It can take a lifetime to learn an Art if that Art is out of order, missing chunks, taught incorrectly, corrupted by other influences, mixed with other arts, and so on. The only way to de-corrupt your art is to learn Matrixing.

Here’s a video explaining something of how to matrix freestyle so that it works in a fight. Order courses to get started and get the whole picture!


Matrixing is the analysis and handling of force and flow (direction). Matrixing is a specific set of principals which, when applied to a Martial Art, reveal data that is missing, highlights data that is false, improperly placed, or otherwise compromises and corrupts an Art. An Art that has been Matrixed becomes pure and logical, and able to be absorbed ten Xs faster! Consider the following analogy.

If I gave you 4, 6, 2, 9, 3, 1, 7 and a shaved cat…you would never find ten. If I gave you 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9…you would most certainly find. ten…and nobody could stop you from finding ten.

While Matrixing is specific to the Martial Arts, it can be used in any field. If the art you are studying hasn’t been matrixed, it is corrupted. Period.


At this point the ad listed several courses, and a deal for getting those courses. You’ll see the deal later on, and I have put a couple of the actual 1990 prices back in effect, but let me explain a bit more about matrixing. As you go through the material on this website, as you inspect the various courses, you will see specific areas (arts) being addressed through Matrixing. But for now, let me just dig into the concept you have just read.

I began my study of the art in 1967 with ‘Chinese American Kenpo Karate,’ as taught by Rod Martin, who was taught by the Tracey Brothers, who were taught by Parker and then Chow himself.

I became an instructor within a year, and I even wrote the training manual for the school. Man, I thought I was the best, and that Kenpo was the ultimate art. Then, one day, I met a fellow, who happened to be a Hell’s Angel, and who, in the most polite manner, kicked my butt and showed me the error of my ways.

And I do mean polite. He was my best friend’s brother, and we discussed the various arts, then he told me to use mine…and he threw me through a wall. Then we spent some more talking, and I found myself going to a new school, the Kang Duk Won.

Well, wouldn’t you? If somebody took you and threw you through a wall, then laughed and helped you up and told you exactly what you had done wrong and why…wouldn’t you want to go learn what he was pushing?

The Kang Duk Won I learned was taught by Robert J. Babich, who we simply called Bob, or Robert J, or RJ, but only occasionally ‘Sensei.’ There was no standing on titles in this school, you see.

Bob had originally learned Kyokushinkai, through Don Buck (The Tiger of Benecia), and directly from an obscure fellow name of…Mas Oyama. Then Bob had learned the Kang Duk Won, and he changed arts.

The Kang Duk Won I speak of came through Korea, and was directly linked, by only a couple of people, to the original founders of Karate. (Bob to Norman Rha to Park Chulhi to Byung In Joon to Kanken Toyama to…the original founders of Karate.

This was the real stuff, not embellished by generations of instructors who tried to keep their students by having them sign ‘car contracts.’ This was the stuff used to defend the Okinawans from Samurai, and other warriors of the time. This was the stuff which broke coconuts with a simple chop, twisted bundles of bamboo until they split apart, shattered rocks with a simple strike.

Bob, himself, was able to stick his finger through plywood and leave a hole. That is a trick probably fewer than 50 people in the world have been able to do, and most of them are dead.

So I studied Kang Duk Won. I got the real goods when it comes to Karate. And I realized what was wrong with Kenpo. 500 techniques…that were never used in fighting. So why was I learning 500 apparently useless techniques? At the time I just wrote Kenpo off, not understanding such things as learning control and developing a knowledge of the body. 

Eventually Bob retired, and I began searching for another Art. This was the 70s and 80s, the Golden Age of Martial Arts, and I went through Art after Art, searching for something as good as the Kang Duk Won. And here is where my true education began.

I discovered that Kang Duk Won was good not because it was a perfect Martial Art, the best Martial Art, but because Bob Babich happened to be a truly unique and advanced individual.

And I discovered that the various martial arts suffered from not having that type of person teaching them, and then I discovered something else, something that would blow my mind and result in Matrixing.

I would learn a Martial Art, and I would make long lists of techniques and forms (which eventually resulted in the books I would write), and compare them.

Odd. One Martial Art would have a certain set of techniques, and another Martial Arts had another set of techniques, and still another Martial Art…?

