Al Case Martial Arts

Al Case Martial Arts

Al Case MAMost martial arts are whimsical put togethers. A fellow wins a tournament, picks out his favorite techniques, and calls it an art.

This is a sad commentary on the martial arts.

And when people, all excited to be learning the secret of ‘The Champ,’ study his art, they are at sad risk.

For the techniques worked for the champ, who is a different size, shape, mindset, belief system, and so on, from them.

And the techniques don’t always work for the student.

The solution is not to learn an art that is only one person’s idea of what the art should be, but a scientific presentation of the martial arts.

Matrixing is a logic, and it is the only science of the martial arts on the planet.

This system was put together using matrixing.

Thus, the forms are not a random series of movies difficult to remember, let alone use in combat.

The forms are simple techniques that stick to the principles that make the martial arts work…no matter what!

The techniques are not a random sampling of art twisted by culture and torn by belief.

The techniques are presented in three specific matrices. These matrices present the techniques in such a fashion that there are no ‘holes’ in the student’s progress and understanding. There no whimsical meanderings concerning what the teacher ‘thinks’ is important.

Instead, there is a rock solid, step by step, with no step being ignored, progress to technical mastery, and an intuitive state of mind.

And intuitive state of mind, a zen state of mind, the goal of the martial arts for millennium. And this state of mind will begin to occur when you begin your first matrix.

This is the art that Al Case teaches after 50 years in the martial arts, after discovering and using matrixing logic, after sorting through dozens of arts and hundreds of styles.

This is the art that will make you a rock solid martial artist, who never misses a block, and never hesitates or blinks.

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  1. hi how are your im very interested in taking your courses but just had a few questions to ask im planning on taking all the courses do i need a training partner or can this be done alone also if a i need a training partner how many do i need also how long would it take the get a black belt for all of them how long do most of your students take to get a black belt in your courses

  2. Without a doubt one of my all time favorite books of Al Case and I do have most of them. I would suggest the White Green and Brown belt books before starting this one.

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