Following are some of the wins I receive in the mail every day.

Dear Al, …I want to say again this (founding own system) would not have been possible for me to do without your vast influence for the last twenty years. You provided me the insight and raised my level of awareness with all the works you provided. In short you have been a major influence upon my life for twenty years now. So with that I thought I would say thanks again and let you know that now your teachings have even carried over into my research and practice in fighting cancer. I realized that I could apply Matrixing to thmethodology used in cancer and this may very well provide more effective treatment for the patients.I am still developing this idea but I consider it to be my biggest win yet next to founding the Chung Moo Kwan System. With that you may very well have made a major contribution to Cancer Research in your lifetime and I consider that a Huge Win for Anyone, So Thanks Again for All.–Dr. CRC

Hi Al,

I was looking over the write-up you gave me (that goes with the Dharma Combat cd). and  I liked it a lot – it’s something that I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now.

This was a cool newsletter.

Harry and I were also working on CBMing camera motion with the motion of the scene.  I had Harry do the same move over and over again as I moved with him shooting hand held, and then one time we did it.  We CBMed together.  It was amazing the difference in the scene.  It “popped” right out at you.  If you watch a lot of action movies you’ll see the camera start moving at a different time or finish moving after the action stopped.  It feels like a run on sentence and is always a flop at the box office.  Don’t take my word for it check it out yourself.  You’re going to be blown away.  Merry Christmas, EW

well al

let me say thank you for the dvds. To say they are the best would not do them justice. So lets say it has opened my eyes to the matrix mania. You are giving so much to us all. How can we repay you? I will be teaching in a new way in the new year thanks to you I have already shown some of what I learned to my avid canemaster students and instructors , they wish to know how I have found out all this stuff in such a short time. Thanks to you all is good at the dojo have a good Christmas, talk soon,

Yours Master Robin Dawkins ~Canemasters UK and Defendo UK

Dear Al,

First of all thanks for you great newsletters, I really enjoy reading them.  I am a true believer in your Matrix System!  I have over 60 students now, so I figured the Master Instructor was the course I should get so I can immediately start to make corrections.

I will be ordering the Pa Kua system and Tai Chi system starting in the next few days.  I appreciate your time and considerations and I plan to be sending you many “Wins” in the coming weeks”  I hope you have a great holiday

Thanks Again,


Hi Al,

I am writing to say how much I love seeing all the articles and columns in the all new “Members Area”.


Al my friend, another amazing and truthful newsletter.–Jack Clark

HI Al,

Your predictions and revelations regarding the future of matrixing are interesting to me. That is, I predicted exactly the same thing quietly, to myself, after our meeting a few months ago. You may notice that I have now purchased almost all of your CDs and DVDs…I realized that I was in contact with something which would definitely alter the world of martial arts and I wanted to have it all. So I bought your materials gradually and now I have em all.  I take them with me, on my laptop, and view them at work or when I have a free moment. I’m predicting a price rise as the world discovers and reaches for all these materials, so I was pretty smart to grab em before inflation sets in, right?

Have a great year.

Richard Gordon

Case Sensei, Heres a brand new win for me. (Had some trouble lately, and) I’ve been dying of lack of physical activity, and while I’ve been watching every martial arts tape I can get my hands on, It’s been very discouraging. “I’ve lost A LOT” was a constant thought…but just in the last few days It hit me…Matrixing is the answer! I’ve got a few months of recovery left but I know all the material is waiting for me to run through in order. Thanks for your years of hard work and for the road map back!


Your newsletters are the highlight of my day. By the way the Pan Gai Noon is awesome Jack Clark!


The courses I purchases last month are superb. I’m in the middle of Matrix Karate and the Master Instructors Course. The MI course is a real eye opener , once I’ve studied the DVD’s and written course I will submit an essay to be considered as an instructor with you. I will also be purchasing more courses including create your own system. Although I founded my own system in 2003 it’s obvious I still have a lot to learn. The Monster MA ad in Feb issue of Inside Kung Fu looks great.

