Nine Square Diagram Boxing

The Last Martial Arts Book

Nine Square Diagram Boxing

The Laster Martial Arts Book’ is the last book you will ever need to do on the Martial Arts.

This is the art I came up with after over 50 years in the martial arts.

Workability of hard core karate.

All the concepts of Kung Fu.

Meditative aspects of Tai Chi Chuan.

Modular approach of Pa Kua Chang.

And everything is tied together with solid matrixing.

The actual inspiration for this began almost 50 years ago when I wrote a little manual for the ‘Create Your Own Art’ course. Over the years I kept working on the concepts in that book, redoing, reviewing, rearranging, adding latest discoveries, and so on. The result is…Al Case Nine Square Diagram Boxing.

At one point I filmed over 200 segments detailing every potential technique in the art. This may come out later as a separate course.

The course itself is simple.

There are nine ‘forms’ or techniques.

The nine forms can be done in a variety of styles. I show them as a Tai Chi variation, but one can adapt the moves to Kung Fu concepts, virtual ANY kung fu concept. Or, one can do them karate style. I do include the house forms so that one will have all the variables when one does the art.

The techniques are completely and fully matrixed. I have included the matrixes that show how everything works together. There are NO missing pieces. This is the most logical martial art ever devised.

The forms are done on a nine square diagram. They are done slowly in the beginning, developing Tai Chi Chuan characteristics. Later they can be done in the style of any art.

The forms are modular, like Pa Kua Chang, which means that one can isolate a movement and grind it into perfection in a couple of Hours. NOT a couple of years.

Further, the forms link one to another so durned easily it is pathetic. You won’t have to think about what you are doing, it all just slides together quickly and easily.

Guaranteed, this book is going to open more doors to the martial arts than you ever imagined. Both in technique and in the ‘zen’ state of mind that will be developed.

The book is available soft bound. on Amazon. To get the paperback simply click on…

Paperback 9 Square Diagram Boxing

I recommend paperback; I recommend that all martial artists have a comprehensive library that can’t be destroyed in the digital dust of a computer crash.

But, I also understand that some people would prefer otherwise. So if you want to get the digital version, download it and be pasting the true and real martial arts, the most advanced martial art ever created, then click on the PayPal button.

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