Using Martial Arts Meditation to have the Strongest Mind in the World!

Martial Arts Meditation Rules!

Try Martial Arts Meditation on for size! Try it, and you might have the Strongest Mind ever to exist in the Whole Wide World, maybe the whole galaxy! Able to delight any dame and bounce the baddies, all through martial arts meditation techniques. Sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Oddly, the meditative exercises that I did worked, but not in the way I had anticipated. So let me tell you martial arts meditation that I utilized, and see how you do. Are you ready to have the Strongest Mind in the World, maybe in the universe?

martial arts meditation

The Essence of Martial Arts Meditation


I once came across the concept that a man who can concentrate on one thing for three minutes can take over the whole world. The point was that to stay mentally focused on one thing, to put it simply, expands the mental wattage. Having read this, and wanting to have the most fully functional brain allowed by the powers that be, or anybody else, I decided to do it.

I was doing doing Karate at the time, and exploring side avenues of Sticky Hands from Wing Chun Gung Fu, and various other martial things, and I really thought that I knew enough about Chinese Qugong to pull anything off. I did my Martial Arts forms, I could remain calm during combat, and I had the discipline. Now all I had to do was apply that discipline to seeking enlightenment, pursuing Nirvana, or whatever you want to call it.

I decided to use a simple, little rock to shape martial arts meditation into the ultimate concentration and the resulting explosion of pure mentality which, I hoped, wouldn’t shatter the universe too badly. A rock, after all, was what the earth was, and the shape of the thing was round, like the whole darned universe, and it seemed so neat and appropriate. So I went into a nearby field and chose a well shaped rock, and prepared to turn on my enlightenment.

I sat down next to a tree, placed the rock in front of me, and focused on it. I tried not to think, I tried to just focus on the rock, and to ignore all those silly little surface thoughts, like what was for lunch and what the latest movie was, or what I was going to do that weekend. I was, after all, going to meditate with zen martial arts to shatter down the doors to heaven, so what use did I have for the following weekend, right?

After three minutes I tossed the rock aside, got to my feet, and started walking away, totally disgusted with how boring the whole thing was. I mean, to think that I was going to enter Nirvana just by being able to think at a rock, how stupid, how boring! Suddenly, I was jerked to a stop as a sudden thought overwhelmed me.

It wasn’t the stupid, little rock that was so darned boring, it was me that was boring. All that boredom was coming out of me, and I realized something…I would never be bored again. And I suddenly knew that I had achieved some form of enlightenment, some karate style of enlightenment, the martial arts meditation had worked, but not at all how I thought it would.

This has been about developing a karate mind.

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