Well, of course, every Martial Art is different…but it wasn’t that.

I began making graphs…my first, raw matrixes…and I realized something: each art had missing pieces.

Missing pieces. Like in counting to ten and missing a 7, or a 4, or a 3, or whatever. Many arts had many missing pieces.

And many arts had additives. I would be going through a list of techniques, and suddenly a technique from Shaolin would appear in Kenpo, or a technique(s) from Karate would be in Shaolin, or…and so on.

And I realized: the Martial Arts are out of order, and they have missing pieces, and people have mixed them all together in an attempt to fix the problem, and without ever knowing what the exact problem they were trying to fix was!

It was what we called, when I was a kid, a ‘Chinese Fire Drill.’ You know, your car, loaded with kids, stops at a light, and everybody busts out of the doors, runs around the car and gets into other doors. That’s what the Martial Arts were like.

So I’ve told you about Kenpo and the 500 techniques, and how it had no relationship to real fighting (freestyle). Let me tell you a couple of other glaring problems.

MMA is popular, but did you know it is a ‘put together,’ a mix of techniques specific to ring fighting? I know you love it, but it is a shortened version of a Martial Art, and all the wonderful techniques that are found in full length versions of Martial Arts, are missing. All that is left is boxing punching, Muay Thai kicks, and a narrow range of Jujitsu.

Mind you, I am not dissing MMA. I am merely pointing out a problem that, if you truly consider it, and matrix MMA, would make MMA a true and complete art, and ten times better than it is now.

How about Jujitsu? My favorite ‘wrong’ saying is…a fight always goes to the ground.

No it doesn’t. It only goes to the ground if one of the fighters has the advantage of knowing judo, or jujitsu, or MMA, or wrestling, and decides to take it to the ground, and if the other person, the one being taken to the ground…has a missing piece in his art: groundwork.

My favorite, of course, is Karate. That is my Art. Well, my original Art. I have learned a LOT of other arts in the past several decades.

When I see pictures of the old masters doing Karate I am struck by how incorrect their form is. They have no understanding of which way the feet should be pointed and why. They don’t know what a block in a form is for, so they alter it, make it look cool, and rob it of efficiency. 

That’s right, those old masters didn’t know what they were doing. Well, of course they didn’t! They didn’t have the blessing of a knowledge of physics, as taught in western society, and they only had a small cross section of Martial Arts to inspect and study. 

And don’t get me wrong, I respect those old guys. They made it happen with less than perfect Arts. But, I am NOT going to be trapped by mindless worship for old guys, no matter how cool they were.

The point here is simple: the mistakes of the past, the missing pieces of arts, the combining of arts that didn’t work together, the additives to arts, these things are still happening. The mistakes the original founders of Karate, for instance, are being duplicated by the fellows developing MMA style arts in modern times.

Matrixing is based on something called a Boolean Truth Table. Go on, Google it. It is that simple. Yet nobody has discovered anything remotely resembling Matrixing during the course of history, and certainly not in the past 30 years, after I presented Matrixing to the world.

In Matrixing I present techniques in the correct order, and with no missing pieces. The result is that the courses you are about to read about are near perfect. There are no missing pieces, the ‘fat’ (additives) have been trimmed, concepts that are different and even opposing have been realigned with the appropriate art, and so on.

More important, they fit together. You learn several of the courses, isolate and make the concepts work purely, and then they start to fit together.

You don’t study Karate with Tai Chi concepts thrown in. You don’t study Shaolin with a bit of Aikido here and there. Instead, you study a pure art, and then, because each art is pure and not confusing, they fit together.

The martial arts are like a jig saw puzzle, you just need enough of the perfectly shaped pieces to see the whole picture.

And here is the blessing of Matrixing: when something is logical and in the correct order it is ten times easier to learn. Heck, it becomes intuitive, and the mind simply absorbs it. And the truth is this: when something is complex, missing pieces, has added stuff, tries to combine concepts that don’t fit and are even opposed, then the mind simply tries to ignore it, push it away, refuse it.

So it takes 4 or 5 years to learn karate or kung fu or whatever. And it shouldn’t!

