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First Professional Martial Arts Instructor in History!

Newsletter 884

First Professional Martial Arts Instructor!

Congrats to Professional Martial Arts Instructor…
Lonnie Muhammad!

Lonnie managed to ace the test with a 94.7% score.
well done!

Lonnie is an old matrixing student,
He was one of the first fellows to get on board,
when MonsterMartialArts.com got started some ten years ago.
I remember him well because
he was teaching self defense to security personnel.
He was using Matrix Aikido and Monkey Boxing techniques
way back then.

Here is his win from way back then…

Mr. Case;
I wanted to let you know that the courses did arrive just before Xmas.  Needless to say, I haven’t been able to spend enough time yet with them.  You know something:  just 5 minutes into the Aikido dvd (which I threw in right away to make sure the dvds were working), I felt as if I had been hit with 2 YEARS of training in the aiki/jujutsu arts.
I conducted a Matrix Aikido training class for a Security Team at a local manufacturing plant. I tailored the training according to their Use Of Force policy. As you know they need control and takedown skills. I knew Matrix Aikido would be the answer. The training plan you shared was boss. The class went so smoothly. The participants learned very quickly. By the end of the class you could see techniques of Monkey Boxing coming through. They were also able to create their own techniques. There was one female officer in the class who asked to become my private student. She was throwing, locking and taking down guys twice her size. The Security Supervisor wants me to come back and with more participants! I’ll keep you posted.

incredibly well done, Lonnie.
Thank you.

for all you guys and gals reading this,
and thinking about teaching martial arts,
being a Professional Martial Arts Instructor
will give you a considerable edge
when teaching martial arts.
You can walk into any company,
any health club,
and you have the certificates to back up your knowledge.
Your knowledge has been proven by actual test.

if you have ordered
The Professional Martial Arts Instructor book
you can take the test for free.
it’s part of the deal when you buy the book.
You just have to email me at aganzul@gmail.com
and ask to take the test.

To let you know,
I am still putting the test into digital format,
so I still have to email you the test,
you take it and email it back,
and I then grade it.

If you don’t pass,
you’ll have your mistakes,
you can study and take the test again.
No problem.

This isn’t me scamming for money
by charging huge amounts of money
to take and retake tests
and all that.
This is me validating people who are serious about the martial arts,
in a way that will benefit them
career wise,
or just in the area of achieved knowledge.
People who know what the martial arts are all about
who know the real reasons behind the martial arts,
are MUCH better martial artists.
They shine.
write me if you have read the book and are ready.

get the book and get the real knowledge,
and get ready to take the PMAT test.

if you have any doubts,
you can go here and take a sample of the test…


I’l tell you right now,
you probably won’t score too well,
most people don’t,
but that’s the point of it all,
to find out what you don’t know,
and get you to know it.

I tell you this…
knowledge is the most precious commodity in the universe.
the martial arts have been taught
monkey see monkey do
for so long,
that the knowledge is confuzzled,
bemused and idiocratic.

So hit that link,
find out if you know anything,
and get started on the path of VERIFIED knowledge.

No more fakers who talk a good game,
a fellow with a PMAT certificate is PROVEN!
He is one smart cookie,
and that’s the truth.
Lonnie will attest to that!

Have a great work out!




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Teaching Martial Artists and the Inertia of Ignorance

The only thing that stops you from learning is…you

I should say the odd thing about teaching people, not just teaching martial artists. But the fact is…people refuse to accept information.

Let’s say you’re teaching Karate to some fellow. You can say something like ‘twisting the wrist on impact is dangerous. The joint is unstable and you are adding weight to it.’

teaching martial arts

Can you overcome ‘Inertia of ignorance’ and actually learn Martial Arts?

Now, this is a big thing, so many systems use the twisting wrist to teach newbies. But, they don’t teach the newbies why, or how to transition the technique to a more stable punch.

You see, the wrist is unstable, but it teaches people how to focus. Once they learn how to focus their strikes, they need to learn how to snap a vertical punch, or some other variation. But when you tell them that, they go into protest mode.

They shake their head, and continue doing what they are doing, and it is as if you never spoke.

It’s not the martial arts, it’s deeper, it goes to the person’s ability to listen, to actually process information.

That is, incidentally, why the martial arts are so important. Somebody disagrees, and you can show them on the mat. You can make them listen.

But, that doesn’t cure the person of not listening. Even somebody who has studied the martial arts for years has this problem. Here is the EXACT thing they think when you tell them something.

‘Oh, we have that in our system.’

They don’t say it, they just get this smug look on their face. But the truth is this: yes, they had it in their system, every system has everything, if you look far enough, BUT…they were not aware of it before you said it.

This problem, incidentally, I have given a name…‘The Inertia of Ignorance.’

Simply, people hang on to their ignorance. They protect it; they are not willing to admit it because, darn it, they think it will make them look stupid!

But holding on to your ignorance is what is stupid. If you don’t admit your were ignorant of something, then you can’t learn: your protection of your image as somebody who knows something stops you from learning something.

Do you understand?

Now, go ahead and read Monster Martial Arts. Hopefully, what you have read here has removed you from that attitude, and opened your skull to the input of new information. Because, I guarantee…the stuff you read on Monster, this Matrixing concept, has never been seen before. It is brand new material, not done by Bruce Lee, nor written down in Ninja scrolls, not anything.

Brand New, and that makes it very difficult for people who are more concerned with their image of worldliness than their desire to learn martial arts.