2d Create Your Own Art

If you have not created your own martial art…

Then You Are Not a Martial Artist!

Bruce Lee created his own fighting martial art!

Bruce Lee created his own fighting martial art!

The sad truth is that only a person who has created his own art can call himself an artist.
shurikenEverybody else is just playing monkey see-monkey do,
they are just playing copy cat at what other people have done.

Your instruction is clear and universal. The logic of Matrixing is true. Yes, it takes a certain degree of ‘art’ to be a good copy cat,
but the real artist is the one who creates!
That is what the art is all about!

Don’t believe me?
Do me a favor…just read the next couple of paragraphs.
Read about two people who created their own art,
then you’ll have an idea of what I am talking about.


pa kua chang teacher

Dong Hai Chuan made internal Martial Art Pa Kua Chang thousands of years ago.

Tung Hai-chuan was a Martial Artist in China some hundred and fifty years ago.
He copied the arts of the day,
then ran into some fellows who practiced a religion based on walking in a circle.
That’s right, we are talking Pa Kua Chang.
Tung Hai-chaun put the martial arts into a circle.
The result was something that nobody knew about, nor how to deal with.
He became famous, and people came from everywhere to challenge him.
And, as like as not, he would sit and talk with these people, and further create his art.
His art is considered the pinnacle of the arts by many people,
and there have been hundreds of people that have used his art to try to create their own arts.
Unfortunately for his followers,
they are mere shadows to the light of his art.
They copy and copy and say they have discovered something new,
but none of them have achieved Tung Hai-chuan’s magnitude.
None of them have become as famous,
or as unbeatable as he was rumored to be.
What was Tung Hai-chaun’s secret?
He simply stopped being a copy cat.


About 1100 AD the Minamoto clan was involved in a war for survival
There are various legends as to how one of the leaders of this clan,
Yoshimitsu Minamoto, assembled his art,
and one of the most intelligent of these legends has him
gathering together the Samurai who helped his family to their great victories,
and asking of these Samurai one, simple question:
‘What were the techniques you used to win on the battlefield?’

The clan amassed a list of techniques based upon what the Samurai told them,
and the list was over thirty-eight hundred techniques (3808) long.
We are talking about Daito Ryu Aiki ju jitsu.
Over the ages people would study the techniques of this system.
And the people who did study this system became unbeatable.
And people who studied this system started their own systems.
Such as Morihei Uyeshiba, who founded Aikido.
And Yong-sul Choi, who founded Hapkido.

Now, in the case of Tung Hai-chuan, the man simply stopped being a copy cat.
And in the case of Yoshimitsu Minamoto,
the man simply gathered together every technique he could.
Two different paths, the same result:
Arts were created that could not be denied.
Two different ways to be artists.
And, to be truthful, there are more than just two ways.
But let’s deal with just these two ways.


Gichin Funakoshi is the father of Modern Karate!

Let’s take Tung Hai-chuan’s method first,
you study two arts and then combine them.
Well, sorry to tell you, but everybody and their uncle has tried that one,
and success has been…not very good.
The reason?
Most people who try to put two different arts together just don’t know enough.
They don’t understand the principles underlying the arts they are trying to combine.
Frequently, because they are good copy cats,
they think they know something about the arts they are trying to combine.
But they don’t.
Not really.
And the proof is in their failure.

And why was Tung Hai-chuan successful?
Probably because he shared his discoveries freely,
and so managed to communicate
with enough martial artists,
on a meaningful level,
that he could make the breakthrough,
and actually create an art.

And Yoshimitsu Minamoto managed to create his art
by simply amassing every workable technique of the day.
And the reason his art meshed is probably because
he was able to communicate with enough martial artists,
on a meaningful level,
that he could make the breakthrough, and create an art.

Now, knowing both of these founder’s methods,
do you think you could do what they did?
Do you have a single, outrageous concept,
such as walking the circle,
that will change the art?
And so pull other martial artists to you
and enable you to pick their brains enough
so that you can make your own breakthrough, and create an art?

can you go to every single significant martial artist of the day
and convince them to give you only the techniques that enable them to survive?

james mitose

The Father of kenpo karate started his own style in college!

Can you see the problems here?
People have been trying to do these kinds of things for years,
and not with much success.
All we’ve wound up with is a multitude of systems,
all of which claim that their way is right,
but none of which rises to the top.

The problem?
Interestingly enough, the problem is not that people can’t amass sufficient technique,
rather it is that all technique is tainted by the schools which teach it.
How often have you heard:
‘My art is best!’
Can you see that that is the very attitude
that stops the True Art from occurring?
And there is only one way to ‘cure’ that attitude,
to get people to lose that attitude
long enough to become artists.
The one way is to teach people
the underlying principles of all arts.

That is what this is all about,
that is what creating your own art is all about.
This is the secret that Tung Hai-chuan,
and Yoshimitsu Minamoto,
and any other person who has managed to actually become an artist,
understands in their heart.

Unfortunately, until now,
nobody has known what the underlying principles of the martial arts are.

And now that you know what the real problem is,
let’s talk about the solution.
Let’s talk about the underlying principles of all arts.

The one question that I was obsessed with was obsessed with was this:
How do you solve the puzzle of the martial arts.
Do you get it?
I didn’t come into the game thinking that the arts were separate!
I came into the game with the idea that they were the same,
and that there was a key that would unlock them,
or, to put it a little more succinctly,
put them all in proper perspective,
to ‘solve’ them,
if you will.