Look, I’ve got TONS of wins (testimonials) from people who have ordered these courses, and instantly seen their abilities skyrocket. People who stopped struggling with what Bruce Lee called the ‘classical mess,’ and suddenly absorbed what was right and true about their martial art…and understood what pieces were missing, what concepts were unnecessarily added, how their Arts had been slanted and gone off the rails.

When you order a course you will learn faster, you will become more intuitive, and you will master your art in a MUCH shorter period of time.

If you don’t do Matrixing you will still learn, but your mind will be filled with contradictions and logics that don’t quite fit together. It will take you a. long time to learn the real martial arts.

And feel free to apply what you learn here to your martial art. The principles of Matrixing are universal; they can be applied to all arts, and even to other subjects. I’ve got LOTS of wins from school teachers, military personnel, martial arts instructors, telling how Matrixing not only changed their Martial Arts, but their lives.

Each martial discipline is only a slice of the whole…

The Core Program for Learning Matrixing in all Martial Arts!

online karate video courseMATRIX KARATE! (The complete art!)
Karate is an easy style, should only take a few months to learn, but here’s the story of what was done to karate to make it long and difficult … GO HERE!


monkey boxingMATRIX KUNG FU! (Monkey Boxing) (The alphabet of joint locks!)
I know of one martial school that has over 3200 techniques. That’s silly! There’s only so many limbs, so many joints, and here’s the quick and easy way to sort your way through them. … MOUSE HERE!


aikidoMATRIX AIKIDO! (The actual seminar in which I taught Aikido to six students in 1 1/2 hours!)
My method for teaching Aikido is more conceptual. Instead of throwing somebody into a bunch of limbs and telling them to find the trunk, I put them on the trunk and tell them to grow some limbs. It REALLY works! …. PRESS HERE!

master teacherTHE MASTER INSTRUCTOR COURSE! (The data that fixes ANY Martial Art!)
There are six rules to follow if you wish to have perfect technique. There are only seven principle to know if you wish to have perfect form. Know these 13 things and you can teach yourself! …. VISIT PAGE!


The preceding four courses will jump start your art.

You will save money if you…


The matrix Program for Learning Kung Fu!

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You must escape the ritual and find the logic, then Shaolin kung fu becomes quick and easy to learn. There are probably hundreds of styles of Shaolin kung fu, but here’s the one style that … RIGHT HERE!

The reason Pa Kua (Bagua) worked in the first place is because it was simple. Less than 200 years and it has become a carnival. Here are the keys to simplify it again. …. PRESS HERE!

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Chiang Nan ~ The truth about the secret pact Okinawan masters made to hide the real karate techniques. The lost form, Channan, from which all Karate came from, and…How to Translate Karate into Tai Chi Chuan! Click here if you dare!

Matrixing Kenjutsu ~ How to matrix the samurai sword! Total breakthrough in how to learn weapons fast and efficiently! Click here for BEST RESULTS!

Other Matrixing Courses!

Matrixing Master Text

Matrixing: The Master Text

The Bible of Matrixing, this large volume (180 full size pages) details the history and devlopment of Matrixing. It includes the graphs and charts from all the Matrixing Courses. … MOUSE TO HERE!


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This is an amazing book, these is real upper level stuff. … THE BOOK IS HERE!


martial arts manualsTHE MASTER BOOKS
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you could study for forty years,
and you would make some progress.
I tell you this–
in this body of work
which is The Way,
there are things which have never been discovered
in the entire history of the Martial Arts.
There is a complete and new science
which will increase your speed of learning
by as much as ten times!
there are complete arts
to help you understand this new science.
you can have it all.
And it’s worth it.
It’s really worth it.



Read the testimonials

40 responses to “

  1. Hi Al !
    I want to thank you for all the fantastic Matrix courses you are offering. The Matrixing process really speeds up learning and even helps with retention of the material as well. Al I am hoping that you would consider trying to Matrix a course on Hsing I (a.k.a. Xing Yi). Recently I have become particularly fascinated with the martial applications as well as the health benefits of the so-called Chinese internal arts. I really do appreciate that you have a Matrix course for both Tai Chi and Pakua (a.k.a. Baguazhang). I would love to see what you could do with Hsing I after the Matrixing process has been applied. Thanks again Al for all your efforts and good work. Please do consider the Hsing I Matrixing possibility —- thanks again :).



