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Hi Guys and Gals, on these pages you’ll find the story of what happened to the Martial Arts to get them so mixed up. As you read through each of the courses, remember that each martial discipline is only a slice of the whole…


Karate is an easy style, should only take a few months to learn, but here’s the story of what was done to karate to make it long and difficult … GO HERE!



monkey boxingMATRIX KUNG FU! (Monkey Boxing)
I know of one martial school that has over 3200 techniques. That’s silly! There’s only so many limbs, so many joints, and here’s the quick and easy way to sort your way through them. … MOUSE HERE!



My method for teaching Aikido is more conceptual. Instead of throwing somebody into a bunch of limbs and telling them to find the trunk, I put them on the trunk and tell them to grow some limbs. It REALLY works! …. PRESS HERE!


There are six rules to follow if you wish to have perfect technique. There are only seven principle to know if you wish to have perfect form. Know these 13 things and you can teach yourself! …. VISIT PAGE!


matrix karateCORE PACKAGE!

The preceding four courses will jump start your art.

You will save money if you…


You must escape the ritual and find the logic, then Shaolin kung fu becomes quick and easy to learn. There are probably hundreds of styles of Shaolin kung fu, but here’s the one style that … RIGHT HERE!


The reason Pa Kua (Bagua) worked in the first place is because it was simple. Less than 200 years and it has become a carnival. Here are the keys to simplify it again. … PRESS HERE!


Do Tai Chi (Taiji) for health, and you lose the benefits of self defense AND health! Put in the self defense and you get ten times the health, and one of the most combat effective martial arts in the world. … GO TO THE PAGE!


create martial artCREATE YOUR OWN ART
The only course of its kind in the world. Absolutely, totally unique. Will totally unlock a LARGE door in your mind. … THIS IS THE WAY!




tiger and dragon kung fu techniques

From Shaolin to Tai Chi Chuan, you will know Kung Fu,
and you will save money if you…


More Martial Arts!

Matrixing Master Text

Matrixing: The Master Text

The Bible of Matrixing, this large volume (180 full size pages) details the history and devlopment of Matrixing. It includes the graphs and charts from all the Matrixing Courses. … MOUSE TO HERE!


yoga kataYOGATA (The Yoga Kata)
Warm up or cool down. Rehabilitate injuries. Become more strong and more flexible, and …have better Martial Arts! Yoga has worked for thousands of years, and it REALLY works with the Martial Arts. … PRESS ON THIS LINK!


monkey boxing weaponsBLINDING STEEL 
Another case of something simple made difficult. Look, there are only so many ways to attack with a weapon, so why not create responses that are logical and intuitive? Why make it difficult? … CLICK HERE!



ancient karateTEMPLE KARATE
After near a half century of studying Karate, these are the best karate forms and techniques. … MOUSE OVER TO HERE!


This is an amazing book, these is real upper level stuff. … THE BOOK IS HERE!


martial arts manualsTHE MASTER BOOKS
They were out of print for a long time, but these are the ten books written just prior to the advent of Matrixing … START READING HERE!


martial arts fightingMATRIX COMBAT
The major freestyle training drills matrixed. Your fighting abilities are going to go out the roof! … CLICK HERE!



you could study for forty years,
and you would make some progress.
I tell you this–
in this body of work
which is The Way,
there are things which have never been discovered
in the entire history of the Martial Arts.
There is a complete and new science
which will increase your speed of learning
by as much as ten times!
there are complete arts
to help you understand this new science.
you can have it all.
And it’s worth it.
It’s really worth it.



19 thoughts on “Monster

  1. real asshole pics

    Hmm іs anуone else expеriencing pгоblemѕ
    with thе imаges on thіѕ blog lоading?
    I’m trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it’s thе blog.
    Any ѕuggestiοns would bе greаtlу aрpгeciatеԁ.

    1. Post author

      Thanks for the heads up, I just converted the site to wordpress, and there were some probs. Should be handled by now, let me know if still probs on your end. Thx ~ Al Case

      1. Ty Hatfield

        I found a few really cool things that I have found you teaching and wanted to share them with you my old friend. Let me know love ya brother,

        Prof. Ty Hatfield

        1. aganzul Post author

          Hi Ty! Great to hear from you! Write again and post your website in big letters! People should know when a great jujitsu teacher is out there! Have a great work out! Al

  2. Paul

    Hi Al !
    I want to thank you for all the fantastic Matrix courses you are offering. The Matrixing process really speeds up learning and even helps with retention of the material as well. Al I am hoping that you would consider trying to Matrix a course on Hsing I (a.k.a. Xing Yi). Recently I have become particularly fascinated with the martial applications as well as the health benefits of the so-called Chinese internal arts. I really do appreciate that you have a Matrix course for both Tai Chi and Pakua (a.k.a. Baguazhang). I would love to see what you could do with Hsing I after the Matrixing process has been applied. Thanks again Al for all your efforts and good work. Please do consider the Hsing I Matrixing possibility —- thanks again :).



    1. aganzul Post author

      Hey Paul, thank you. I thought about Hsing i, but never got around to it because I read in a few places that it is similar to Karate, and I was already doing Karate. But, maybe I should rethink, or find someone who knows Hsing i and wants to matrix it. Again, thanks, and have a great work out! Al

      1. Jerome

        It’s a shame Robert Smith is no longer with us. He did a couple of books on Hsing I. I have read those and your Karate does look like Hsing I.

