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Martial Arts Timing and How to Lose Reaction Time

Martial Arts Timing is How You Transcend Art

Been into time lately, realized it ran backwards three decades ago, figured out what it meant the other day.

martial arts timing

Martial Arts Timing means seeing what he is going to do before he does it…

People who study history are reading what is written by the conqueror. They are getting what the historians feel like blabbin’ about. They are contributing to history by going forward.

When you study the martial arts, however, you are trying to go backwards to the original concepts, find out where the art came from, what part of your soul it tweaks.

Lose your reaction time. Stop thinking. Be.

Easy, eh? Well, it is so easy it is hard. Haven’t seen any schools of martial arts that address this, or try to do it, except in the most by the way method, or through passed down stuff they don’t understand and so can’t really apply.

I, however, obsess on it. To lose your reaction time, to lose your mind, to exist in the now, that is what it is all about.

Well, come visit me at Monster Martial Arts. That’s where my stuff is, and I have a truck load of articles on the Martial Arts. Heck, maybe you’ll lose your reaction time.

This has been a page about Martial Arts timing.