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BOGO Martial Arts!

What a fantastic morning!
Especially for a work out!
I haven’t said it recently,
but I’ve always felt that
a form is a like a prayer.
It just cleans out the body,
soothes the spirit,
and makes the mind sharp!

you all know what a BOGO is, right?
That’s right.
Buy On Get One (free)
I’ve always felt that they should include the F
But then people would read it like
Bug Off!

If you buy a course,
you get another one
(of equal or lesser value)

The way it works is this…
you head over to
and select two courses.
I don’t care which two
as long as they are about the same in price.
Then you order one of the courses,
and email me at
and tell me what your second course would be.
Email me if you have questions…

why am I doing this?
Why am I giving stuff away free?
Because it’s the end of an era.
The newsletter,
in its present form,
is ending.

No big deal,
to get the newsletters all you have to do
is sign up for my blog

You know,
I’ve got over 1060 issues of the newsletter.
That’s a lot of newsletters.
I’m sure I’ve written a few clinkers,
maybe offended a few people,
but I’m pretty proud of the quantity and quality of the newsletter.

I’ll put out a couple of more issues,
just to let everybody know.

right now,
remember this offer…

Buy One and Get One (free)

Have a great work out!

I beat you this month, Kumar.

Don’t forget to check out the interview—Al-Case-e12e3np

How to Fix Karate! (volumes one and two)

volume one is at

And volume two is at…

‘The Last Martial Arts Book’ has 11 ratings for 5 stars.
(There is a video version of this book with no stars yet)
My two yoga books have 9 ratings between them for 5 stars.
‘The Book of Five Arts’ has 7 ratings for 5 stars.
‘The Science of Government’ has 6 ratings for 5 stars.
‘Chiang Nan’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars.
My novel, ‘Monkeyland,’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars

That’s a lot of good ratings
so hopefully you’ll find that useful
find the book/course that is right for you,
and matrix your own martial arts.

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