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The Martial Arts Master Instructor Map!

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Martial Arts Master Instructor Map

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I have only listed state and last letter of name to protect privacy. I don’t give exact addresses or full names out. If you are a Master Instructor and I have your name or location incorrect, please let me know. ~ Al

3 responses to “The Map

  1. Hi – I just found your website and read some of your stuff – absolutely fascinating!
    I am unemployed at the moment and could see myself as an instructor – is there any kind of special rate you can offer for course bundles?


    (PS you should really put your blog on Kindle and make some more money from it!)

    • Hi Dave,thanks for the kind words. I’ve got the lowest prices on the web. That said, I always help people who are serious about being martial arts instructors. Have you practiced martial arts before? What are your plans? Did you have a bundle in mind? Let me know at Have a great work out! Al

  2. Hey Al, I have heard a lot about you. I am 65 years old and started as a Boxer at the age of 17. Found Rod Martin and studied under Rod just about the time you were at his dojo. I studied with Rod up to my Brown Belt where I was both point fighting and full contact fighting which was somewhat of a new sport at that time. I always kept up my boxing and studied other styles and this used to irritate the heck out of Rod but I did it anyway on the side and kept it quiet. It bothered the hell out of him that he could not get to my mind. I am of the same school as you; one has to compete in all types of competition to really understand how it is in the street. I have some stories similar to yours and would love to talk with you. There are not many martial artists that really understand or have been in a boxing ring where you win or you die, or on the street where you fight for survival. The action does not stop. It takes a special instructor to pass on street smarts. Flapping wing just does not work against a 300 pound raging maniac. I found your comments on the net refreshing to say the least, with I knew you when we were younger.

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