4c Matrixing Chi Power

How to Generate Chi Power!

Hi Guys and Gals.
The body is a motor,
and there are precise ways to make it work.
I have written a book that outlines the exact process
of using the body to generate energy.

I use a sequence of forms,
and the first two forms are in this book.
The techniques of the forms are broken down,
and how energy is actually ‘motored’ up
inside the body
is detailed.

Be able to Generate Chi Power Now!

I cover such subjects as
the only three ways the body can generate
chi of the martial variety.
what is actually happening inside the tan tien,
the function of the hands in relation to the tan tien,
what the yin yang symbol really means in relationship to the body

to let you know,
when I wrote this book I did it in
a stream of consciousness format.
The reason I did this is because
I wanted to present the material
in the fashion in which I teach it.
I go over points,
then go over them again from a different viewpoint,
and then go over them again with a different twist,
and I use metaphors occasionally,
and so on.
The whole point is to get you to understand what I am talking about,
not to lose you in mysticism,
but to explain the mysticism in scientific terms
so that it changes from mystery to workable knowledge.

I have a few bonuses for you.

build chi

You can generate massive amounts of usable Chi Power!

The Candle!

How to project chi to put out a candle from over a foot away.
This is a small book which tells you how I do it.
So far,
everybody who has read the book has been able to
project chi so as to
put out a candle from over a foot away.
an article on how Tai Chi creates a motor,
which includes,
and this is really interesting,
how to translate The Tao into physics.
Nobody has ever done that,
and it is really quite a blinker.

You will find that the material I offer you here
is not commonly known,
and has certainly never been presented in the fashion I present it in.

it is the difference between mysticism
and cold hard logic.

I’m not going to write a big web page on this,
people instinctively know
whether the books I am offering here
are for them or not.

when you press the paypal button you get
a 150 page book
(Matrixing Chi)
a 40 page book
(The Candle)
an 8 page article
(The Truth About Tai Chi)

That’s 200 pages
explaining the most mystical aspect of the martial arts
in a way that has never been done before.
and the specific forms I use
to teach people how to generate and project Chi.


it is all

Instant Download!

It’s only


After you do the Paypal thing
you will be directed to
a password secure site.

martial arts


If you experience ANY problems with the downloads,
contact me at:


The Matrixing Chi Course is copyrighted, but you have special permission to download the course to your hard drive, to store the course on disk, and to make a paper copy of the instruction manual.

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