The Golden Rule

Martial Arts Rules…


(January ‘97/#26)

There is a place for all the ‘Ultimate’ and ‘Extreme’ Fighting Championships going on these days, but perhaps you might consider the Golden Rule of all Martial Arts Rules before you think those championships are all there is…

All the Artists met one day

to decide on the best art man should play

It’s JKD said the men of Lee

try it to find out who you be

The men of Japan said with a frown

don’t mean to be putting you down

The art should be hard and straight and filled with fire

karate is the art all should desire

The kung fu men were aghast

they just couldn’t let a challenge go past

power and circle done in a whirl

chi is a flag we’d like to unfurl

Ah no, said old men wise

you are just foolish young guys

never resist if you wish to subsist

All tai chi-ers know the truth of this

Soon the men were involved in a brawl

They punched and kicked and gave their all

concentrating their art with violent thought

with hand and swords and guns they fought

What’s happening over there said a young man from his stance

they’re disturbing my play and the form of my dance

Oh, said a friend, those are students of the men of old

trying to figure what we should be told

Each man believes his art is best

they are settling the matter with zest

do you wish to add a fist to the fray

if you wish to be heard it’s the only way

The young man frowned and said with concern

have they forgotten what the artist should learn

the one basic lesson that all men should know

the one simple rule from which all good will flow?

To think you are the only one right

is the surest way to invite a fight

the only true way is to make others right

now that’s an art that is filled with might

So saying, the young man continued his way

elevating himself from violence to play

and when, at last, with the art he shone

he was sorry to find he was all alone

People should follow the Martial Arts Rules.

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