The following four Martial Arts courses

are the heart of the Matrixing Method!

online karate video courseMATRIX KARATE!
An entire science, a perfect art, and the template that makes any art perfect. Why take ten years to learn an art when you can cut to the chase and get what it’s all about right now?…CLICK HERE!.


monkey boxingMATRIX KUNG FU!
(Monkey Boxing)
Matrixing extended into jointlocks and takedowns. These are the forty techniques from which all other techniques are made. This is the complete science of jointlocks and stand up takedowns… CLICK HERE!

The proof is in the doing. This is an actual seminar in which four students are taught how to do Aikido. You will see hundreds of techniques, created on the spot,and the techniques are designed to be used in combat…. CLICK HERE!

What makes a technique work? Why do some techniques work, and others don’t? What is perfect form and how do you get it? And, most important, what is the exact information that makes a Master Instructor?… CLICK HERE!



Four Martial Arts courses at a tremendous savings!

Matrix Karate, Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing), Matrix Aikido and The Master Instructor Course ~ save $40!


The following four Martial Arts courses
are Gung Fu using Matrixing Logic.

Based on the art of Fut Ga, this course matrixes footwork and a half dozen kung fu concepts. This is the real thing, and you can learn it in warp speed!… CLICK HERE!

Three systems: basic, medium, and advanced. Missing pieces put back into the art resurrect the original power… CLICK HERE!

best taiji quan trainingFIVE ARMY TAI CHI CHUAN
90 minutes of applications. Push Hands totally Matrixed. Matrixing principles return Tai Chi to its status as the most combat effective martial art in the world…. CLICK HERE!

create martial artCREATE YOUR OWN ART
The only course of its kind. Details essential matrixing concepts, combines two arts to make a third martial art… CLICK HERE!




Shaolin Butterfly Kung Fu, Butterfly Pa Kua Chang, Five Army Tai Chi Chuan and the Create Your Own Art Course ~ save $40!


One of the major lines of study in Matrixing was in Karate.
The following courses detail much of that study and research.

After you have finished the Matrixing Courses above you will want to examine these courses to see exactly how I developed Matrixing.


karate, kung fu, pan gai noon

How can you say you know the martial arts if you don’t know where it came from, what is is, and where it can go?… CLICK HERE!

The course that started it all. People came out of the woodwork to challenge me when I released this one… CLICK HERE!

classical karate form applicationsTEMPLE KARATE
After near forty-five years of study, these are the best forms and techniques… CLICK HERE!


You will want augment your studies of Matrixing
with the following material.


martial art weapons trainingBLINDING STEEL
(Matrixing Weapons)
The source of all weapons; this is an incredible breakthrough!–you will master all weapons within two months!… CLICK HERE!

yoga for karateYOGATA (The Yoga Kata)

A fighter has to stay healthy, recover from injuries fast, all while getting in the best shape of his life. The best method for doing this, for thousands of years, is Yoga… CLICK HERE!


the punchTHE PUNCH
The definitive book detailing how to put power, power, and nothing but power, into your strikes… CLICK HERE!

how to develop chi powerMATRIXING CHI
This is an amazing book, these is real upper level stuff… CLICK HERE!

martial arts manualsTHE MASTER BOOKS
They were out of print for years, but these are the ten books written just prior to the advent of Matrixing… CLICK HERE!

karate kung fu aikido wing chun tai chi chuan

The major freestyle training drills matrixed. Your fighting abilities are going to go out the roof!…. CLICK HERE!




you could study for forty years,
and you would make some progress.
I tell you this–
in this body of work
which is The Way,
there are things which have never been discovered
in the entire history of the Martial Arts.
There is a complete and new science
which will increase your speed of learning
by as much as ten times!
there are complete arts
to help you understand this new science.
you can have it all.
And it’s worth it.
It’s really worth it.