All the Best from ” Over the pond”

Paul Corrigan

Hey Al,  The pan Gai noon dvd is great !  but your newsletters lately are tremendous, anybody not getting these is missing not just the boat but the giant cruise ship. You hit the nail on the head and are not afraid to tell the truth    BRAVO !        Jack Clark

Al my friend,  another great newsletter. So many people have forgotten that the arts are fun and can make you smile all day. Too many students take it to serious, that’s not to say that you should be lax on your study. But smile and enjoy the beauty of the arts that so many other non-martial artists are missing and that is a shame because they don’t know what they are missing.  Thanks my friend    Jack

Hi Al,

After going thru the Master course several times the first impression I have is FANTASTIC! Where were you the first 5-7 years of my martial arts career? The first of the tapes really simplified my approach to teaching the arts it clarified in simple terms what it took me years to figure out. It really breaks down Karate and kung fu, some of the points you made especially regarding the wing chun stance are right on , it is far to rigid and not alive , but by teaching A MATRIX APPROACH THE PIECES FALL INTO PLACE AND THE STUDENTS EYES OPEN. I do think you took years of training and broke thru the Asian mysticism and helped me to look at my art (Bushido Ryu – hard Japanese style similar to shotokan , Wing Chun, Shaolin 5 Animal and JKD) all mixed into what I call Combative Solutions.

I am so impressed I am studying your Butterfly Kung Fu now and ordered Matrix karate today. I appreciate instead of secreting away this information you wanted to share with those of us with an interest. I really feel you improved my teaching ability in the basics alone at least 50% ! It seems we are so busy wanting to teach as our instructors did that we forget there is a better way , your genius is on the order of Sijo Bruce Lee . It is about simplifying and you do that tremendously well. You have showed me a new way to think, you really opened my eyes.

Thanks and keep Blasting ,

Jack Wagner DVM

Certified Veterinary Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

An-Mo Tui-Na Certified

Been reading the manuals -great stuff and the matrixing is awesome       Jack

Each day I am noticing more and more about how

matrixing is helping people with not just martial

arts, but THINKING. Three of my students (amongst many

others) for example – Daniel, Dave and Jason – have

come a long way matrixing. First, they learned that

applications and martial arts concepts could be

matrixed through Matrix Karate and other Matrixed

Martial Arts. At that point they began excelling at

Karate at light speed. But it didn’t stop there. No,

I’ve now noticed REMARKABLE jumps in their day-to-day

conversational wit and inevitably, their intellect and

organizational skills.

This phenomenon was strange and unsolvable to me until

I noticed what it was recently: They were “matrixing”

ANYTHING they learned. They, and other students, would

matrix in order to retell a joke better, to predict

the actions of cars on the streets, delineate airsoft

opponents’ strategies, figure out if someone was not

telling the truth, plan a camping trip with the

efficiency of an eagle scout, do better at their jobs,

study a new dance form quickly, find girlfriends or

boyfriends that met their criteria, help girlfriends

or boyfriends that didn’t perfectly meet their

criteria improve, heck – to better plan out and

predict what someone that they were in charge of would

do or not do well INTO THE FUTURE WITH SPECIFICS and

not just in a half-assed way like, “Oh he’s a fearful

person and hence lies a lot”.

Besides my busy day-to-day working, studying, martial

arts,  investing, and

in-love-with-my-hot-intelligent-girlfriend life,

matrixing has also helped my film crew and I work on a

great comedy and martial arts show that will begin

limited airing early-mid next year. Without matrixing,

we could not have learned all the aspects of t.v. show

production as quickly as we did. Without matrixing, we

also could not have transferred that skill to the

feature comedy movie that we are filming mid next year


From the bottom of my heart and the 12 people that I

have now become a leader of, to lead into the battle

that is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness:





Harry Hsu

7th Black

Hi Al,

All this talk about Matrixing has made me want to share this bit of news with you.

Back before I got your Instant Aikido I had looked into Aikido, but gave up as it looked to be too hard to learn, then boom, your Aikido course and I got excited all over again about Aikido. But now as I reread all my books on Aikido I found myself using the matrix theories and understanding it all.

So this all brings me to about 2 or 3 months ago me and my 3 partners started to really matrix Aikido and found what for a time where 20 core techniques though after some more reading we found that Aikido uses a kata that has 17 core techniques. With this information in hand we moved on to getting creative and took a page from you and created a Workshop that would make someone a black belt in Aikido in 7 days. It was hard work but after 4 hour a day for 7 days we found that it worked.

