Chi Energy Defined on All Levels

Chi Energy the ultimate expression of spirit

“Chi energy is a myth,” said the Karate student, and he went back to kicking the bag..

Yet other martial artists, especially in Shaolin and  Tai Chi Chuan style martial arts say chi energy is the root of all existence.

It is…everything….God…invisible…nothing…and so on.

chi energy power

Bagua students weave cocoons of energy about themselves.

It is obvious that the concept of Chi energy is the most mystical and significant concept in the Martial Arts, and, for that matter, amongst chi energy meditation, spiritual healers, reiki healing, and all other energy healing schools.

The purpose of this article is to solve the mystery of chi energy for good and all. I suggest you don’t read this article unless you are willing to change your mind…

There are three levels to the Martial Arts.

The first is mechanical, which deals with the structure of the body.

The second is physics, which has to do with energy flowing through the body.

The third is dynamics, which is the study of Thought, which can manifest in chi Energy amazing in potential, such as Flows outside the body, and in the body of an opponent.

Each of these levels has it’s own specific manifestation of this concept of supreme Chi energy.

The first level is when you shove food into the gullet, thus beginning the process of chemically transforming matter into Energy. Thus you fuel the furnace to keep the machine going so as to enable yourself to enhance chi energy on the gross plane, and to enable oneself to pursue concepts of higher intelligence.


Chi energy, on the first level, is nothing more than the flame in the furnace.

We are talking about the creation of Energy on a physical level.

And this brings us to a very crucial concept if we are going to understand Chi.

Energy is the capacity for work.

Tai Chi Chuan masters use chi energy to propel bodies away without force.

Tai Chi Chuan masters use chi energy to propel bodies away without force.

It isn’t invisible waves. It isn’t some mystical force that permeates the body. It is the concept of work before it is done. It is a measurement of potential. It is an abstract, and you really have to understand this if you are going to elevate yourself to understanding the concept of Chi energy, especially as we are now going to consider Chi on the Second Level.

The Second level deals with physics. Physics is the study of the intereaction between matter and energy.

Matter is converted into Energy on the first level, and the second level of the Martial Arts is the concept of engineering the body for maximum efficiency.

In other words, economy of motion: the most done for the least effort.

I am sure you recognize the Martial content of this explanation.

Thus, the Martial Arts, on the first level, deals with creating energy by shoveling food into the gullet, and, on the second level, deals with how to use as little energy as possible.

This is a wonderful paradox. Why would one want to create more energy so as not to use it?

So one can enter the third level; so one can learn how to use chi energy.

On the third level one is interested in creating energy not of the body.


Not the energy created by fueling the furnace, not the potential for work by how much food you ingest, but energy outside the body.

Or, in other words, what is the potential for work outside the body.

And here is where we enter how the concept of how Chi becomes so confused and even rediculous.

The concept that is difficult is ‘Outside the body.’

Have you ever felt somebody walk behind you? It is a curious feeling that can include ‘Hair raising,’ a wave of sensation across the back, and various other phenomena.

This is a ‘Radar like’ feeling and phenomena.

Some people try to explain this through such concepts as air currents and such.


What you are doing is feeling something through the air around you.

Yet you don’t have nerves hanging in the air!

You don’t have little invisible pods that catch motion a foot or two beyond the skin!

So what is happening?

What is happening is the sensation of will power.

Sensation of Intention.

And and here is where we come to the manifestation of chi in the Martial Arts:
Chi is Intention.

And, in the Martial Arts, we measure Intention through Sensation.

And, in the Martial Arts, the definition of Chi has become: Chi is the Sensation of Intention.

But Chi energy  is everything, not merely, or just, Sensation of Intention.

But it is okay, if you understand this, to accept Sensation of Intention as the definition.

chinese man moves

Supreme Chi Energy theory says you don’t even have to touch your opponent.

And if you understand these last few sentences then you know all you need to know to understand Chi energy in the Martial Arts, and how to develop it.

Well, perhaps I could say a bit more…

To fully understand this concept of Sensation of Intention let’s define Intention exactly.

Intention, according to the dictionary, is a plan of action, an aim that guides.

Or, to put it in my own words. It is the arrow between an original idea and the culmination of effort which brings into reality the finished accomplishment.

