1a Matrix Karate

Why Matrix Karate will change Your Martial Art

Every martial art needs work. Shaolin, Krav Maga, Systema, all of the martial arts.

Interestingly, Matrix Karate fixes them all.

This is because Matrix Karate, while it is a complete Karate system, presents the basics of Matrixing, and Matrixing is the logic that makes your martial arts perfect.

The Martial Arts are taught by the age old ‘Monkey see monkey do’ method. They are ‘oral teachings’ passed down with body movement. Sort of like the old game where one person whispers a phrase to another, and after twenty people the original phrase looks like gopher guts.

karate black belt

1 1/2 years to Black Belt. You can do it faster with Matrix Karate.

Most people latch on to this old method for a simple reason, they are enervated by the newness of learning something. As opposed to the facade of education in the modern school system.

What they don’t realize is that they are being indoctrinated into another educational system, one where people become addicted to the four year ‘car contract’ method. Simply, as long as the teacher dribbles out the teachings, the student is kept playing dues.

Which do you think matters most to modern teachers? Paying their rent or giving some fellow they don’t know from Adam the real secrets of the martial arts? If they even knew them!

And most martial arts instructor don’t know the truth of the martial arts.

Think about this: the army can make a soldier in four months.

You can learn the guitar in a few months.

You can pick up virtually any discipline in a handful of months.

So why does it take four years to learn something like Karate? And in spite of the fact that the founders taught it in a handful of months? In spite of the fact that people like Mike Stone made it to Black Belt in 7 months? Chuck Norris did it in a year and a half!

So why does it take four or more years in your system? Here are seven reasons:

  • Because of ‘car contract’ mentalities.
  • Because of every generation adding more and more to the system.
  • Because people are learning more slowly because of school.
  • Because people now think the martial arts are about tournaments, or fighting.
  • Because new instructors don’t have the real training.
  • Because new instructors are trying to teach too many arts at once.
  • Look, this is the truth: the martial arts are being taught by memorizing random strings of data; there is no logic. Doing it this way takes YEARS. And maybe even decades.

Look, my instructor got his black belt in 2 years, and his second the year after that. That was back in the fifties, before car contracts came along, before people tried to mash all martial arts into one system. Two years, and he didn’t even have the logic of matrixing.

bruce lee wing chun kung fu

Bruce Lee would have LOVED Matrixing…it tells you the truth.

Okay, time for me to make a statement. If you think this is bushwah, if you think it can’t be done, then please leave. You’re just wasting your time here, so go play a video game or something. The adults have stuff to talk about, and you are no longer needed.

If you’re still here, if you’re ready to straighten up your system, learn a new way of thinking, and get to where you are going in a fraction of the time, then here we go.

You know that memorizing random strings of information is a lousy way to learn a language. And the martial arts, Karate in this case, is a language.

If you memorize, then you have to spend years trying to unmix the strings and make sense out of them.

If you memorize then you are not intuitive, and intuition is the ONLY way to survive a fight. Simply, you can’t think during a fight.

If you memorize you just clutter your mind up with significant ideas, and you never achieve that pure, simplicity of thought that is necessary for success in fighting, or in anything you ever do in your life!

So how do you ‘not’ memorize, and still learn the martial arts?

Simple, you align the movements in logical order, so you don’t have to remember them, so they are as easy as counting one to ten (don’t have to think about that, do you?) and so they pop into your mind without thought.

No hesitation, no mistakes, just the right move at the right time: that is intuition, and NO martial art delivers that.

No martial art, unless it has been matrixed.

And you learn Matrixing when you do Matrix Karate.

Now, truth, the other courses I teach are actually advanced matrixing, or matrixing applied to specific concepts. The truth of matrixing is on the Matrix Karate course, and while people are always blown out by Matrix Kung Fu, or the Master Instructor Course, or Shaolin Butterfly, or Five Army Tai Chi Chuan, the truth is that they should be studied after you have the basics of matrixing down.

After you have studied Matrix Karate.

Now, when you study Matrix Karate a couple of interesting things happen.

learn karate online

Jackie Chan knows Kung Fu, but he doesn’t know Matrix Karate!

There is usually a moment of shock when you realize you have a whole system, and within a matter of months. Heck, people with lots of experience master this system, and it is a full fledged system, within weeks!

People are surprised when they are going through their normal lives and realize that they are functioning differently. They don’t have to think about things, their minds simply start to work right, as opposed to the way they work after being implanted by today’s modern educational methods.

People invariably become the ‘go to’ guys in their dojos. They have a massive amount of information that other students don’t have, and other students start adhering to people who have learned matrixing.

People start to do better in life. They get the promotion, they pull in the better job, and for the simple reason that their minds work better.

Self defense becomes a joke. You don’t fight because you see the utter breakdown of logic in those people who dont’ study the martial arts, or even who study classical methods, methods which are based upon the passing on of confusion, such as in modern educational methods.