One thing that I did do was make the students wait for 2 weeks before we did the testing so that the student had time to practice their forms and their techniques. Out of the 8 people that came back for the testing 7 of them passed and the 8th will when he comes back next week he was just a little hesitant with some of the moves but he did know what he was doing, we just wanted to make sure that everyone of our students is 100% sure of he knowledge in the arts.

So there you go Matrixing works.

Stephen Dumpert

Founder Yin-Dragon Kunk Fu

I have been matrixing my students. The tenth grade ISTEP results, which is the state test shows they increased about 10 percent over last year in English. EH

Al, you should run for president. Maybe you could matrix this country out of debt. In my opinion it seems to work for everything else. Maybe you could get the dollar to be worth more than the peso!



Thank you , I am thoroughly enjoying my collection I purchased from you. After 35 yrs in the arts I thought I knew a lot, but you are teaching me a whole new world.

Great article Al, it really puts the arts in perspective. It really shows too why so many people drop out, they don’t understand,they get confused and quit. When you take a matrix approach to these arts it puts in all in a different light….a nice bright understandable light. You can’t use what you don’t understand !   great stuff

Jack Clark

Bonjour Master Al,

The Matrix Book is great!

I have not even got through it all yet but I am having

all these enlightening thoughts.

My brain is just buzzing away ready to go into over


I have been taught so much and learned so little.


I’m working on Matrix Karate and I’ve found that the (drill) that is explained and done here is the key to the whole art.  Yesterday I was practicing my forms, like usual, and then I realized something unusual: I was actually grabbing the ground with my feet!  I was not putting any effort into it, just sinking the weight, and the motions just flowed smoothly and I could feel the energy as I went through it; Karate is actually making sense.

Thank you, Al!



I like your concepts of teaching the teachers.  There is a misconception in the Martial Arts Industry that great athletes make great instructors or that any instructor that is not a champion must not be a very good teacher.

I find your instruction clear and universal.  there is something to be said, about something that is the truth, and the concept scientific and logic of matrixing is true.

Since, I have been studying matrixing I have recalled previous texts where the instructors have attempted matrixing, but could not fully articulate their concepts.

Every 5 years there is a new trend in Martial arts the current trend is Reality Self defense and MMA.

There are some great programs developed by highly trained and skilled professional instructors.

Matrixing reminds us that there is nothing new under the sun,only the packaging, branding and marketing of curriculums and trends, but the fun of it all is that having the core concepts or formulas at your disposal you are able to dabble in new arts or trends and get it quickly.


James Sanders

Have found your books and dvds excellent. My background is mainly in medical qigong but I practice Sun Style Tai CHi, BaGua and HsingI as well as Eagle Claw, Snake Style Kung Fu and several Wudang weapon styles. This is the first time I have had the underlying principles so clearly explained and in a way that they are immediately workable and demonstratable. I have worked through the Master Instructors Course, Aikido and Butterfly Bagua and have started to breakdown the Sun Hsing I using your matrix method. I was even able to teach a 70 year old friend of mine with no martial arts background your instant aikido where she was able to do some very accomplished locks and throws after the first lesson. Was very interesting to see how closely the akido locks related to the Sun Style Tai Chi Chin Na techniques. Was also interesting to see how the principles were immediately applicable to sword technique.

Looking forward to getting your other items.



I look forward to your stuff and furthering my art! Psychologically what you say makes so much sense as Bruce Lee said , the better you get the fewer techniques you use because you understand the underlying principles, yet few of his students were taught the underlying principles. You are teaching the underlying principles. I live in the Florida panhandle , where do you live?


Thanks so much for all courses.


I have been taking the Matrix Karate class under Harry and the

beginning was rather interesting as the Outlaw Karate moves kept

coming up automatically.

I’m having fun with your system (as I always did) and I wanted to

compliment you.



just wanted to say I have received the courses I purchased and just on a quick viewing found them excellent. Am working through them in the manner you have suggested and even after day two am finding it all coming together remarkably quickly.


