A Summer of Martial Arts!

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A Summer of Martial Arts!

Yeah, baby.
Set your work out up,
do it every day,
see if you can learn a whole art in one summer.
That’s the game!

I came across a VERY interesting fact the other day.
And I could kick myself for not having the link for you.
But the essence of the article was this:

If you turn your wrist when punching you break bones in your hand.
If you keep the punch stable,
for instance use a vertical punch,
the bones don’t break in the hands.

Now this guy had done a job of research,
went back through boxing and martial arts
and really backed the idea up.

About twenty or thirty years ago
I made the point with my students,
practice the twisting punch to learn to snap,
then forget it,
don’t do it again,
go to a vertical punch
and use the snapping closure of the hand for your snap.

The reason i said this wasn’t because I noticed broken hands,
it was because logically speaking
if you twist the hand on impact it is unstable
and weight can’t be properly transmitted it.

There are a few twisting punches,
but they are really rare and mystical.
And I hold that mysticism can be cured by understanding the basics.
Just saying.

that’s my two cents for the week.

the book is getting closer,
It’s getting edited,
about 3/4s done,
and I’m really glad I decided to get edited.
I’m learning a lot,
and the book is going to be a LOT cleaner when it is done.


Let’s repeat the obligatory ad from last week…

Blinding Steel!

4a Blinding Steel (Matrixing Weapons)

Because your opponent will probably have a weapon!

Okay, everybody,
summer is around the corner, so start now!


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