I didn’t just ask, how does that technique work,
I asked, how does that technique work in conjunction with every other technique!

chinese wu she

Would you study with Jet Li if he started his own style?

Nobody has ever done that before. Nobody!

Now one of the first things I did,
in amassing data,
and in trying to combine systems,
was explore the geometric and scientific principles behind all art.

Let’s say that again:
explore the geometric and scientific principles behind all art.

I began this incredible research and discovery back in the late seventies.
By the time the eighties rolled around I was actually teaching something I called,
get this,
Matrix Karate.
Twenty years before the movie!

And I quickly moved from art to art,
expanding this research,
refining and defining principles,
exploring art after art after art.

I became a writer for the magazines.
I published books and produced videos.
And here is the kicker of all time…


And that’s what this course is all about.

You want to combine arts?
Learn how from somebody who has already done that,
and done it with all the arts.

You want to amass a large number of techniques?
Learn from somebody who has already done so.

And consider the arts that I have combined,
or, to be more correct,
put into a logical whole…
Half a dozen systems of Karate,
multiple systems of Kung Fu,
Internal arts,
and on and on and on.

And, the bottom line that my research has revealed…
the underlying principles of all arts!

Do you have that one?


Now, you can benefit from my lifetime of research and discovery.
You can take advantage of nearly forty years
of the most unique truth searching there is in the martial arts.

You can just have it.

Do you have what it takes to dig into the martial arts and come up with something better?

Do you have what it takes to dig into the martial arts and come up with something better?

All you have to do is…
gain the viewpoint of a founder.

Your first step in creating your own art is to take a down and dirty look at
the underlying principles of all arts.

You haven’t studied an art?
This course will help you study an art
so that you don’t become a mere copy cat.
This course will help you understand,
totally and completely,
your art from day one.

You’ve got a dozen arts under your belt?
Isn’t about time you understood the basic principles that tie them all together?

Here’s what you get.

A booklet entitled…
How to Create Your Own Art.
I wrote this booklet at the beginning of the nineties.
It details exactly what you need to do,
step by step,
to create your own art.

You get a second booklet,
this one entitled ‘Diagram Boxing.’
This one details my original research into martial principles.
Guaranteed, you have never seen
anything like this!
This simple booklet includes:
the original checklist of techniques
(The Sixteen Step Self-Defense Techniques.)
a logical method for defining that most mysterious of arts, Pa Kua Chang.
One of the first arts I created, the Infinite Fist.
And how I successfully combined Pa Kua Chang and the Infinite Fist.

And now comes the fun part.
A DVD, made in the early eighties,
in which I demonstrates all the facets of Diagram Boxing!

I tell you, when my partners at Monster Martial Arts,
found out that I had actually made tapes of this stuff…
well, one fellow said,,
this is like Moses calmly saying,
‘Oh, the tablets? I got ’em out in the garage.’

Now, you think you got enough?
and this one is the icing on the biggest cake of all time!

On the second DVD you get examples of my students demonstrating the arts they have created!

peking opera gung fu

Jackie Chan said he knows enough Martial Arts to start his own style! Why not you?

Do you understand?
You get proof, positive, that my methods work,
that you can truly create your own art!

you think that is enough?

I have one more thing for you.
I have a complete Art
called Buddha Crane Karate
that I created.

This has got forms,
and demonstrates how to apply the theory of
How To Create Your Own Art.

This is 133 pages,
with 375 illustrations

So, you get one booklet
and two books,
one detailing how to create your own art,
the second detailing how I did it,
the third an example of a complete art
created by myself.

You also get the breakthrough DVD
which details my original work.
You also get a DVD in which my students
demonstrate the arts they created.

But what you really get is the key to YOU becoming an artist.
After this course you will be able to create your own art.
This is something that nobody has ever offered you.
All that has been offered to you in the past is
the opportunity to become a monkey see-monkey do kind of fellow.

Let me say, again, what you saw at the beginning of this article.

If you have not created your own art…
then you are not an artist!

learn karate

Why can’t your picture go here? just press on the paypal button below!

Okay, here’s the deal.
What would you pay for original research like this?
What would you pay for the key that will unlock you as an artist?
Five hundred bucks?
After all, that’s a years instruction at today’s rates.
A thousand?
After all, when you understand this material you will understand
things that people have not understood before.
Or if they have,
they have understood it in only the most intuitive way,
and not in a manner that could be taught.

Well, Monster Martial Arts offers you this deal.


That’s right,
not thousands,
but thirty bucks.

For the most original research you will ever find,
for the key to unlocking you as a real martial artist.

Every thing you do will change,
every time you learn something
you’ll start analyzing it in new lights,
and you will become a creative force,
instead of a copy cat.

One CD
(three manuals)

Two DVDs

I know you have the courage, so…

just press the button.

martial arts

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do the course in just TWO MINUTES…

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martial arts

If you experience ANY problems with the downloads,
contact me at:


The Create Your Own Art Course is copyrighted, but you have special permission to download the course to your hard drive, to store the course on disk, and to make a paper copy of the instruction manual.

The film is grainy and the sound is scratchy, but it is understandable, and you will be able to Create Your Own Martial Art…and you will never view the martial arts the same again.


Following is a 24 second clip of a form created by one of my student’s.

Wouldn’t you like to do this?

Remember, this course has the data that people who have created their own martial arts, and I am talking people who created such arts as Karate, Kenpo, Pa Kua Chang, Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin, Wing Chun, and ALL other arts.

This is what they knew, and nobody is teaching it except me.

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