Great Win for Pa Kua Chang!

Speaking of PKC…

A fellow wrote in a great win
after taking the Pa Kua Chang course.

Michael McCoy

Sir, I had to reach out to you and share this.
I’m a disabled vet so I’ve got time on my hands, lol.
I’ve watched some Pa Kua videos before on YouTube. I found Pa Kua intriguing, but out of my reach due to the apparent complexity,
I worked through your Butterfly Pua Kua Chang program today, I made a circle on the floor and started walking it with the 10 Hands while thinking about the points you say to concentrate on. I broke a sweat!
After that, I went back and looked at some Pua Kua videos on YouTube and low and behold, I could figure out the nuts and bolts of what was going on! It totally makes sense to me now, thanks to you. You…are an excellent teacher and a great innovator! Thank you Mr. Case!

Michael McCoy

Do you know why Pa Kua is such a great art?
Because it is already modular,
and that means it lends itself to matrixing perfectly.

This is the matrixed version of the art.
It has a hard core logic
that illuminates the classical.

just walking the circle
improves the student so much,
and Matrixing PKC builds
energy in the legs,
a meditative state of mind,
an easy way to get out of the body
And once you understand them
the self defense is actually pretty incredible.

I’ve always thought of the Pa Kua self defense as
‘dark Aikido.’
But we can talk about that later.

So well done, Michael,
and thanks for your win.

Here’s the link to:

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang!


2b Butterfly Pa Kua Chang

have a great work out!

Don’t forget to check out the interview—Al-Case-e12e3np

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