    • Hey Paul, thank you. I thought about Hsing i, but never got around to it because I read in a few places that it is similar to Karate, and I was already doing Karate. But, maybe I should rethink, or find someone who knows Hsing i and wants to matrix it. Again, thanks, and have a great work out! Al

      • It’s a shame Robert Smith is no longer with us. He did a couple of books on Hsing I. I have read those and your Karate does look like Hsing I.

        • Robert Smith wrote all the original books way back when, a real pioneer. I used to pore over his books…such a brilliant man. Al

  2. Paul,

    Hsing Yi already comes Matrixed… well at least the begining 5 element portion of Hsing Yi;-)

    Not to send bus. away from Sifu Al but Mike Patterson has some good, although short in duration, Hsing Yi instructional tapes IMO. I’m not ashamed to say I learned my 5 element fist from his tapes in the early 90’s as my Chinese teacher wasn’t teaching me anything except post standing and how to a be punching and throwing dummy.

    Karate with Hsing Yi influence???

    IMHO Matrix Karate has more Hsing Yi in it than the late Robert Triases Shuri Karate! I can see seemless KDW Karate, Aikido, Pa Kwa, Uechi ryu Seisan and Tai Chi principles combined in Sifu Al’s Matrix Karate. Combine Matrix Karate with Monkey Boxing and you have a much more workable and concise Kenpo art then either Tracy’s or EP Kenpo.

    My top 10 Kenpo Arts List- 1 is the Kenpo art Most Easily Learned/Most Combative and 10 has some problems: Lucy, we gots a Classical mess on our hands;-)

    1. Combined Al Case Matrix Karate & Monkey Boxing (Kun Tao Kenpo Jujutsu anyone;-)
    2. Robert Trias Shuri ryu karate and Kosho Shuri Ryu Kenpo (Trias was a student of James
    Mitose too)
    3. Kajukenbo
    4. Sampai Kenpo (tough fighters and I saw them practice sanchin and tensho katas too)
    5. Shoto-kenpo (can anyone say Benny the Jet)
    6. James Ibrao’s Hung gar Kenpo
    7. Ed Parker Gen. 5 Slap Kenpo
    8. West Coast Shaolin Kenpo
    9. East Coast Shaolin Kenpo
    10. Tracy Kenpo (they HIRED all of their best fighters away from other schools back in the day)…

    But if you want to learn how to make money the Tracy Brothers are your go to guys!!! Ed Parker should have really listened to them as his bus. skills were not too good- sometimes luck is more important than skill and EP was lucky to have his early school in Pasadena.

    BTW Will Tracy was super cool to me when I was visiting and training in CA (JKD/Kali, Ninjutsu and Hapkido) in the 80’s.

    • Yes, the Hsing I basic moves seem very well thought out. Now if they could expand that matrixed look to the rest of the system they would really have something! Al

  3. Greetings and salutations everyone!

    I want to thank you Brian for the information concerning Hsing I. I will certainly be sure to check out Mike Patterson’s instructional materials. Jerome I really appreciate you mentioning Robert Smith. In my opinion Robert Smith was one of the first western martial art authors to open the door of knowledge regarding perhaps lesser known eastern martial art systems. I can honestly write that Robert Smith’s books were really helpful to me as an introduction to Chinese based martial arts. I do agree with Sifu Al that Robert Smith was one of the great early pioneers in the dissemination and study of varied martial art traditions. Sifu Al thank you for creating this site and sharing your wisdom! I do really appreciate and thank you all for your insightful and helpful commentaries —- thanks!

  4. Hello (again) all!
    Just a quick question regarding Hsing I training materials. I recently came across some older video to DVD training showing James McNeil originally on Panther Video now sold through Century Martial Arts. I am unfamiliar with James McNeil’s work and I was hoping that someone might be able to offer insight or an experienced opinion concerning these training aids. Thank you (again) everyone for your input.

    Sifu Al I want to thank you (again) for all your matrixing courses. I am especially enjoying the Five Army Tai Chi course! I feel that I have gotten a much better understanding of the physics and practical application behind the traditional movements of Tai Chi Chaun — thank you!