Kim Blackberry

Al, the reason I finely decided to order these DVD’s (Five Army Tai Chi Chuan) was that after one of my classes, which I am continuing to teach at the park, I was invited by a fellow name John to learn Tai Chi with him and some of his students. I found the art to be fun, but when the class ended I inquired about the martial application and to my surprise John told me that there where none, that it was only to be used for relaxation.

Bull, I then showed him how I could turn just the few moves that I had just learned into a usable defense (only because I read the Master Instructor manual.) This got me thinking about this art and I know the best place for me to learn it was from you.

Have a great week



Ok so looks like Jason Barclay is mid-Master

Instructor’s Course but he emailed me a win just now!

I didn’t know if you wanted it now, or when he

completed the course and wrote up more wins. Either

way, following is his Win-Just-In:


Hey Harry, I’m in the middle of Al Case’s Master

Instructor’s Course and I had a realization of what we

are doing in your school! This school has found the

common denominator of what works in all other martial

arts from ALL other places and times; focusing on

those essences and strengthening them directly. Which

would be why people can learn so quickly in our

school. Working on any martial art at its face value

would work on these essences very little and it would

take 3 – 5 or even 10 years of training to get what

your school does in 6 months to 1 year!


This letter is to all of you who are thinking of ordering a course but just are not sure that it is really worth it. Let me say first off that I don’t know Al personally other than from his books and DVD’s and some emails.

With that said, I have been involved in the martial arts for some 26 years. I have studied a lot of different systems and have received a number of black belts.

My journey with Al started about 8 years ago with a book written by Al called Shaolin Butterfly, which I studied and still study on a daily bases. Then Al did something that has changed my martial arts life he started offering all of his courses at a lower price than what he used to charge. I took advantage and started by ordering just a couple. I went through them and found a wealth of information which cleared away the fog that most instructors throw at their students because they themselves don’t understand the whys of their systems.

That was it. I ordered all of Al’s courses. I have taken something from each of the arts that Al has put at my feet and have made it my own, and this has been a real gift.

I had been struggling for years to create my own system, when I ordered a DVD called Matrix Aikido, and within hours of watching this DVD I had the key to my system. Now I teach a class called Yin-Dragon Kung Fu, and even though I created this system I still go back to all of Al’s arts and I find that I have incorporated different moves from almost all of his arts, so in a way my art is his art and that is my gift to him.

I am not telling anyone which courses they should order that is for you to decide; you know what you want to lear. All I will say is that with whatever style you choose you should also get the Master Instructor course too. The reason is that it is packed full of information that will speed you on your way to mastering whatever art you are studying.

I wish you all well on your own journey into the martial arts.

Stephen Dumpert

Founder Yin-Dragon Kung Fu

the courses were worth the wait. I’ve been so impressed with the courses that I ordered 3 more! My only wish was that you could have taken just a bit more time explaining the forms in the videos. Aside from that, I think the material is terrific. If I could ask a question, how long does it usually take to learn an art and seek certification in it?

Thanks so much for answering. I look forward to receiving my next order.


PLEASE keep these (the newsletters) coming, they are one of the very few e-mail I get that has anything worth while written in them.  Thank you for writing them, they help me a lot in my day to day life.



These newsletters are full of nice info!

Love, Dee

Hi Al,

I received the Matrix Karate and kicking DVDs today.I watched about half of the kicking DVD and I really think the info on it is excellent ! That is why I am ordering Monkey Boxing.I am sure I will end up with all of your DVDs.I can’t wait to get started!

Thanks Ed

Thought I’d let you know of 2 wins I had recently.  Small wins, but wins nonetheless.

This past Saturday, I gave my brother-in-law an intro class to matrix karate, and he was hooked after I showed him a front stance plant-and-push punch.  So I now have a student – win #1.  Then, today, he took his daughter to her karate class, which she had been going to for a while.  When he came back, I asked him, “So, how did they do their blocks?”.  With a big grin from the understanding of what needed fixing, he told me that they swung out their arm for a low block instead of shooting it out, and their arms for the high block were at less than 135 degrees, less than 90 degrees even.  That was win #2 and it put a big smile on my face.  I actually transferred 2 vital pieces of unadulterated, unmolested data from my brain to his, probably much more than that – not bad for a rookie instructor, a rookie martial artist, and a 45-minute intro, if I do say so myself.  I nearly broke my spine from patting my own back!)–Howard


I conducted a Matrix Aikido training class for a Security Team at a local manufacturing plant. I tailored the training according to their Use Of Force policy. As you know they need control and takedown skills. I knew Matrix Aikido would be the answer. The training plan you shared was boss. The class went so smoothly. The participants learned very quickly. By the end of the class you could see techniques of Monkey Boxing coming through. They were also able to create their own techniques. There was one female officer in the class who asked to become my private student. She was throwing, locking and taking down guys twice her size. The Security Supervisor wants me to come back and with more participants! I’ll keep you posted.


