Different Kinds of Martial Arts Warm Ups

Monkey Boxing Newsletter 8

Different Kinds of Martial Arts Warm Ups

It’s Xmas,
Merry Xmas!
of course,

Got three new vids out for you.
Two of them on working out.

it is very important to get the teacher’s viewpoint.
You will see this in these videos.

you’re teaching yourself,
So it’s important.

But the logic here goes a bit further.

If you are the dummy (the receiver)
in training,
you learn how to take a punch,
how to see a punch,
how to analyze a punch from the viewpoint of one getting struck.
This is valuable data.

If you are the person doing the hitting,
you get to learn how to implement a technique,
how to drive through a block,
how to make it work in spite of anything
an opponent might do.
VERY valuable data.

But when you teach,
you get both viewpoints,
and you get outside the technique.
You start to understand it in a way
that a student,
be he attacker or defender,
will NEVER understand.
That is the MOST VALUABLE data of all.

So figure out these warm ups,
get your family members to warm up with you,
start to appreciate
how little people understand their bodies
and how to make them work.

see it from a teacher’s viewpoint
and you’ll suddenly understand things
like you NEVER understood them before.

Here’s the Christmas vids.

‘MB 30 Moon Form Variations’
Different way of doing the Moon form.
low level students repeat the form
until they can repeat it like robots.
they blow through circuits,
and will eventually make the moves intuitive.
they don’t understand
all the different ways
of looking at and doing a form.

‘MB 31 Warm Ups kids’
Perfect for teaching kids,
for getting them to make the transition
from play to work.
But you have to be patient.

These Warm Ups are also excellent for people
getting back into the martial arts after lengthy time off,
or rehabilitating.

If you want some real fun,
I suggest you bolster these warm up routines
with exercises from Yogata.


‘MB 32 Warm Ups Adults’
These are the Monkey Boxing warm ups.
A little more vigorous,
they focus on making the body empty
at the same time you warm it up.
Not muscles,
but mind,
emptying the body so it can move faster
and with more sureness.

Okey doggone oakley
time to eat, drink,
and celebrate a couple of thousand years
of attempted peace.
With Monkey Boxing
maybe we can get there a little faster.

HanaKwanMass to all,


Here’s that Yogata link again


still working on the book,
I’ve got so much stuff happening,
I’m taking too long.
But I’ll get it done.

ANY probs with links, etc.
ANY questions
about the material on the vids,
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