The Last Martial Arts Book: Nine Square Diagram Boxing


A true tour de force, this book takes its place among the classics of the martial arts!

190 pages
22,000 words
nearly 300 images
applications for every move!!
A section on Matrixing that will expand understanding of the forms and techniques!

‘The Last Martial Arts Book’ is the last book you will ever need if you study the Martial Arts.

The Martial Arts in these pages, ‘Nine Square Diagram Boxing,’ blends the workability of street wise western Martial Arts with the esoteric meditative aspects of Eastern Martial Arts.

Nine Square Diagram Boxing consists of nine ‘techniques,’ or forms, which take into account every potential of attack and defense.

Within these techniques you will find the workability of hard core Karate without losing any of the classical flavor.

One can do the nine techniques ‘Tai Chi style,’ and cultivate a heightened ‘zen’ frame of mind.

The forms are modular, as in Pa Kua Chang. They can be done individually, and yet linked together for an infinite number of possible applications.

Everything is tied together with tight, scientific logic. These are simple forms that breed simple techniques that work in the ring, on the street, or just for your peace of mind.

This is a completely new system, immaculately put together. No missing pieces, no faulty logic, a real work of art.

Please know there is a second edition of the book which includes over 5 hours of video instruction.

‘The Last Martial Arts Book’ is, without a doubt, the BEST Martial Arts Book ever written.

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The Last Martial Arts Book: Nine Square Diagram Boxing

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