Advanced Chi Power Usage in the Martial Arts!

The Secret of Martial Arts Whole Body Energy!

You know,
I talk about matrixing a lot.
Figuring out all of the blank spots in your art,
getting rid of poser techniques,
making logical sense of the whole thing.
But one thing I don’t talk about enough
is CBM

CBM is Coordinated Body Motion
In oldspeak,
or mysticism,
it is using the body as one unit.

This is a solid concept,
but often discounted.
It’s faster to just pound on a bag,
make your arm muscles big and strong,
and rely on that.

It is harder to do the forms slowly,
or at least with attention to detail,
and figure out how to use the body as one unit.

But think of this.
Instead of building the arm so it is strong enough
to knock over 200 pounds,
why not train yourself to use the 200 pounds of your body?

The point of a punch (or technique),
is to deliver weight.
So just learn to put the entire weight of your body into the strike.
It’s easier in the long run,
and when you get old and lose your muscles,
you will still have an interesting by product.

Energy is the capacity for work.
Work can be measured by weight.
But while you’re thinking about this,
let me tell you something else,
something a little more advanced.

You use your body as one unit.
You strike with the whole weight.
It is more efficient,
less tiring,
more effective.
what happens when you CBM the other guys’s body?

This is the real secret of the grab arts.
This includes aiki, chin na, and even advanced judo/jujitsu

When you have achieved sufficient CBM
you touch the other person’s body with CBM
and his body will react by moving…WITH CBM!

The explanation is simple.
Bodies are bodies,
and you can hook them together.

ten marines lifting together can lift more
than twelve marines lifting separately.
This is a proven fact.

If you’ve only CBMed a little,
you probably won’t be able to do this.
But if you CBM a lot,
your body doesn’t just operate on muscles,
it operates on energy,
and the person you touch,
their body will react with energy,
and they will unconsciously,
without even knowing it,

Now you try the throw.
You throw the arm,
which weighs 20 pounds,
and the body goes along
which weighs 200 pounds.

This is actually how old men,
frail and fragile,
can push young men,
robust and muscular
a dozen yards with no effort.

And you really don’t want to know what a fully CBMed strike,
with all the energy pouring forth,
is like.

the unfortunate fact is this is difficult to prove,
unless you happen to cross hands with some old fellow
who has taken the time to develop his art,
and he is willing to share his art with you.

But the theory is solid,
and it’s not going to hurt you to think about it,
and maybe consider it in your training.

He strikes,
you evade,
you push and his body CBMs
and flies away.
And he will never know what hit him.
Unless, of course,
he read this blog.

If you want to learn more about CBM
I mention it in a lot of my courses,
and my arts are designed to promote CBM
even if I don’t mention it.

But I always suggest
The Master Instructor Course

That was the first time I talked about it,
years ago,
but the data is there,
plus A LOT
 of other stuff.

Everything you need to master ANY art.

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