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Newsletter 889

How Matrixing Brings Arts Together

School’s started for many,
you students,
are you going to get a Matrix course,
have it done by summer?
Or even Christmas?

I have a LOT of good letters.
Just got the following,
and it really made my day.
Kurt has been a long time student of matrixing,
taken his time and done it right.
Here go…

Its been a while since I texted last. Back in January of this year I received the Create Your Own Art package. I finally completed it this week. The reason for spending so much time on it wasn’t one of laziness, I actually spent several hours on it every week. Once I received the package and viewed the Intercepting Fist segment I became intrigued and practiced and viewed it over and over again. Then when I viewed the Pa Kua disc, it really hit home how Matrixing came into play. As a result of this, I had to dig out the Butterfly Pa Kua disc and of course saw how the Ten Hands mimicked the Matrixing of the Intercepting Fist, it really hit home to me. I have been circle walking utilizing the 8 Animal Pa Kua for at least 2 years now and have found all the applications of my core art of Kenpo, in the Butterfly applications as well as the Intercepting Fist Circle walking. Of course this led me to take apart 5 Army Tai Chi and Matrix Tai Chi and find the same applications.

So I’ve spent the last 10 months practicing, experimenting, and rediscovering in the name of Creating My Own Art. And after all this I decided that I cannot create what has already been created. The best I could do is re-organize what already is. The Taoist Arts(Tai Chi, Bagua, Hsing I) have been around for a long time, and in the case of Tai Chi, (possibly the Mother of all Martial Arts), over 1500 years.

While Practicing with a friend, who has limited use of his left shoulder as result of an injury, I saw that he could not do the Intercepting Fist, or a simple Hi block or inverted block with that arm. Utilizing Pa Kua(Bagua) I was able to show him how to execute a circle walking direction turn and do a hi block with his good arm. he was elated and I was very full of myself! It was then that I decided to not create my own art but instead to re-task what I have learned as to fit the needs of people with limitations due to injury or handy-cap. I mean Dr. Paul Lam has done very well teaching Tai Chi to ease the pain of Arthritis. And many others teach Tai Chi to improve balance and range of motion in seniors. So this is my new calling and I attribute it to the Create Your Own Art Program. For this I thank you. It has really improved my skills and ability and hopefully I can help others as a result.

Finally,  I would like to add that the only thing missing from my practice of the Internal Arts is Hsing I Chuan. I have had some exposure to that art but have found (at my age) that learning the 5 element forms as well as the 12 Animal forms would be a bit much. However, I do see a need for more linier attack and defense. So, taking inspiration from Matrix Tai Chi, I developed 8 short “lines”, by which I walk
a straight line, performing each of the Pa Kua animals 8 times forward, starting turning slightly left, step turn slightly right and so forth for 8 steps, them kick and pivot 180 degrees and do the same stepping back to the starting  point, kick and pivot the perform the next animal(start with Butterfly Palm. Step the line changing palm left the, right etc.). It can also be done as a two man form, one advancing the other retreating. One attacking the other defending. This kind of rounded things out for me(if you’ll pardon the pun).

In closing, I apologize for the length of this email but after 9 months of this course of study I am very enthusiastic! But basically it boils down to me saying thanks!

Respectfully, Kurt A. Nelle’

Thank you, Kurt.
And for everybody,
Matrixing is quick,
you have realizations like crazy,
but it sets the stage for
some really long term learning.
At the end you understand
how the arts fit together.
You become able to shift from art to art,
create art as you need it.

There are just so-o-o many things you can do,
once you jump the fence,
put aside your limits,
and realize that there is nothing stopping you,
except your own self.

Matrixing opens the door.

Thanks Kurt,
and well done on your desire to help others.
That is the REAL art.

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have a GREAT work out!




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