Or, behind every action (move, technique) there must be an idea. And Intention is the path the universe takes in accomplishing the fact of the idea translated into reality.

The precise order of action here is:

  1. Somebody gets the idea to hit you.
  2. Intention manifests.
  3. Physical activity manifests.
  4. You are hit.

So where is the Chi energy in this?

Chi is the Intention.

And Chi is the Sensation of the Intention being perceived.

And if you percieved the Sensation of Intention and manufactured your own idea you might have blocked the hit.

We are, by and large, at this stage of our evolution on good, old planet earth, creatures of perception.

And, crime of all crimes, we have been trained, by our society, not to percieve.

The Martial Arts are one of the few activities on this ball of dirt we call home that can reverse this process, and can enhance our abilities beyond what is expected, and do this in legitimate and ethical fashion.

Unfortunately, many Martial Arts are done incorrectly. Many Martial Arts are done only for the purpose of attacking one’s fellow man.

Talk about a society (or Art!) that inhibits it’s higher purpose!

So, how does one go about reversing the process and breaching this mystical concept of Chi energy?

First, you must get the idea that Chi does exist.


Then, you must practice your Art with the sure assumption there is something outside your body.

And when sensation starts you must concentrate on that developing tha sensation without falling into fear, traps of bizarre belief systems, and so on.

One problem that you will encounter is that there are many different types of sensation that can accompany the perception of intention.

Is the sensation hot or cold?

Is it dull or sharp?

Is there motion within the sensation?

Is there weight? Waves of geometry? Something else?

And so on.

How many perceptions do you have?

And don’t exclude any perception from your possible sensations.

Since we are trained not to see except in a certain way…you may not see the sensation, but what if you do?

Let me give you a rather weighty exercise to do.

1) List all the perceptions you can.
2) Pick a simple Form.
3) Do that Form while concentrating on developing, or sensing, or somehow becoming aware of, each perception.

build chi power

But whatever you believe…chi energy power exists!

So which perceptions work?

What sensations are you aware of?

And what are you going to do to enhance those sensations you found?

And this leads us to a terrible trap.

Doing this exercise can introvert you, and guide you towards what is commonly called ‘New Age’ thought.

Saving the concept of introversion for later discussion, let’s talk about New Age very briefly.

New Age is the idea that the sensation is more important than the accomplishment.

There is a wonderful anecdote about the old monk who decided to sit down, right where he was, and not move, until he understood everything there was to understand.

For ages he sat, extending his consciousness to the cosmos, and around him sprang up cultures, and buildings, and highways, and…a truck ran over him.

Do you get the idea here? Sensation is important because it can help you define intention. But, and here is the key, it is rediculous to try to define your own intention through the study of sensation.

Why should a light bulb try to see itself?

It is actually more important for all the light bulbs to work together to push back the night.

And the best way to do this is to work with your fellow man…and to percieve his Intention. Can you experience the sensation of somebody else’s Intention?

And, if you are keeping up with this logic…the best way to defeat introspection, and to defeat the trap of New Age hedonism and self gratification, especially in the Martial Arts, is to practice your Martial Arts with a partner.

Practicing with a partner puts your perceptions outside yourself. Practicing with a partner allows you incoming sensations to analyze. The very essence of the Martial Arts is the analysis and handling of Force and Direction.

It is not feely good.

It is survival.

And feely good sensations are nothing more than a distractive by product (unless you have read this article and understand the true value of sensations, and the place they play in the Martial Arts.)

So, let me make a very important point about all this.

Joe Blow begins his practice of the Martial Arts. He studies for a couple of years, becomes quite effective at technique, and then quits because he isn’t really learning anything.

Yet this is where real learning is just starting.

If you keep studying, even though you think you aren’t really learning anything, then you will eventually start to see beyond the body that is attacking you. You will start to percieve the Sensation of Intention.

And if you get really good, you will be able to reverse the fact of perception…and begin the manifesting of intention. And you will be able to ‘See’ the Thought behind the Action that is intended towards you.

The first year or two you are learning tricks, how to see on the body level, enhancing your performance, that sort of thing. Then you must learn to see on the Energetical level (second level), and ultimately, you must be able to manifest on the energetical level (third level).
And that, my friends, is all there is to Real Chi energy Power…at least for now.

Check out the book I wrote on how to make Chi Energy!

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