Hi Al,

Here is my success story in doing the Master Instructor Course:

First off, I would have to give you a little back history so you can fully appreciate where it is that I’m coming from.  When I was about five, I started off learning Nagano Ryu from my father, who learned it from his uncle, who in turn learned it from his father, and so on.  There wasn’t much too it – it was basically a garbled version of the 40 Monkeys, with some Judo basics, and no forms.  [It turns out that this system is actually an ancient form of Ninjutsu that is no longer in existence today!]  The main thing that I took away from this early training however was something that my father kept telling me, which was: “Practice one thing a thousand times and you will finally understand it.  Practice it ten thousand times and you will be a master.”  After about a hundred times of being thrown to the ground I got the picture.  But, I also got the “bug.”  I fell in love with the art, and have ever since been in the process of trying to become that master.

I spent my teen years learning Karate from an old Okinawan dude, and a sensei that wouldn’t give me my black belt until I could beat up every brown belt in the school.  I learned countless forms, but barely any basics.  After getting my black belt, I started fighting in semi-professional kick boxing matches. However, I eventually got beaten by a little Thai kid, and realized that all my years of karate training had little actual use in a real fight. So, I moved on to Muay Thai, and then Brazilian Jujutsu, and soon found myself gladiating in an octagon. Needless to say, those were the dark years of my art.  (Though, I did learn some valuable up-close and personal lessons about what a real punch looks like and what it feels like to get your ass kicked!)

It took a real butt-kickin’ before I came to terms with the fact that I wasn’t going to become a true master through combat alone.  So, I fell back on my previous training and started doing forms again.  I decided that I would approach them from the viewpoint of how to make them actually work.  After a while, I started to realize that the Old Masters just might have had something.  A while longer and I re-kindled my purpose to resolve the martial arts puzzle and become that master that I always wanted to be.  That’s right about when I met a guy at a party (Harry) who told me about this guy “Al” who supposedly already did just that.  I was intrigued.  I ordered some manuals and started pouring over them.  I was so incredibly appreciative that somebody had already spent so much time researching and laying the path to a goal that I thought was going to take me a lifetime (maybe several.)  My art expanded and I reached a whole new level.

Then I did the Master Instructor Course and it hit me.  The Basics that are so concisely communicated in this course including the Matrix principle IS the solution.  It doesn’t matter what “style” I call my art, because all styles follow these same principles.  It doesn’t matter how hard I train or how many repetitions I do if I don’t train the right way.  And I would never become a master if I didn’t know how it all fits together.  Now I do!  I can honestly say that I am now on the path that I have always sought as a martial artist.  Thank you Al!


I’m really enjoying what I’ve learned from your programs.


Hey Al,

Thanks for the words yesterday. I enjoy your news letters. Last night at practice, we had matrix training. I love it. It allows you to think of Karate in a logical manner, rather than this rigid stuff other systems teach. My friend is a Shotokan artist or rather ‘Shotobot’ as I like to think of it. We have sparred in the past and every time, I find holes in her defense and offense. Last night we practiced pretty hard, which is what I need after dealing with a bunch of Seniors who would rather be elsewhere. Matrixing really does apply to almost anything in life. Now if only I could teach myself a foreign language in one week.

Thanks for the words,



My martial arts instructor, Dave Woods, told me to email you about a question I have. I am an English teacher in Indiana. Can you think of a way to apply your matrix system to help students learn the concepts of English better? My instructor and I have been utilizing your matrix system in our system, and it works amazingly fast. I just thought it would work with teaching English to my student. EH

Dear Al,

After $2,000 and 1 1/2 years of weekend lessons I have learned some Kung Fu exercises and a few forms but I would like to start some more serious practice with your art….and thanks for all the work you are doing to free millions of martial art students from wasting a lot of time and money. RG

Hey Al,

Just had to write to you to let you know that I gave my first class in Yin-Dragon Kung Fu. On Saturday me and my two partners had a little workout (demo) at the park and we were able to sign up a few people.

