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Original Karate Technique!

Hidden Techniques of Karate!

I originally published this book as Chiang Nan.
I added several hours of video links
and renamed it
‘Hidden Techniques of Karate.’

The version called Chiang Nan
without the video links
has five star ratings.
Hidden Techniques, however, has no ratings.
You’d think I would have more and even better ratings
for a book that includes several hours of videos.

I want to discuss the first technique.
It’s the third move in Pinan one (Heian One)
the move with the rolling fists.
On the surface it is stupid, as I will show you.
But when you see what it is really is
it really makes sense.

Pay attention to the way ‘old masters’ do this technique.
It will demonstrate how even the guys
who supposedly know so much have been bamboozled.
My way is best,
and if you do it right,
and the guy doesn’t let go his grab
a little practice
and you can break his wrist with your strike.

Here you go.

If the link doesn’t work try copy and paste into your browser.

the book is
Hidden Techniques of Karate
It’s a video course book.
It’s got hours and hours of video
forms and applications,
and it is a valuable lesson in the right way to do martial arts.

Here’s the website link…

Hidden Techniques of Karate

Or if you want to just go to Amazon just type
‘Hidden Techniques of Karate’ in the amazon search box.

have yourself a funomenal day!
And a great work out!


Don’t forget to check out the interview

‘The Last Martial Arts Book’ has 12 ratings for 5 stars.
(There is a video version of this book with no stars yet)
My two yoga books have 9 ratings between them for 5 stars.
‘The Book of Five Arts’ has 8 ratings for 5 stars.
‘The Science of Government’ has 7 ratings for 5 stars.
‘Chiang Nan’ has 6 ratings for 5 stars.
My novel, ‘Monkeyland,’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars

That’s a lot of good ratings
so hopefully you’ll find the book that works for you.

How to Fix Karate:
A Karate Training and Workout Book
(Two Volumes)

Why Does It Take Years and decades to Learn Martial Arts?

It Really Shouldn’t Take So Long to Learn Martial Arts

The bully charges out of the alley and tosses a whole, darned trash can at you! Do you ask him to take that garbage can back because you’re only on your ninth Karate lesson and haven’t reached the deflecting the garbage can lesson? Or do you ask him go away because, here it comes, you forgot to pay your dues at the local dojo?

learn martial arts

There is a point to all this silliness, why do the martial arts take so long to learn? You can teach a guy to fly a jet, get in a dogfight and get shot down, spend time in a concentration camp, get released and run for political office, and become a senator, and retire, in the time it takes to learn some systems of the martial arts. I heard of one system that it takes seventeen years to get to Black Belt in!

Some people will make the excuse that you’re learning more than self defense. You’re solving martial mysteries and its all about the lifestyle and you need to invest in your old age, you know? But you’re still lying under that trash can and the guy is pulling out a knife, and no matter how many lessons you’ve taken, you have to do something!

One of the old sayings that I heard, long time ago, is garbage in, garbage out. The sad fact of the matter is that if something is hard to put into your head, then it might not be easily accessed and used. Maybe it would be appropriate to find an art that is as easily absorbed as track, or boxing.

It is true that the Martial Arts are not a sport, they are an art, but they can still be learned easily and quickly. They just have to be taught not by one mystical technique after another, but rather by understanding concepts behind them. Those endless techniques that you memorize, to be truthful, are random data, and, often as not, they don’t really relate to one another.

That is a problem, to be sure, even if you learn a thousand techniques, you might not have enough data to be able to make sense out of the whole thing until you reach one thousand and one. And, let’s face it, a hundred years is to long to become competent. And then go to heaven.

The solution is that the martial arts must be taught on a conceptual basis. Instead of having a fellow memorize endless strings of tricks, have him learn the rather simple principles behind those tricks. Have him learn conceptually and he’s suddenly going to be able to figure out those thousand techniques without any need for endless memorization.

Give him an acorn and throw in the watering pot, that’s what I believe, and then watch the oak shoot upwards. Most martial artists, and I don’t mean to be mean in this observation, are lost in the limbs of the trees. The real way to teach, however, is to show the guy the principles, then have use those principles, and, faster than a rabbit on steroids, you’ve got yourself a fast and competent martial artist.

The Problem with Martial Arts Teachers

Martial Arts Teachers Problems…

martial arts teacher


This article, the problem with Martial Arts Teachers, is not meant to be an attack, rather an enlightenment. Consider the points I make, then consider yourself as an instructor, see if you are a True Martial Arts Teachers, or…something else. Continue reading

How to Find the Best Online Martial Arts Instruction

What to Look For in Online Matial Arts Instruction

For part one of this article, go to How to Teach Yourself Martial Arts.

When looking for the best online martial arts instruction you need to assess three things.

First, does the online martial arts course offer good and comprehensive training manuals. Well written instruction manuals are going to be extremely important. Written material is going to help you understand the concepts involved, and give you good reasons as to why you are doing something.

online martial arts

Second, does the online martial arts course have cleanly filmed and understandable videos? A good example of what the written material is talking about is priceless.

Third, does the online martial arts course give you lots of back up by email or other methods. This is crucial, because there are going to be questions. Many questions. About the material, and about your personal progress. So, look around and see if you can contact the instructor, either through comments on his website, or, better, through email. Try an email. Ask a simple question, see if he responds fairly fast, see if he makes sense. If he does, then his might be the martial arts courses you want to take.

Now, something very important to consider. Can the instructor get you to understand what he is saying.

The thing is, the martial arts concept is going to have to travel from his head to your head, and through a variety of written and filmed methods. So you should get a sample of his teachings.