  5. Hi Paul & Sifu Al,

    Patterson & McNeil had the same Hsing-Yi Taiwanese instructor. I had McNeil’s videos on VHS and as I can not find them in any of my storage boxes so I guess that like about 80% of my personalables there were destroyed in Hurrican Rita.

    From what I remember McNeil’s Hsing-yi was a little more “formless” and free-flowing. But M. Patterson won many full-contact contests/tournaments as a teenager in Taiwan. Patterson has also produced many personal students who have won in Full-Contact Taiwanese fighing -very often in fact.

    In reality Paul you can’t go wrong with eithers videos but I actually PREFER Patterson’s shorter length 5-element Instructional video.

    Sifu Al is all too correct in that once you get past the 5-element fist training many systems of Hsing-Yi become typically kungfuey with many forms…

    • Paul on August 26, 2013 at 1:17 am
      Greetings and salutations everyone!

      I want to thank you Brian for the information concerning Hsing I. I will certainly be sure to check out Mike Patterson’s instructional materials. Jerome I really appreciate you mentioning Robert Smith. In my opinion Robert Smith was one of the first western martial art authors to open the door of knowledge regarding perhaps lesser known eastern martial art systems. I can honestly write that Robert Smith’s books were really helpful to me as an introduction to Chinese based martial arts. I do agree with Sifu Al that Robert Smith was one of the great early pioneers in the dissemination and study of varied martial art traditions. Sifu Al thank you for creating this site and sharing your wisdom! I do really appreciate and thank you all for your insightful and helpful commentaries —- thanks! Darrel Barton on March 18, 2014 at 9:53 pm
      Hey Al …

      If I buy one of your books and toss it in the bookcase along with 30 minute Abs, will I be an MMA heavyweight? These 2 are only people wh reached out to me when 95% hated me and showed no mercy they gave me a dream and taught me martial arts in my 1 bedroom flat my dream , Paul Lockhart and Darrel Charlery we’re gonna lodge with me for company and Lori my wife or Peggy were gonna act out my 3 points proposal ,Lori Stockinger on January 3, 2014 at 8:02 pm
      Hi Al,

      Please add me to newsletter list. I am certain I will enjoy reading it.

      Thank you kindly ,

      Lori Stockinger and this Al case it is a lot we not allowed friends everybody writing it gets lonely 😞 he won’t let Paul Lockhart and Darrel Charlery and lori smith lodge and stay with me because he threatened my mental stability this is my so called adoptive Dad simple thing let friends stay over like the woman bus driver to help aid my mental recovery without the refusal of plastic surgery Nana Osei kojo speak Sensei Ade and Sensei Menouar and give you a true reflection of my karate because I do orthodox in my approach he has to tweak a little and do hybrid style because if watch me I am chubby shit lack athlestism and basic technique and karate Iq so I am wondering if you can be assistance I being doing karate with Sensei Ade for 2 years due to covid we it on and a long lay off in periods and Sensei Menouar for 11 months on off in mosque 🕌 on off because I got frustrated with myself with not being able to perform the moves adequately, I want to give up and refuse to go lessons then I have a talk to myself and end going , he says I am doing well I am my own self critical and just don’t see , further assistance is definitely needed me someone to move in and be my flatmate so I m getting a regular source training hopefully to excel but cruel mum and dad have stopped my uncle Prempeh who has Martial arts background that can fulfil my dream from happening, I came and saw your video and it seemed straightforward with true karate blocks
      25 Jan
      A short video on how karate blocks work, (and strikes and kicks). It is very different from what most people think. The author studied karate back in the 60s and has trained for over 50 years. Interesting stuff.People interested in finding out more about how real karate works should go to by you Al case and see if could garner your teachings and info

  6. Lori Stockinger

    Hi Al,

    Please add me to newsletter list. I am certain I will enjoy reading it.

    Thank you kindly ,

    Lori Stockinger

  7. George Crawford

    Hey I was wondering if you have any books on the 8 immortals technique… I’m so desperately wanting to learn “drunking fist boxing”

  8. Hey Al …

    If I buy one of your books and toss it in the bookcase along with 30 minute Abs, will I be an MMA heavyweight?

    • Heck, if you can benchpress a bookshelf filled with my books you’ll be the heavyweight champion of the world…even if you only weigh 130 pounds!