Tonight we where having the first class at the same park and as we were teaching we started having others coming up to us asking if they could join. We had to start a second class for those who had come late to get them up to the rest of the class.

Needless to say the class which was only to be 45 min turned into 2 hours, and that was just me teaching them 3 basic circle blocks and 2 locks.

Now the reason that I am writing is to tell you that all Yin-Dragon Kung Fu is, is Matrix Aikido mixed with Matrix Kung Fu with a dash of some circle strikes and blocks that I created which I have also matrix.

Like the Matrix Aikido I explain to the students what we are about to do then I show them the basics of the technique and then I have them pair up and have fun by making up ways to use those techniques.

We all had great fun and everyone was bummed out when I had to bring the class to an end due to another class that I needed to teach. The funny thing is that most of the first class students decided to sign up for the self-defense class which was completely different in style, but everyone had a great time in this class too, and it all is from how I saw you teach your class in that one DVD.




Just finished my in depth study of the course (manual & DVDs). Really enjoyed what I would call getting a whole new perspective on my twenty-five years of training in the martial arts.

My first martial art was Jujitsu, then I went on to Filipino Kali, and the last twelve or so years I’ve been studying Tai Chi and Qigong. You really made me reflect on a lot of what I have learned, and I think that some of it makes more sense now.

As you may well know, Tai Chi deals with body mechanics, being rooted and some other concepts that you cover in detail. Unfortunately, a lot of Tai Chi training is done with the “follow me” method with little explanation or attention to the applications as a martial art. Your Master Instructor Course was very helpful in that it explains the why and how I needed to understand for a lot of my training.

Loved your explanations on the body mechanics and physics of a true art.

Also loved your correction method for form and the teaching technique. I will have have a lot of use for these in my Tai Chi classes. Specially, given that I want to teach Tai Chi as a martial art.

Thanks a lot Al; you do the arts a great service.


Dennis Paris

Hi Again Al,

Once again I am making an order of some of your great DVD’s.

(I have already ordered the…) Matrix Kung Fu DVDs which BTW are great, watched them twice, great stuff.

Thanks as always,


Hey Al,

House two is great. I can’t wait to get to start learning and using it. A question though is whether or not it is permissable to print it off. I have a lot of your articles in a binder at home in page protectors and wanted to add it to my collection.

Thanks again and looking forward to learning about matrixing!

Take care,

David Woods

(It is okay to print anything off. It’s a good idea, as the site changes every once in a while. The main thing is that this site is for you, the martial artist, to use. Selling my stuff, however, is something that should be done by me. So send any prospective buyers my way. Thanks–Al)


I would like to order the monkey boxing DVD’s. I’ll get a chance to train with it and Instant Aikido in a class I’m doing on the 1st of Sept. I’ll keep you posted. By the way, I received the last order, awesome stuff!



I have enjoyed studying your work.  I love how it is changing the way I look at Karate and Hapkido.



Hi Al,

I bought your books (hard back 2 years ago and I really like the DVD concept- where do I start I have been practicing Bushido Ryu since 1985 (hard style karate system similar to Shotokan, and wing chun 3 years and JKD for 7-8 years. I have a shodan in Bushido Ryu and instructor status in combative solution – JKD.  I prefer Kung Fu but do I need the basic matrixing first , I want to get into your Tai Chi and your Butterfly and Pa kua Chang Kung fu. Please advise.


Hi Al,

Just writing to tell you how much I liked your Buddha Crane Karate, I would have paid 3x the price just for that one book.

Also thanks for the new DVD it was full of info that I will be able to both use and teach to my students.

One last thing, and that is that by the end of this week I should have the outlines finish for my new art Yin-Dragan Kung Fu, which at it’s core is the circle. Once I have finished that I will be starting Yang-Dragan Kung Fu which will be based on Wing Chun. I owe it all to you for your great books and DVDs like The Perfect Technique, Making the True Art Work, as well as Create Your Own Art. And lets not forget all the books on Matrixing.

