1e Core Package

A Massive Quantity of Pure Martial Arts!

Available only in DVD/CD

The Core Package consists of:

Matrix Karate (Matrixing Concepts)
Matrix Kung Fu (Monkey Boxing) (Techniques Matrixed)
Matrix Aikido (Flow Matrixed)
Master Instructor (Perfect Form/Perfect Technique)

These four courses make up the heart of the Matrixing system.
If you want the complete picture on Matrixing,
then The Core Package is for you.

They cost $140,
but if you purchase the Core Package,
and allow me to put all the training manuals on one CD,
they are only $100.

That’s a 30% Discount!

Putting the manuals on one CD
is convenient for you,
and enables me to save money,
and that saves you money.

So save$40!

Click on the button!

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Available only in DVD/CD

5 responses to “1e Core Package

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  4. Can one test and earn a belt with the core package classes? I am interested mainly in akido but would be intrigued by the ability to belt in other courses.

  5. Robert Bussiere

    Do you have video of your Nine Square Diagraming boxing?

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