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  1. Hi Al !
    I want to thank you for all the fantastic Matrix courses you are offering. The Matrixing process really speeds up learning and even helps with retention of the material as well. Al I am hoping that you would consider trying to Matrix a course on Hsing I (a.k.a. Xing Yi). Recently I have become particularly fascinated with the martial applications as well as the health benefits of the so-called Chinese internal arts. I really do appreciate that you have a Matrix course for both Tai Chi and Pakua (a.k.a. Baguazhang). I would love to see what you could do with Hsing I after the Matrixing process has been applied. Thanks again Al for all your efforts and good work. Please do consider the Hsing I Matrixing possibility —- thanks again :).



    • Hey Paul, thank you. I thought about Hsing i, but never got around to it because I read in a few places that it is similar to Karate, and I was already doing Karate. But, maybe I should rethink, or find someone who knows Hsing i and wants to matrix it. Again, thanks, and have a great work out! Al

      • It’s a shame Robert Smith is no longer with us. He did a couple of books on Hsing I. I have read those and your Karate does look like Hsing I.

        • Robert Smith wrote all the original books way back when, a real pioneer. I used to pore over his books…such a brilliant man. Al

  2. Paul,

    Hsing Yi already comes Matrixed… well at least the begining 5 element portion of Hsing Yi;-)

    Not to send bus. away from Sifu Al but Mike Patterson has some good, although short in duration, Hsing Yi instructional tapes IMO. I’m not ashamed to say I learned my 5 element fist from his tapes in the early 90’s as my Chinese teacher wasn’t teaching me anything except post standing and how to a be punching and throwing dummy.

    Karate with Hsing Yi influence???

    IMHO Matrix Karate has more Hsing Yi in it than the late Robert Triases Shuri Karate! I can see seemless KDW Karate, Aikido, Pa Kwa, Uechi ryu Seisan and Tai Chi principles combined in Sifu Al’s Matrix Karate. Combine Matrix Karate with Monkey Boxing and you have a much more workable and concise Kenpo art then either Tracy’s or EP Kenpo.

    My top 10 Kenpo Arts List- 1 is the Kenpo art Most Easily Learned/Most Combative and 10 has some problems: Lucy, we gots a Classical mess on our hands;-)

    1. Combined Al Case Matrix Karate & Monkey Boxing (Kun Tao Kenpo Jujutsu anyone;-)
    2. Robert Trias Shuri ryu karate and Kosho Shuri Ryu Kenpo (Trias was a student of James
    Mitose too)
    3. Kajukenbo
    4. Sampai Kenpo (tough fighters and I saw them practice sanchin and tensho katas too)
    5. Shoto-kenpo (can anyone say Benny the Jet)
    6. James Ibrao’s Hung gar Kenpo
    7. Ed Parker Gen. 5 Slap Kenpo
    8. West Coast Shaolin Kenpo
    9. East Coast Shaolin Kenpo
    10. Tracy Kenpo (they HIRED all of their best fighters away from other schools back in the day)…

    But if you want to learn how to make money the Tracy Brothers are your go to guys!!! Ed Parker should have really listened to them as his bus. skills were not too good- sometimes luck is more important than skill and EP was lucky to have his early school in Pasadena.

    BTW Will Tracy was super cool to me when I was visiting and training in CA (JKD/Kali, Ninjutsu and Hapkido) in the 80’s.

    • Yes, the Hsing I basic moves seem very well thought out. Now if they could expand that matrixed look to the rest of the system they would really have something! Al

  3. Greetings and salutations everyone!

    I want to thank you Brian for the information concerning Hsing I. I will certainly be sure to check out Mike Patterson’s instructional materials. Jerome I really appreciate you mentioning Robert Smith. In my opinion Robert Smith was one of the first western martial art authors to open the door of knowledge regarding perhaps lesser known eastern martial art systems. I can honestly write that Robert Smith’s books were really helpful to me as an introduction to Chinese based martial arts. I do agree with Sifu Al that Robert Smith was one of the great early pioneers in the dissemination and study of varied martial art traditions. Sifu Al thank you for creating this site and sharing your wisdom! I do really appreciate and thank you all for your insightful and helpful commentaries —- thanks!

  4. Hello (again) all!
    Just a quick question regarding Hsing I training materials. I recently came across some older video to DVD training showing James McNeil originally on Panther Video now sold through Century Martial Arts. I am unfamiliar with James McNeil’s work and I was hoping that someone might be able to offer insight or an experienced opinion concerning these training aids. Thank you (again) everyone for your input.

