How Matrixing Works in the Martial Arts!

Actually Understanding the Martial Arts!

I haven’t written about Matrixing for a while,
so let me explain for people who have never heard of it.

Make a list of numbers to ten.
1, 2, 3, 4…10
It’s easy to count to ten.
You can count anything.
After a while you even forget to count on your fingers.
That’s what effective martial arts looks like.
A small number of techniques easily and intuitively remembered.

as people teach the martial arts they have favorite techniques
and they leave out number 4.
You can still count to ten, sort of.
Not a real ten,
but, hey, that blank space isn’t important,
I’ve got nine things that work.

Then some guy teaches it, and his favorite technique is 13.
1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13.
Okay. Cool. He’s got nine techniques that work,
and a thirteen technique that,
if he’s lucky, he can get away with.

A guy teaches techniques, but the enemy wears armor.
Some more techniques are left out,
and more ‘specialized techniques’ are added.

Time passes and students don’t have the weapons threat any more,
but they keep practicing the ‘specialized techniques,’
and they are adapted, changed, altered,
for different circumstances.

After a few years,
not even hundreds or thousands,
but just a handful of years,
three or four generations,
a few cultural changes,
and the art looks like this:

1, 2c, 5, 5f, 5g, 8, 3h, 16, 89, 1b,
b3, 43, 23k, 2k, yellow, 63fg, 7, 4little, 19, 9…
and eighty more techniques.
All to count to ten.

Everybody has added, changed, adapted, included
techniques from other arts, other countries,
been influenced by religion, politics
and their mothers aversion to violence.

And this what the martial arts look like today.
ALL of the martial arts.

People take years to memorize a sequence of ‘numbers’
that make no sense, are out of order,
and often don’t work at all.

Do you know what matrixing looks like?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Simple. Easy to learn and…
It becomes intuitive right from the get go.
And it can be applied to ANY art!
You can figure out which techniques
belong in the sequence,
should be kicked out,
should be changed to work,
and so on.

the hidden blessing…
once you matrix your art
your mind has experienced intuitive thinking.
It begins to function differently.
It is quicker and more logical.

is matrixing for everybody?

People who are stuck in their art as a belief system
should not learn matrixing.
they don’t have the ability to learn,
and especially to be intuitive.
They will end up frustrated and critical.
Anybody who is critical is usually stuck.

People of low intelligence.
And this situation is truly terrible,
for it includes most people educated in the modern systems.
Go to school and you are likely more stupid
and even unable to learn.

But if you aren’t stupid,
and you aren’t locked into the arts as a belief system,
and you can learn…
matrixing can have a profound effect.

the proof.
I’ve got 0ver 700 pages of wins from people.
I’ve been pushing matrixing,
in some form,
since the eighties,
and I’ve only had two returns in that time.
But the real proof is this…
Money back guarantee.
Looks, it’s subjective,
the only person that can prove it is your experience.
Not somebody else’s words,
but your own dig in and find out the truth self.

here’s the link…

1a Matrix Karate

You can study it in other arts on the site,
but this was the first and most effective course.

Have a great work out!


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