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Rolling Fists

Rolling Fists is a translation of the Kung Fu term ‘Lop Sau.’ Lop Sau has been seen in a lot of different martial arts, but only as a drill, only in pieces. It is an effective kung fu drill, but only a pale shadow of the complete Rolling Fists freestyle method.

You may have seen snippets, or brief descriptions, on the following courses:

  • Matrix Combat
  • Shaolin Butterfly
  • Matrix Kung Fu
  • Blinding Steel

Rolling Fists, as presented here, is the complete drill.

Further, it is presented in 38 segments in which you see me actually teaching somebody how to do it. You see the mistakes, find out the how and why behind certain moves, see how to translate the drill into a variety of moves or arts.

It is the freestyle I teach for second black belt.

It results in intuitive freestyle, on a whole different level of martial arts.

 The price for this course is normally $49.95 + S & H. That includes four DVDs.

The instant download price is $39.95, you can be studying it within two minutes.

    Click on the PayPal button, and it will be in the mail tomorrow morning (or first working day morning).

$49.95…the physical disks mailed to you martial arts


$39.95…instant download,
you will be directed to a page with the video links.
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The Complete Rolling Fists

    Full money back guarantee on every course I offer. No questions asked.

    I have been selling Matrixing courses for some five years now, thousands of them, and you can read the testimonials elsewhere on this site. I have around 500 pages of wins sent in to me by customers.

This has been a page about how to learn how to fight better than a black belt…and within three hours!

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