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The Simple Secrets of a Mystical Martial Art

it doesn’t have to be that way.
But to remove it from the realm of the mystical,
one needs to do several things.

When you take a Matrix approach to these arts it puts it all in a different light…a nice bright understandable light. You can’t use what you don’t understand!First, you must
define the form by function.
Give the Form reason,
and it will be ten times easier to learn.
This is done in two stages.
First stage is discussion through the form instructional segments.
The Master Founder tells you exactly how to do each move,
and what each move means.

tai chi ball exerciseSecond stage is through applications.
90 minutes of applications!
That’s right,
90 minutes of seeing The Master Founder ‘ragdoll’ his opponents,
and explaining exactly how he is doing it!

No mystery here,
just the exact details
of how one man,
with forty years experience,
does it.

After you have seen this video.

tai chi sculptureAnd there’s more.
not only will you understand how to control an opponent’s intention,
by seeing it first hand,
and having it explained in the most simple of terms,
you will see the ultimate Tai Chi exercise,
Push Hands,
broken down by Matrixing.
This is Science applied to Art
in perfect form.

You will learn the one principle
that must be accomplished
to Master Push Hands.

You will learn the one strategy
which will simplify all Push Hands.

And you will learn The Five Army Theory.
The Five Army Theory has never been taught,
and is not even known
by any Tai Chi practitioner
in the world.

Quite simply,
knowing this one theory will demystify all Tai Chi,
once known,
it will revolutionize the world of Tai Chi.

mind combatOh,
I ain’t kidding.
This is the goods, brothers and sisters.
The real goods.

I could even go so far as to say,
understanding The One Principle,
The One Strategy,
and The Five Armies,
will make you instantly master Tai Chi.

I know there will be a lot of Tai Chi Masters out there
that aren’t going to like what I just said.

But this doesn’t undercut them,
it only enhances them.
of course,
they are smart enough to order the course.

You will be shown how to relate Tai Chi to self-defense.
Oh yeah,
oh baby,
you’re not going to see just the pure theory,
and how the pure theory can be used in practice,
but how that pure theory can be made to apply to the chaos of the real world.
You want to see what all those esoteric moves in the Form are really for?
This is the place.

My brain is just buzzing away ready to go into overload. I have been taught so much and learned so little.Now,
I want to say something.
The reason I didn’t just throw away the form,
and make a new Matrixed form,
is because there is too much information in the Form.
Tai Chi is the result of a couple of millennia of dedicated work,
and no matter how the corrupters tried to mess with it,
it still works.
with Matrixing principles,
it works better than ever.

This is
‘The Grand Ultimate Fist,’
after all,
and you’re going to see why.

You get
Four DVDs
170 minutes of instruction.



that is nothing!
Go on,
click the button.

martial arts

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The Five Army Tai Chi Chuan Course is copyrighted, but you have special permission to download the course to your hard drive, to store the course on disk, and to make a paper copy of the instruction manual.

You won’t understand the ’empty hands’ of Karate until you have understood the whole body emptiness of Tai Chi Chuan.

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  2. Tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that, today, is practiced as a graceful form of exercise. It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing. `-..:

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    • Sensei
      At 61 years age I have found some time to develop my capabilities as I have always wanted to.
      Though my first fights, or avoidance of, were many decades ago, still, they continue regularly. Recently I decided that if I actually had to fight, meaning blow after blow after blow, then I would rather just kill my opponent as the threat to my own continued existence, and that of others, could be just too great.
      Still, I hate the idea of exterminating anyone when they are just as deceived by this monstrous system we try to live in as anybody else.
      I have always been dedicated, from the age of 7, to preserving life for future development insofar as possible. I have only suffered occasional sucker punches from ‘friends’ and ignorance and never ‘lost’ a fight otherwise.
      Though I have some training in judo from my oldest brother, and karate from my second oldest brother, and Gung Fu, Shaolin, hard external from Robert Deslaurier, I feel I am really a novice and accept that position before you.
      So, tell me, which of your instructional systems, manuals, books, DVD’s should someone such as myself choose to study, entertain, engage for one purpose only: To survive, no matter what threat, and support the survival of all and especially of women and children?
      My recent experiences, strategic and tactical, have surprised me that I am still here to write this. Therefore, I am not afraid of a challenge.
      I will gladly make some other sacrifice up to Canadian Dollar $60.00 which is about $45.00 USD.
      No, I will not hold you responsible for my overdoing it. My reputation is to work circles around men a third my age and I intend to uphold it in fighting, as necessary, for as long as I am above ground.
      In closing I must say, even if you are the world’s greatest bullshitter, you do encourage others to be the best they can be at a fundamental and desperately needed skill set. For that alone I thank you and hope the best for you.

      • Carole Senese

        Hi Moriyah, were you trained by Robert Deslauriers from Ottawa? I’d be interested in learning more.

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