    Sifu Al I want to thank you (again) for all your matrixing courses. I am especially enjoying the Five Army Tai Chi course! I feel that I have gotten a much better understanding of the physics and practical application behind the traditional movements of Tai Chi Chaun — thank you!

  5. Hi Paul & Sifu Al,

    Patterson & McNeil had the same Hsing-Yi Taiwanese instructor. I had McNeil’s videos on VHS and as I can not find them in any of my storage boxes so I guess that like about 80% of my personalables there were destroyed in Hurrican Rita.

    From what I remember McNeil’s Hsing-yi was a little more “formless” and free-flowing. But M. Patterson won many full-contact contests/tournaments as a teenager in Taiwan. Patterson has also produced many personal students who have won in Full-Contact Taiwanese fighing -very often in fact.

    In reality Paul you can’t go wrong with eithers videos but I actually PREFER Patterson’s shorter length 5-element Instructional video.

    Sifu Al is all too correct in that once you get past the 5-element fist training many systems of Hsing-Yi become typically kungfuey with many forms…

  6. Lori Stockinger

    Hi Al,

    Please add me to newsletter list. I am certain I will enjoy reading it.

    Thank you kindly ,

    Lori Stockinger

  7. George Crawford

    Hey I was wondering if you have any books on the 8 immortals technique… I’m so desperately wanting to learn “drunking fist boxing”

  8. Hey Al …

    If I buy one of your books and toss it in the bookcase along with 30 minute Abs, will I be an MMA heavyweight?

    • Heck, if you can benchpress a bookshelf filled with my books you’ll be the heavyweight champion of the world…even if you only weigh 130 pounds!


    • Hi Arthur, not sure when I will complete. Started the research, then got sidetracked on several projects: putting matrixing and other arts in real books, making a matrix for kenpo, and so on. Still, I’m fast, so I’m hoping within six months. If it doesn’t show up in the newsletter, nudge me. Al

  10. Shifu Al, I just wanted to say thanks to you and to let everyone know your Matrix Teachings really work! I’ve been out of touch for the last 3 years because I’ve been living in Zhengzhou, Henan China studying Baguazhang and Taijiquan, and well my internet sucked. The lessons I learned from you helped me to advance much quicker than the other students that my Shifu taught. I’ve just moved backed to the states and am now living and teaching kung fu in Minneapolis MN. If anyone has any questions or concerns about your program, they can shoot me a message and I’ll be glad to tell them how Matrix can benefit them. One of your proud Master Instructors and 7th Generation Lineage Holder in Liang Shi Baguazhang, Robert Pettit.

  11. I am INTERESTED! ..have studied, attended & been a member of Yoshinkan Aikido & Pukalan Cimande Pukasa Silat….have studied up on the Grandfather arts of Aikido ,namely …Pa kua / Tai chi /Chin na …etc.

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  14. it was really a gud lesson

  15. Hello:
    What exactly is Matrixing ?
    What is it? How is it done? And how can it be a useful, helpful tool to learn and teach a MA ? Which of your publications can teach me how to do it for myself?

  16. i would love to prescribe to your news letter

  17. Wonderful web site. Plenty of helpful info here.
    I’m sending it to a few pals ans also sharing in delicious.
    And naturally, thanks for your effort!

  18. I am amazed, as I have spent 13 years in Kyokushin. Understanding the truth behind the blocks from your videos to then practice in square Form. It was like a light bulb had been turned on this is true Karate. I have seen the light now I shall walk the way.. looking forward to starting matrix Karate and working my way through the concepts. “Thankyou Al case

  19. I would like to know a costa of Family package.




    Thanks for the heads up, I just converted the site to wordpress, and there were some probs. Should be handled by now, let me know if still probs on your end. Thx ~ Al Case

  21. I found a few really cool things that I have found you teaching and wanted to share them with you my old friend. Let me know love ya brother,

    Prof. Ty Hatfield

  22. Hi Ty! Great to hear from you! Write again and post your website in big letters! People should know when a great jujitsu teacher is out there! Have a great work out! Al

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