Building Sixth Sense Martial Arts!

Breeding Intuition in the Martial Arts!

Intuition is a sixth sense.
It is more than just hair standing up
on the back of the neck.

I was working in a factory,
when I was a young lad.
They all knew I studied martial arts,
some thought it cool,
others thought it was a joke.

One day one of the guys asked me about sword fighting.
We went into a storage room, very poor lighting,
and I was showing him how to grip the sword
how to stand, and so on.
I was using a piece of door track for a sword,
and it had a very jagged end.

Suddenly it felt like a huge hand was turning me around,
pulling the sword down.
One of the guys who thought my martial arts was a joke,
a fellow named Eddie,
thought he’d ‘get me.’
That was his exact thought,
I later found out,
when he was sneaking up behind me.

I turned and cut
right before he cold jump me.

Only the fact that I was resisting this big force
that was pulling me around,
did I managed to avoid slicing open his face.
As it was I cut a big gash in his chest.
Blood all over,
very nasty.

That was my sixth sense.
I cultivated it through the martial arts,
and it was like a big guard dog
watching over me,
attacking to protect me
whether I saw the threat or not.

It is actually very easy to cultivate that sixth sense.
You just practice your techniques.
Seeking perfection.

You will get that sixth sense ten times faster
if you matrix.

Matrixing is like that chart you had
up on the wall in second grade.

1 + 1
1 + 2
1 + 3
and so on.
Just a big chart with numbers down one side
and across the top,
and you get all the answers if you just read the chart.
No missing answers,
no wrong answers,
no extra answers.

You figure out the numbers,
practice them endlessly,
and suddenly,
one day,
you know the answers,
as opposed to having to think about them.

That is the same concept you use
when you matrix the martial arts.
You just have to use this same method
with the martial arts.

Why does it take so long in regular ‘un-matrixed’ martial arts?

Because the techniques are random.
They are not in order.
They don’t make sense when you view them,
not by themselves or as a whole.

You are practicing martial arts
without the context.

It takes ten or even twenty years
to develop your sixth sense
doing the martial arts the regular way.

The odd thing is that you don’t have to give up your old method,
you just have to view it through the ‘matrix filter.’

It’s funny.
I’ve been pushing matrixing since 2007
and people still refuse it
call me a charlatan,
they don’t even have the brains
to look at it.

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Have a great work out!

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