4f Matrix Combat

Martial Arts Fighting the Right Way!

(previously Dharma Combat)

When it comes ot Martial Arts Fighting
there are five modes of Combat,
and if you only know one, or two,
which is what nearly all Martial Arts schools offer,
then you are at a serious disadvantage.

In truth,
if you only know one or two methods of martial arts fighting,
then you are just fighting.
But if you know all five modes,
you are actually not fighting.
You are handling people who wish to have a real fight
the way adults handle
whining two year olds.

In the above video I am not fighting.
I am using Pa Kua and Tai Chi fighting.
I am using Aikido.
the last kick,
that was karate.

I am analyzing and handling.
I am Matrixing,
right in the middle of combat,
and the reason I can do this is because
I know all five modes of combat.

Go watch a tournament.
It’s a fight.
Go watch the way they freestyle in Aikido,
unless the guy has studied for decades,
it doesn’t work.

I make it work.
And you can make it work,
if you understand Matrixing,
and how to Matrix Combat.

To Matrix Combat
you must do one thing.
You have to put it all together.
And the only way to put it all together
is with Matrixing.

Matrixing is the Analysis and Handling
of Force and Flow (direction).
Matrixing can be applied to anything.Why hasn’t it been done before?
for one thing,
nobody knew all five modes of combat.
To tell the truth,
one of these modes wasn’t even in existence.

But even if somebody had known all five modes of martial arts fighting,
they couldn’t have put it together
because they didn’t understand
the key to it all.

You see,
there is an underlying theory
that must be known,
if you are going to understand it all.
This underlying theory
has never been stated before
in any martial arts class.

And how could it?
Nobody knew all five pieces of the puzzle,
and so couldn’t see it!
even if they could see it,
they couldn’t make it work,
because they lacked one of the pieces.

On the Matrix Combat DVD
you get all five modes of martial arts fighting.
I demonstrate them personally.
I show you,
step by step,
how to put them together.
I’m going to give you the key.

The end result is that you are going to have the whole picture.

martial arts caption

Einstein stumbles over a Matrixing formula but doesn’t know what to do with it!

You are going to see an Art assembled,
perfectly and completely assembled,
for the first time in history.
You are going to see the True Art.

And here’s something to think about,
Right after viewing the video,
your viewpoint and understanding of freestyle
is going to be completely changed.

Just knowing
the theory of
the five modes of combat
is that important
and that powerful.

More important,
is the fact that if
you are weak in any particular mode of martial arts fighting,
(which would make your freestyle weak,
then you will know exactly
how to strengthen your freestyle.
You will know which mode of freestyle
you need to work on
to improve your whole freestyle.

This means that martial arts freestyle can be improved
merely by the acquisition of knowledge,
not the blood and bruises of the mat.

I have nothing against blood and bruises,
mind you,
I just think that blood and bruises
should be in a good cause.
An intelligent cause.
A cause with the end result
of you being a perfect martial arts fighter.

is all the pieces
of all the Arts
put together
and logically
so that they
fit together.Somebody wants to fight?
It won’t be a fight,
it will be instant analysis,
take advantage of the fact
that he is missing entire methods of Combat,
analyze and handle him,
and you walk away whole!

You doubt me?
Watch the video again.
better yet,
Read the testimonials on this website.
These testimonials are from real people,
people like you,
and some of these people had their doubts, too.

once you have taken your first step on
The path of the True Art.
you will have no doubts.

Now, how much do you pay for a lesson like this?
Let’s see, forty years of very specialized knowledge,
all tied up in a package that is so easy to understand
that you actually can’t not understand it…

Five arts,
all boiled down to instant workability,
all put together in a nice, neat little package
that is so easy to understand
that you can’t NOT to understand it….

An overview of a brand new science.
A brand new Art, really,
that is the only new thing in the martial arts
in thousands of years…

A science that actually puts you
The Path of the True Art!


Well, the information is priceless,
how about…


That’s right,
Let me start out by saying thank you. Thanks from all the martial artists who asked why. Al, I’m in the Security and Law enforcement field and carry Instructor credentials, so effective methods in combat and teaching them is what I constantly look for.you get the essential fighting drills from five different arts,
and you learn how to put them together.

and if you think that twenty bucks is too much to risk,
think about this….

This course includes 40 minutes of video,
an instructional book
an overview
and a manual telling you exactly
‘How I Developed Matrixing.’

When you finish this course you will understand
the specific geometries of how each freestyle works.
You should be able to do the freestyles,
and mix them together
into a wholistic freestyle.

If you have any weaknesses in any freestyle,
you will know which specific courses will improve you in any method of freestyle.

Read the testimonials.
Read this page again.
Realize that this is not a scam.
This is the real thing.

Click on the paypal button!

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The Matrix Combat Course is copyrighted, but you have special permission to download the course to your hard drive, to store the course on disk, and to make a paper copy of the instruction manual.

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