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Nine Square Diagram Boxing ~ This is what I came up with after 50 years in the Martial Arts. A little book I wrote on the Create Your Own Art course is the inspiration.

Al Case Martial Arts ~ The art that Al Case teaches. Forms, techniques, lists of grab arts and fighting methods.

Pan Gai Noon ~ (soft back book) (bundled in with the Evolution of an Art Course in PDF)

Kang Duk Won Korean Karate ~ (soft back book) (bundled in with the Evolution of an Art Course in PDF)

Kwon Bup American Karate ~ (soft back book) (bundled in with the Evolution of an Art Course in PDF)

Outlaw Karate ~ (soft back book) (bundled in with the Evolution of an Art Course in PDF)

Buddha Crane Karate ~  (soft back book) (bundled in with the Create Your Own Art Course in PDF

Matrixing Karate: White Belt ~ Book one defines proper basics.

Matrixing Karate: Green Belt ~ Book two gives the first matrixes in Karate

Matrixing Karate: Brown Belt ~ Book three continues the matrixing journey.

Matrixing Karate: Black Belt ~  Book four gives the last matrixes.

Matrixing Karate: Master ~ Book five tells the journey, lists the influences, that brought about the science of Matrixing.

How to Create Kenpo Karate: The Real History ~ volume one tells the true history that lead to keno Karate. Begins the scientific analysis of 150 techniques.

How to Create Kenpo Karate: The Secret of Forms ~ volume two defines forms, and describes a whole new method for making kenpo forms, and continues the scientific analysis of 150 techniques.

How to Create Kenpo Karate: Creating a New Kenpo ~ volume three  shows how to matrix techniques, and completes the scientific analysis of 150 techniques.

Fixing MCMAP (part one) ~ Volume one begins the analysis and correction of the Marine Corps Martial Arts training program.

Fixing MCMAP (part two) ~ Volume two completes the analysis and correction of the marine corps martial arts training program.

Karate to Shaolin to Pa Kua Chang ~ Describes three arts, and shows how they evolve from one to another.

Matrixing Tong Bei Internal Kung Fu ~ Teaches Tong Bei, from warm ups to self defense techniques. Many Matrixing graphs.

Bruce Lee vs Classical Martial Arts ~ an advanced analysis of Bruce Lee’s Martial Art.

Shaolin Butterfly ~ Matrixing applied to Shaolin Gung fu. The training manual from the Shaolin Butterfly Course.

Butterfly Pa Kua Chang ~ Expands Gung Fu from Shaolin into the Internal Martial Arts. The training manual from the Butterfly Pa Kua Chang Course.

Yogata (The Yoga Kata) ~ Yoga arranged scientifically for ten times the gains.

Binary Matrixing in the Martial Arts ~ The book that establishes the martial arts as a science.

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  2. Korina Zambrano

    Hello. My name is Korina Zambrano and I was recently looking at one of your articles on breaking a board with your head. To start, I would like to mention I am thirteen and a second degree blackbelt. I have been doing that break since I was a red belt and there are a lot of untrue facts in the article. For starters, you mentioned there is a high risk of injury, which isn’t true. If I was someone who had never done martial arts I would’ve been instantly frightened by the fact there was a “high risk of injury”. If you break the board just at your hairline you wouldn’t even have gotten a bruise. Also, the article is highly unprofessional, it seems to have been written by a nine year old. I suggest you revise it. Thank you for your time.

  3. Corey Eldridge

    If I get the Karate or the Kung Fu package am I able to video test with either package. Also does each package come with all the material I need so I don’t have to buy extra to test?

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  10. Are the download for Master Books PDF or are they shipped?

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  13. Don’t you have any other paying system other than fucking Pay Pal ? I want to purchase some books but Pay Pal blocks me and I’ve had very bad experience with Pay Pal. Will not pay using Pay Pal. Let me know if there’s any other way.

    • Western Union. And there are other methods, try googling ‘like paypal’ and see what pops. Have a great work out!

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  34. William S. Donnell

    SIR, I acquired the Monkey Boxing, and have noticed you have added more to the system. Since I bought the course I’ve had my right hip replaced in Oct. 2016 and in a week in a half March 8th I will be having left hip replaced. I have also put ached Matrix Aikido, now with this I myself contains my martial arts. My Question is, with both styles there is a ranking system correct. I am excited about the two styles together
    Thank you
    GM Donnell 7th Dan
    MooKiDo TaeKwonDo

    • Hi William, great to hear from you. Write me at with any questions. But, yes, there are belt ranking for both systems. The matrix aikido does tend to feed into the monkey boxing, at a certain point. Have a great work out!

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  48. Nice!
    I was going to ask about the testing procedure but it was answered here. I did read the other page (Testing). Glad to know that we need the Master Instructor Course. I will be buying that in a few days. Doing the Matrix Karate. Might buy the actual Matrixing Karate: White Belt through Amazon since it has a lot more information & detail. Also, it complements the videos and books that came with the course.

  49. Charles R Cashmere GP

    Dear Al, I hope all is well with you. I am trying to catch up on my studies with you. I was wanting purchase the Kang duk kwan volumes 3 – 4 and the Kwon Bup volumes 2 – 3. It appears they are available on Kindle but is their paper back copies I could purchase. Please let me know I plan to purchase all your materials again as I was to burglared and lost most of what I had. Even the thief’s are after your works. I cannot blame them for that as I have said many times yours is the best. Please let me know what’s available in print. Thanks Sincerely, Charles Cashmere GP , Your Long-time Student And Follower.

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  52. Peace and blessings it’s my sincerity that this email finds you in good health and reason for this email is I want to say you have some good ideas and titles for your manusripts I am a writer as well do you know how to go about doing self publishing because I have a lot of material for the martial arts indeed..or you know anyone who does publishing for martial arts books??if you could please get back with me thanks.. and also what the science with your karate courses? do you have like a online training for them various arts you mentioned in regards to the karate

    • Hi Malachi. You can run the gamut of looking up publishers, which is tedious, not rewarding, and like hunting for lightening in the ocean depths.
      Or you can self-publish. I used Createspace, but I believe they have become part of Kindle now. You should probably look up ‘self publishing’ on google and find the program that matches your needs and wants. Have a great work out! ~ Al

  53. In your book on Pan gai noon you mention there is a companion DVD, yet it doesn’t appear on your site.

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