        1. aganzul Post author

          Robert Smith wrote all the original books way back when, a real pioneer. I used to pore over his books…such a brilliant man. Al

  3. Brian


    Hsing Yi already comes Matrixed… well at least the begining 5 element portion of Hsing Yi;-)

    Not to send bus. away from Sifu Al but Mike Patterson has some good, although short in duration, Hsing Yi instructional tapes IMO. I’m not ashamed to say I learned my 5 element fist from his tapes in the early 90′s as my Chinese teacher wasn’t teaching me anything except post standing and how to a be punching and throwing dummy.

    Karate with Hsing Yi influence???

    IMHO Matrix Karate has more Hsing Yi in it than the late Robert Triases Shuri Karate! I can see seemless KDW Karate, Aikido, Pa Kwa, Uechi ryu Seisan and Tai Chi principles combined in Sifu Al’s Matrix Karate. Combine Matrix Karate with Monkey Boxing and you have a much more workable and concise Kenpo art then either Tracy’s or EP Kenpo.

    My top 10 Kenpo Arts List- 1 is the Kenpo art Most Easily Learned/Most Combative and 10 has some problems: Lucy, we gots a Classical mess on our hands;-)

    1. Combined Al Case Matrix Karate & Monkey Boxing (Kun Tao Kenpo Jujutsu anyone;-)
    2. Robert Trias Shuri ryu karate and Kosho Shuri Ryu Kenpo (Trias was a student of James
    Mitose too)
    3. Kajukenbo
    4. Sampai Kenpo (tough fighters and I saw them practice sanchin and tensho katas too)
    5. Shoto-kenpo (can anyone say Benny the Jet)
    6. James Ibrao’s Hung gar Kenpo
    7. Ed Parker Gen. 5 Slap Kenpo
    8. West Coast Shaolin Kenpo
    9. East Coast Shaolin Kenpo
    10. Tracy Kenpo (they HIRED all of their best fighters away from other schools back in the day)…

    But if you want to learn how to make money the Tracy Brothers are your go to guys!!! Ed Parker should have really listened to them as his bus. skills were not too good- sometimes luck is more important than skill and EP was lucky to have his early school in Pasadena.

    BTW Will Tracy was super cool to me when I was visiting and training in CA (JKD/Kali, Ninjutsu and Hapkido) in the 80′s.

    1. aganzul Post author

      Yes, the Hsing I basic moves seem very well thought out. Now if they could expand that matrixed look to the rest of the system they would really have something! Al

  4. Paul

    Greetings and salutations everyone!

    I want to thank you Brian for the information concerning Hsing I. I will certainly be sure to check out Mike Patterson’s instructional materials. Jerome I really appreciate you mentioning Robert Smith. In my opinion Robert Smith was one of the first western martial art authors to open the door of knowledge regarding perhaps lesser known eastern martial art systems. I can honestly write that Robert Smith’s books were really helpful to me as an introduction to Chinese based martial arts. I do agree with Sifu Al that Robert Smith was one of the great early pioneers in the dissemination and study of varied martial art traditions. Sifu Al thank you for creating this site and sharing your wisdom! I do really appreciate and thank you all for your insightful and helpful commentaries —- thanks!

  5. Paul

    Hello (again) all!
    Just a quick question regarding Hsing I training materials. I recently came across some older video to DVD training showing James McNeil originally on Panther Video now sold through Century Martial Arts. I am unfamiliar with James McNeil’s work and I was hoping that someone might be able to offer insight or an experienced opinion concerning these training aids. Thank you (again) everyone for your input.

    Sifu Al I want to thank you (again) for all your matrixing courses. I am especially enjoying the Five Army Tai Chi course! I feel that I have gotten a much better understanding of the physics and practical application behind the traditional movements of Tai Chi Chaun — thank you!

  6. Brian

    Hi Paul & Sifu Al,

    Patterson & McNeil had the same Hsing-Yi Taiwanese instructor. I had McNeil’s videos on VHS and as I can not find them in any of my storage boxes so I guess that like about 80% of my personalables there were destroyed in Hurrican Rita.

    From what I remember McNeil’s Hsing-yi was a little more “formless” and free-flowing. But M. Patterson won many full-contact contests/tournaments as a teenager in Taiwan. Patterson has also produced many personal students who have won in Full-Contact Taiwanese fighing -very often in fact.

    In reality Paul you can’t go wrong with eithers videos but I actually PREFER Patterson’s shorter length 5-element Instructional video.

    Sifu Al is all too correct in that once you get past the 5-element fist training many systems of Hsing-Yi become typically kungfuey with many forms…

  7. Lori Stockinger

    Hi Al,

    Please add me to newsletter list. I am certain I will enjoy reading it.

    Thank you kindly ,

    Lori Stockinger

  8. George Crawford

    Hey I was wondering if you have any books on the 8 immortals technique… I’m so desperately wanting to learn “drunking fist boxing”

    1. aganzul Post author

      Heck, if you can benchpress a bookshelf filled with my books you’ll be the heavyweight champion of the world…even if you only weigh 130 pounds!

    1. aganzul Post author

      Hi Arthur, not sure when I will complete. Started the research, then got sidetracked on several projects: putting matrixing and other arts in real books, making a matrix for kenpo, and so on. Still, I’m fast, so I’m hoping within six months. If it doesn’t show up in the newsletter, nudge me. Al


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