First, check out his blog or site, and see if he is understandable. If you can’t figure out what he is saying, move along.

Second, see if you can find some examples of his video work. Check out youtube. As for myself, I have a few videos on youtube, and I also have a few videos on Karate basics on one of my websites, LearnKarateOnline.net. Simply go there, find the section in the menu that says ‘Free Karate Lessons,’ and start checking it out.

The things to ask yourself in this example of my karate videos is this: Have I moved so you can understand how to do the motions? Have I explained so you can understand why I am doing the motions? Are my instructions clean and neat? Can you actually do what I am showing?

If the answer is yes to the above, then I’ve done a good job, and you can consider me.

If not, then pass on me.

Okay, you’re ready to go out and check the net and see what kind of stuff is out there.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you to check out my own website, KangDukWon.com.

How and Why Matrixing Will Work in Your Martial Art!

Learn a Martial Art in a matter of months!

A lot of people read my site, or articles on the web, and they raise their eyes and say, ‘Oh, right. A guy can learn a Martial Art in a few months? Ha!’

Lot of cynicism out there, and I understand it. Some fellow studies for years to learn Karate or learn Kung Fu or whatever, and I come along and say, ‘You could have learned it ten times faster.’

martial art

Don’t just look at the moon…BE the moon!

That guy is going to be upset! He’s going to think I’m full of it, just because if he doesn’t, then it invalidates all his years of training.

But, when somebody actually does matrix their martial art, and this works for Aikido and Kenpo and ALL other martial arts systems, then they find that I am not invalidating all they have done…I am making it count! I am organizing their data, making it more accessible, and that means their martial art is sharper, quicker, more intuitive…and so much more!

So how do I convince the doubter?

Try these facts on for size.

Take two pigeons and put them together for 6 weeks and they will mate for life.

6 weeks, and you cam MAKE a pea brain MAKE a life altering decision. Doesn’t even matter if Mrs. Pigeon is ugly.

Now this is a stupid fact, but it tends to open the door to facts more pertinent to you and the Martial Arts.

The US army takes a common, garden variety man or woman…and MAKES them into a soldier in three months. Another three months and we’re talking about a high tech soldier, able to use a computer, or some other complicated device, right in the middle of a firefight!

That’s a good fact. It speaks highly of dedicated, factual training.

Here’s another one: there are ads on TV that claim you can MAKE your body into a lean, mean muscle machine in three months. Three months and you no longer have a beer barrel, but, instead, have a six pack!

So the point here is this: if you are smarter than a pigeon, then you can change your mind and change your body in three months.

Or, in other words,

You can learn a martial art in a matter of months!

You don’t even have to believe! You just have to get a martial arts course and do it!

So now we come down to choice.

Do you want to sit around and tweet one liners…or do you want to join a brotherhood that has lasted for thousands of years…the brotherhood of the Martial Artist!

Do you want to be sweet meat for that home invader? That mugger? That guy who wants to take your girlfriend?

Do you want to watch Bruce Lee movies and think, ‘How cool!’ Or do you want to BE like Bruce Lee?

Okay. Nuff said. I hope I’ve changed your mind, gotten you to get up off the coach, inspired you to do something that will give your life value forever!

So take a look at this http://monstermartialarts.com site, check out the courses, and decide what you want to do.

Remember, the only person stopping you from being more than you…is you.

This has been a page about how to learn a martial art, and how you can learn them in a matter of a few months.

Teaching Martial Artists and the Inertia of Ignorance

The only thing that stops you from learning is…you

I should say the odd thing about teaching people, not just teaching martial artists. But the fact is…people refuse to accept information.

Let’s say you’re teaching Karate to some fellow. You can say something like ‘twisting the wrist on impact is dangerous. The joint is unstable and you are adding weight to it.’

teaching martial arts

Can you overcome ‘Inertia of ignorance’ and actually learn Martial Arts?

Now, this is a big thing, so many systems use the twisting wrist to teach newbies. But, they don’t teach the newbies why, or how to transition the technique to a more stable punch.

You see, the wrist is unstable, but it teaches people how to focus. Once they learn how to focus their strikes, they need to learn how to snap a vertical punch, or some other variation. But when you tell them that, they go into protest mode.

They shake their head, and continue doing what they are doing, and it is as if you never spoke.

It’s not the martial arts, it’s deeper, it goes to the person’s ability to listen, to actually process information.

That is, incidentally, why the martial arts are so important. Somebody disagrees, and you can show them on the mat. You can make them listen.

But, that doesn’t cure the person of not listening. Even somebody who has studied the martial arts for years has this problem. Here is the EXACT thing they think when you tell them something.

‘Oh, we have that in our system.’

They don’t say it, they just get this smug look on their face. But the truth is this: yes, they had it in their system, every system has everything, if you look far enough, BUT…they were not aware of it before you said it.

This problem, incidentally, I have given a name…‘The Inertia of Ignorance.’

Simply, people hang on to their ignorance. They protect it; they are not willing to admit it because, darn it, they think it will make them look stupid!

But holding on to your ignorance is what is stupid. If you don’t admit your were ignorant of something, then you can’t learn: your protection of your image as somebody who knows something stops you from learning something.

Do you understand?

Now, go ahead and read Monster Martial Arts. Hopefully, what you have read here has removed you from that attitude, and opened your skull to the input of new information. Because, I guarantee…the stuff you read on Monster, this Matrixing concept, has never been seen before. It is brand new material, not done by Bruce Lee, nor written down in Ninja scrolls, not anything.

Brand New, and that makes it very difficult for people who are more concerned with their image of worldliness than their desire to learn martial arts.