5a Binary Matrixing in the Martial Arts

The Truth About the Martial Arts

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Welcome to the most unique martial arts book in history.

Until this book was published the martial arts were based on mysticism. On Myth. On oral traditions passed down through the ages.

The result of these oral traditions was an art that was difficult to learn, and difficult to apply.

People would study the martial arts for decades, and be left with such things as a vague understanding of the yin yang as a base for the martial arts.

Do you understand what the yin yang is?

Is is two fish swimming? Man and woman? Something else?

For the first time in history the theory behind the yin yang, what it really means, is revealed.

For the first time in history the martial arts becomes a science. A technology.

This means they are easy to learn, and easy to apply.

This is because when you understand what is at the root of it all you can actually ‘grow’ the martial arts.

You can see how the various systems have come into existence.

And you will not be trapped by the martial arts systems which, no matter how fun they are, are elaborate maze like constructions which actually derail you from the path to truth and understanding in the martial arts.

You will be enlightened.

This book contains the data that will open your eyes to an understanding of the true martial arts.

This book contains data that will enable you to grow the martial arts, and to see how all the martial arts have been grown.

This book will enlighten you.

Guaranteed or your money back.

This book may be found on Amazon in paperback, or is available (for a short time) as a PDF right here. Simply press the button directly below.

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