    • Hi Arthur, not sure when I will complete. Started the research, then got sidetracked on several projects: putting matrixing and other arts in real books, making a matrix for kenpo, and so on. Still, I’m fast, so I’m hoping within six months. If it doesn’t show up in the newsletter, nudge me. Al

  10. Shifu Al, I just wanted to say thanks to you and to let everyone know your Matrix Teachings really work! I’ve been out of touch for the last 3 years because I’ve been living in Zhengzhou, Henan China studying Baguazhang and Taijiquan, and well my internet sucked. The lessons I learned from you helped me to advance much quicker than the other students that my Shifu taught. I’ve just moved backed to the states and am now living and teaching kung fu in Minneapolis MN. If anyone has any questions or concerns about your program, they can shoot me a message and I’ll be glad to tell them how Matrix can benefit them. One of your proud Master Instructors and 7th Generation Lineage Holder in Liang Shi Baguazhang, Robert Pettit.

  11. I am INTERESTED! ..have studied, attended & been a member of Yoshinkan Aikido & Pukalan Cimande Pukasa Silat….have studied up on the Grandfather arts of Aikido ,namely …Pa kua / Tai chi /Chin na …etc.

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    self-esteem, respect, and mental consciousness. Their adult classes are
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    mental and physical benefits. As an added benefit of training you get
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  14. it was really a gud lesson

  15. Hello:
    What exactly is Matrixing ?
    What is it? How is it done? And how can it be a useful, helpful tool to learn and teach a MA ? Which of your publications can teach me how to do it for myself?

  16. i would love to prescribe to your news letter

  17. Wonderful web site. Plenty of helpful info here.
    I’m sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious.
    And naturally, thanks for your effort!

  18. I am amazed, as I have spent 13 years in Kyokushin. Understanding the truth behind the blocks from your videos to then practice in square Form. It was like a light bulb had been turned on this is true Karate. I have seen the light now I shall walk the way.. looking forward to starting matrix Karate and working my way through the concepts. “Thankyou Al case

  19. I would like to know a costa of Family package.



  20. Woh I like your posts, saved to bookmarks!

  21. Thanks for finally writing about > – < Liked it!

  22. There is obviously a lot to realize about this. I feel you made various nice points in features also.

  23. I saw where you had written about Kenpo. Most people are unaware that Professor Chow’s best friend was Bill Chun Sr. Mister Chun is the only person who carried on Professor Chow’s legacy. His son, Bill Chun Jr. is currently carrying on the tradition. Check out his website. You may even want to contact him for an interview.

  24. Dear Sir,
    I recently read an article from , written by Al Case, that spoke of you and your concepts/approach and philosophy. I applaud your approach redirecting the mysticism of martial arts, and seeing the perfection and dedication to motion as the ultimate challenge. I would ask one simple question and I am very interested in your response so I may learn. Is not the ultimate purpose an any martial art recognition and avoidance of all evil which often involves physical conflict? My Masters Thesis Paper entitled: “The Perceived Positive Effects of Traditional Martial Arts Instruction” approaches many areas of education and may offer an interesting read for you. You may find my paper on
    Randy Miskech
    A Humble student of Martial Arts.

    • Hi Randy, the ultimate purpose of the martial arts is to avoid a force or flow while delivering a force or flow. That is the game entire.
      I’ll check out your paper, thanks for the heads up.
      Have a great work out!
      Al Case

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    we would love to develop some products for your brand,
    will you allow us to present a samples proposals ?

    salman Raza

  26. from lat. manus – “hand” and scribo – “I write”) [1]

  27. XVII century was Nicholas Jarry [fr].

  28. Hi, looking for a way to pay with my bank card rather than PayPal? Thanks.

  29. Have you followed the recent events in Henderson Nevada?
    Some months ago Renzo Gracie apparently posted a video of a BJJ black belt named Trevor Cooper dismantling a much larger attacker right in front of a 10th Planet dojo (possibly in Las Vegas). Then a few days ago Trevor Cooper
    barricaded himself in a building in Henderson Nevada (near Las Vegas) – unclear so far why he picked that building. After a standoff the police brought in an excavator and partially demolished to building. It is asserted that Trevor had died of a drug overdose several hours earlier. Relatibe to your latest email Good Guy Bad Guy evaluation here is tough.

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