I know exactly where you are coming from…you’d like to buy a course, but money is tight. But I know how you can get a FREE course.

If you purchase a martial arts book (softcover) on Amazon for $9.95 or more, then send me proof of purchase, I will send you the digital download for any course that is $40 or under.

AND…(you knew there was a catch)…the reason I am doing this is because I need five star reviews for my books. Any of my books. Martial Arts, novels, or whatever.

I can’t demand a five star review, and if you don’t think the book is worth five stars, no problem. The deal still stands. But the more five star reviews I get the better my book sells. So…it’s worth a free course for me to encourage you to write a five star review.

What? The course you are looking for is more than $40?

So buy two real (softcover) books and get any course $80 or under.

And read the courses carefully, if you order the Matrix Karate book, then ask for the Matrix Karate course, you’ll find that the book is on the course.

Following is a list of books that I recommend. I have a lot more books on Amazon, if you type in ‘al case books’ that should give you a bigger selection.

The Last Martial Arts Book (Nine Square Diagram Boxing)

How to Fix Karate vol 1

How to Fix Karate vol 2

Chiang Nan (How to do Karate Tai Chi style)

The Book of Five Arts

The Book of Matrixing

The Book of Neutronics

Monkeyland (a novel)

Machina (a two part novel)

The Science of Government

You can look at for a more complete listing of books.

You may have to do a more in depth search for some books on Amazon.

REMEMBER: Book has to be real book. Softcover–The course will be delivered in digital (download) form–must have proof of purchase–and I would appreciate a five star, if you feel the book is worth it.

For a list of courses see the front page of this website.

Any questions may be directed to me at:


And have a great work out!


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