Make a Martial Arts Weapon of Mass Destruction in your Own Backyard!

Newsletter 873

Martial Arts Weapons of Mass Destruction at Your Fingertips!

What a positively wonderful day.
I work out every, single day at 6 in the morning.
Never miss a day,
and a day never misses me.

One of the things I have looked at,
from time to time,
is the subject of catapults.
I was going to build a trebuchet
when I was up on top of the mountain,
but never got around to it.

Catapults are the first long range
mass destruction weapons
ever made.

The longest ‘bolt’ ever tossed was a ten pound pumpkin
to a range of 3636 feet.
That’s over a half mile.
Imagine that pumpkin filled with explosive,
and you’ve got a mighty potent weapon.

Of course,
they didn’t have lots of explosives
back in ancient times.
they did have cows.

A castle would be put under siege.
A cow would be loaded in the catapult and
the most deadly sound in the world
would shriek down from the sky.


so my imagination got the best of me.
They wouldn’t toss a cow
because why feed the enemy?
they would toss a dead cow,
or a cow’s guts.
disease ridden guts.
The resulted splat of bacteria
would poison a town,
cause the plague
as sure as grandpa loved garters.

The world’s first example of biological weapons of mass destruction.

Poor castle.

you can find the directions for a trebuchet on the net.
They are simple to make.
You can make a small one that tosses tennis balls.
a big one that tosses bowling balls.

But, but…
you don’t even have to make a trebuchet
to experience the joy of long range weapons.
A sling works on the same principle as a trebuchet.

One day I was working out with one of my classmates at the Kang Duk Won,
after the work out we were walking through an orchard,
and throwing rocks at the apricots on the trees.
Wildly inaccurate.
struck by inspiration,
possible recalled by the stories of David in sunday school class,
I whipped off my belt,
held the two ends in one hand,
placed a rock in the fold,
swung the thing,
let go of one end,
I knocked a branch off a tree.
A branch.
Not a little switch.
Apricots all over the place.

That’s all it takes to make a long range weapon.

And you can use a belt for a shorter range, too.
A heavy buckle swung around
makes a good head conker.

So think about it,
take a walk this afternoon,
throw a rock at somebody from a hundred yards away.
a squishy apricot.
they splat.

Okely dokely,
did you know that you can tie that ‘slinging’ concept
into his?

Weapons of mass destruction at your fingertips…

Have a great work out!


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