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Tong Bei means ‘Through the back.’ This refers to the method of generating energy throughout the body. From the push of the foot to the turn of the waist to the fling of the arm, Tong Bei generates a LOT of power.

It is sometimes known as ‘White Ape’ gung fu, but this refers to one of the schools of Tong Bei more than the style as a whole.

monkey-mdMy introduction to Tong Bei dates back to 1967. The system of Karate I was studying, Kang Duk Won, was a very pure system, inspired by a fellow name of Byung In Joon, who studied a system with Tong Bei roots in his childhood.

I didn’t know this of course, and it was only with time that I began to realize that my karate was different. Not so much in method, but in certain ‘zen’ type qualities of the mind. Qualities which, in the distant future, I would realize had been engendered by the methods of Tong Bei. Even through generations, skipping links, the power of this system is amazing.

Eventually I would become enamored by a book called Tai Ki Ken. I would study the methods, know that I was tapping into something that I had an inkling of, but no grasp of the concepts behind that inkling. The concepts were very Tong Bei-ish

Fast forward three decades, and I was breaking out of my training. To understand this you must understand that certain things happen to a martial artist. If he is lucky, if he manages to stumble across the correct teachers, training, and even outside influences.

For instance, the life of a martial artist can be broken down into several segments.

3 – 7 years and he achieves something I call Coordinated Motion (CBM – and I will go into that concept early in this book), gains an intuitive understanding of the arts and life. Still, he is a baby.

20 – 30 years he masters the martial arts. This mastery is one of technique over human (attacker), but it is flawed, limited by specific art with no knowledge of how all the arts fit together. Still, his abilities are so far beyond a black belts that a black belt doesn’t even understand what they are when he first gets his black belt. It is only through the long, arduous process that the individual starts to understand, to break through to his real self.

And, sometime after that, rare, an anomaly, a person can achieve the highest levels. He begins functioning by concept, he has little or no thoughts, but rather observes the world in a pure state. At this level certain things happen that are not understandable even by the master.

For instance, one starts remembering certain things from lifetimes before; he starts to remember arts he has studied.

There is more to it than this last paragraph hints, there are functions of health and recovery that are beyond the ken of men who still believe they are mortal.

Throughout my martial arts career I strived, and I made the steps that I listed above, and one of the things I did was formulate an art that didn’t fit any of the other arts I studied. Oh, it had the internal energy of the unique karate studied, but it was more than that. It was different. And it had certain Shaolin-esque features, but it was not that art. It had a flow that was not like any other art, not Tai Chi, or Indonesian styles, or anything.

But I was largely ignorant of the extra qualities I was tapping into, I couldn’t see the whole of what I was doing, I didn’t understand.

One day I was messing around on the internet, and I suddenly saw the art that wasn’t an art that I had been formulating and tucking away.

I saw the moves, the way the arms swung, the way the hips moved, most of all, the odd looseness of frame that allows chi to just travel unhindered.

It was Tong Bei.

Oh, I didn’t remember specific forms, but I did see all the basics, all the techniques, and even the unique personality of them.

Simply, I had remembered an art which I must have studied in a previous lifetime.

Now, that all said, this lifetime I am studying Matrixing. Matrixing is a form of logic, and I am applying it to the martial arts.

Do I wish to go back to Tong Bei?

Well, there is a yes, and there is a no.

I wish for certain qualities, but I don’t wish to be snared in certain beliefs and forms and so on.

I especially don’t wish to be trapped in the mindset of ‘it takes a lifetime or three to learn the martial arts.’

That would be silly, especially considering where I am.

I learn by concept, and I grow the art.

And, in this present volume, I present the concept and wish you to grow the art.

So I will detail the concepts, and I will show you how to do them.

I won’t get into elaborate forms…but I will show you the method by which I do all forms. I have mentioned certain aspects of this practice in various courses, the Create Your Own Art course for one, but there is a specific matrix that I have followed for Shaolin, and I will show it to you. You will find it handy when you start manifesting Tong Bei forms.

And, a simple advice, seek out people who do know Tong Bei. Let them help you find the mistakes I have inadvertently made, and guide you deeper into the rather delightful morass.

And, one last word. I spoke of the length of time in this journey, and I want to reassure you: with matrixing the time to black Belt, Master, and beyond, is severely shortened.

It is knowledge, you see; the martial arts are knowledge.

While there is a certain time element to be considered when investing your bones with the energy of the martial arts, even that is shortened by the simple fact of understanding what you are doing—the concepts of what you are doing.

And, with that final word…enjoy.

Al Case

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