Thank you as always and have a great Matrix Day,


Hi Al,

I was floored when I opened up the new Monster Newsletter and saw my letter to you, I had to print it and showed it to my students.

After that I started thinking that I really should write to you to thank you for how much you have influenced me over the last 7 years.

I started my martial arts training way back in ’82, and have received black belts in 3 different styles of karate. Then Late 90’s I tried my hand at a kung fu school that was near my house. It was bad news from the start. The instructor would let the senior students show us some moves and then laugh at those who could not do them right.

Next if the instructor would teach the class himself he would have to demonstrate the move on one of us, and he wouldn’t be nice and easy on his partner. Most times I would end up with a bloody nose or lip. After this went on for a few weeks I turned the tables on the instructor and then walked out of the class vowing to never take another class at any school again.

And for 2 years I didn’t.

Then in early 2000, I was talking to the owner of a martial arts book store (she knew what had happened at the school), she asked me to read a small book and see if maybe I could learn anything from it. I looked at the title The Compete Shaolin Butterfly by Al Case.

I took the book home and read thru it and then started to learn the forms. Within a month I was able to do each of the forms well. Then something happened I found myself enjoying the martial arts again.

Then a few months later I had people asking me to teach them this martial art. And over the next 6 years I did or maybe I should say that I was only teaching them them motions.

About a month ago I read a Monster Newsletter telling us about a great new sale on disk of some of your courses, and I jumped and ordered The Master Instructor Course as well as most of the others.

As I started reading the Instructor Course things that I had been teaching started to become clearer. I could see why you had chosen one move over another in each form. And for the first time I could really explain to my students not only the whys and hows, but how to take the core moves and expand it to fit any situation.

My students have started coming up to me after class telling me how much more they are enjoying it, and that the classes have stopped being so ridged and now flow in a kind of give and take between me and them. I have stopped being a task master and started having fun and letting them teach me as well.

I also now found that I can more easily critique techniques of others as well as my own. I can almost feel what is a pure technique that belongs to an art and one that someone just threw in because they thought it looked pretty.

I have now expanded the number of classes that I teach to include Matrix Kung Fu and Butterfly Pa Kua Chang, and I hope that in the next month or two I will be adding Aikido to the mix of arts.

And I have only you my Master to thank for all that you have given to me, I am truly blessed to have found your books and DVD’s for they have made the martial arts fun again for me and those who are now my students.

Thank You,



I just had to write to you to say WOW. Your INSTANT AIKIDO is great!!!

My friends and I watched the DVD’s over the weekend and we have abandoned the art we were creating to start over with what we learned in the INSTANT AIKIDO DVD’s.



Sri Nisargatta Maharaj once said, “It is always the false that makes you suffer, the false desires and fears, the false values and ideas, the false relationships between people. Abandon the false and you are free of pain; truth makes happy, truth liberates.”

Wise words!

Already having a little more than 10 years on the martial path when I met and began studying with Al Case in either October or November of 1984, I witnessed this particularly bright and sincere individual come to recognize – and then bring me to – the truth about the martial arts.

We create and perpetuate our own suffering from the false ideas and ways of framing our instruction of the martial traditions we inherit, and are responsible for passing on, by not – ourselves – learning and then applying the truth of the martial arts, which is now available to all in the many works of Al Case.

It’s time we see the falsehood in the martial arts of today ourselves as instructors and become clear in our thinking about, and methods of teaching others, the Martial Arts and Ways as well as the stories we tell ourselves about them. Indeed, it’s up to us to make those changes right now, and take responsibility for the future of martial arts on this planet.

If you are a pre-Black Belt, or new Black Belt, you can realign and make workable your Art, whatever that Art may be, by applying what is contained in Al Case’s matrixing material to your Art.

If you are an instructor, you will save yourself a great deal of money, time, and unhappy times by studying and then put into practice Al Case’s The Master Instructor Course.

As always, I wish you the best on your path

Love & blessings,

Rick Thatcher, Grandmaster

Tiger-Dragon Karate / Kung-Fu


Tiger-Dragon Martial Ways Temple

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