Superman Martial Arts for Everybody!

Superman Martial Arts

I went to see superman today,
definitely a martial arts movie.
Supie has daddy probs,
and the bad guy has mommie probs,
(not really, but it sounds funny to say)
and it is a slugfest fantastic!
And I had this thought
about halfway through the movie.

superman movie

There’s a little superman in ALL of us!


A martial artist is a superman.
Sure we are.
We’re stronger,
longer lasting.
We rarely get sick,
we even tend to avoid accidents!
Wouldn’t you say that is a cut above Joe Ordinary?

So what makes us that way,
and what is our kryptonite?

What makes us superman is simple.
On the physical level it is the simple work out.
When you do a the first form of Karate,
for instance,
you are doing twenty lunges.
By the time you have done five forms
you have done lunges,
all manner of sheer physical exercise.
So when you are doing Martial Arts,
you are doing body calisthenics
the way a madman might do them.
a superman.

On the second level we have energy.
Every time you do your forms
you are doing cycles of deep breathing.
This oxygenates the body,
feeds the tan tien
(the energy generator)
and cause incredible amounts of sheer energy
to swarm through the body.
So when you are doing martial arts
you are feeding the energy system,
and making something
a lot longer lasting and more powerful
than even the muscles you have built up.

On the third level we have thought.
Thought is the most powerful thing in the universe,
and Joe Ordinary doesn’t even know it exists!
Joe Ordinary thinks thought is doing a book report,
or something like that!
But we know the truth.
We know the truth because we built up all that energy,
and all that energy had to be controlled,
and the only way to control energy is with thought.
And all that energy we build up in the body,
as we learn to control it,
we learn to control the energy of the universe.

And thus,
through three levels,
we become stronger,
longer lasting,
have more energy,
know how to control that energy.

Can you understand why I refer to us as…

what is our kryptonite?
That is an interesting question.
What can harm us?
The only thing in the universe,
the whole entire universe,
that can harm a superman is…

He can abuse his powers,
fragment his self,
lose sight of that incredible energy that is him.

The exact procedure
for making yourself less than a superman,
less than a man,
is to forsake virtue.

Virtue is part of the soul,
it is the desire to do good.
When we don’t teach,
share the lessons,
spread our charm,
then the energy dies,
we fragment,
and lose sight of our superhuman selves.

Help a child.
Pet a dog.
Laugh at a barbecue.
Wrestle with your younger brother…and let him win.
Tell a girl she is beautiful.
Hold a job,

That’s all it takes to protect our superhuman powers.
And how super can we get?
that depends on your work out.
The more work out you do,
the more forms you do…
(every form is a prayer)
…the stronger you get.
The more times you do a technique,
the more integrated you become as a human being.
The more times you kick and punch,
the more you fill yourself with superhuman powers.

of course,
there are going to be those that disagree.
Who say that I’m wrong,
and give other reasons.
but they are mere earthlings.
If we are patient enough,
we can raise them up.
And patience is a virtue.
And maybe they will come,
to the truth that we know.

You are a superman.

go enjoy the movie.
Have a ball.
Eat popcorn and cheer for the good guys,
and feel sorry for the bad guys.
They just haven’t worked out enough,
lost sight of themselves,
don’t know their own power.

Enjoy the movie.
the new site is called…

Free Bruce Lee.

Google it,
it’s about a super guy,
and it’s got some super stuff on it,
and it is built for super people to enjoy.

Have a great work out!


And don’t forget to go to…
Start your journey to superhuman right here…

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