life! ~ Karate Throwing Techniques Article.

Ki Energy Unlocks Martial Arts PowerKi (energy) To the Universe.

Using Martial Arts Meditation to have the Strongest Mind in the World! ~  Martial Arts Meditation Rules!

Karate Breaking with Head Knocks Out Karate Student ~ How to do Karate Breaking with Your Head Really Good!

Learn Kung Fu Fast with the Butterfly Pa Kua Chang! ~ Great article on how to learn Kung Fu In Three Easy Steps!

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