People begin fixing all the martial arts they know. After a lifetime of studying methods that don’t work, they are handed the key to make ALL methods work. Believe me, they experience a delirium of joy and begin functioning on all levels, and making the martial arts into the pure, dynamic, kick ass beast they were meant to be.

And I could go on and on. But it is time for you to make a decision.

Do you want to continue to be implanted with the slowest method of learning in the world?

Do you want to continue to memorize ‘tricks?’ As opposed to learning how to have intuitive thought?

Do you want to take a lifetime, and only end up with confusion? Or do you want the simple truth?

Not one of those stupid internet scams, like ’15 Fight Enders,’ or ‘I beat ten neo-nazi Skinheads after learning the secret move taught to me by a Spetznatz nun in a secret location I can’t tell you about,’ or any of those comic book ads.

But an actual system, forms, two man forms…in fact, let me list, EXACTLY, what is on the Matrix Karate course.

Three completely logical forms, easy to learn intuitively forms, that present Karate as a complete art. Can be learned in three weeks.

Self defense applications which translate the form from theory into combat ready reality.

kwon bup kata

This kid made Black Belt in one year! You can do it even faster!

Three two man forms which bypass the need for endless years of training to achieve any confidence in the speed of your mind. Can be learned in four weeks.

The Matrix of Blocks ~ makes the blocks of Karate intuitive within one hour.

A sequence of Freestyle that makes fighting completely intuitive within a couple of hours.

And this is all presented using a method of logic that is not used by the schooling methods in ANY martial arts school, or ANY school at all, for that matter.

One of the most interesting things you will find, when you study Matrix Karate, is fighting. The following sequence is what happens. And this has been proven over and over again by my students, and by people who have studied Matrix Karate over the internet. (If you don’t believe me, go read the testimonials at MonsterMartialArts.com.

You’re doing something, maybe you’re at school, or walking down the street, or even sitting in a  bar drinking a beer and minding your own business.

For whatever reason, some idiot comes up and wants to fight.

You look at him, and you realize that this fellow is acting without any logic. You see this lack of logic, and you realize that you could take him apart. You see this without any emotion.

You tell him ‘no thanks.’

He looks downcast, is actually disappointed, and walks away.

And this is what happens to people who study Matrixing. They become able to see their fellow man, they don’t engage in the loss of logic that is required to have a fight, and they handle everything with a few simple words.

This exact thing, in slightly different form, has been reported to me by so many students, personal and internet, that I have actually lost count.

There was Josh, who was at a party when an actual riot broke out. He stood in a corner while the furniture flew through the air. People came running up to fight him, he looked at them, and they changed their minds and went elsewhere to look for a fight. He walked out of a riot without a scratch.

There was Scott, who faced down two muggers in an alley simply by stopping and staring at them. Proving that bad guys ONLY try to go after people who are unaware, people who have become stupid by letting themselves be implanted by modern educational methods that are prevalent in today’ schools.

And, my favorite, Aaron, who was jumped by two fellows. He wasn’t allowed the option of staring them down, he had to actually fight, and he knocked one of them out with the first punch. The second he kicked so hard the fellow flew through the air, hit a parking meter, and bent the pole! Do you know how much force that takes? Yet Aaron did it effortlessly. And he’s my favorite because he’s my son.


I’ll be honest with you. When I first started selling Matrixing through this site, back in 2007, I was selling it for a couple of hundred dollars. I sold a few, then started getting wins in the email.
I remember talking with my partner, and we talked about putting it up for a thousand dollars. The wins we were getting…we thought about it seriously.
But I wanted more wins, I didn’t want to sell a few courses a month, I wanted to sell thousands of courses a month.
So we backed away from the thousand dollar price tag and made it so anybody could get it.


or #29.95 for the instant download!

for the only perfect (fully Matrixed) Karate in the world.

Was two hundred bucks!
Now it is only $39.95!

or #29.95 for the instant download!

You could take your girl to the movies for forty bucks,
or you could learn a whole system of Karate,
a perfect system of karate,
a system that will fix all other systems of Karate,
and even all other Martial Arts.

  • A 190 page book on CD (PDF format)
  • that’s 276 illustrations,
  • six forms with uncounted  applications,
  • The Matrix of Blocks
  • A DVD teaching Matrix Karate.
  • a BONUS DVD course ~ ‘Power Kicks!’
  • BONUS ~ first book I ever wrote, ‘The Master’s Handbook.’
  • BONUS ~ Perfect Karate book.
  • Martial Arts logic you have never seen before!

This is the complete system: forms, applications…everything!

Look, there is no better deal anywhere! This is THE original Matrixing course.
It has the matrixing tables and how to use them.
Forms, techniques,two man forms, drills, special freestyle methods.
A complete science that has never been seen before, and which totally fixes Karate, and any other art you apply it to.


martial arts

If you would like to save Ten Dollars

and be doing the course in just TWO MINUTES…

Click on the next paypal button and get the


You will be directed to
a password secure site.


martial arts

If you experience ANY problems with the downloads,

contact me at:


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