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Three Kenpo Books!

I’ve finally put Matrixing to Kenpo Karate!

And, speaking of which, here is a new website…


I know you all know of my problems with the copyright infringement thing on the Matrixing Kenpo books.

I’ve just about got it fixed, people are happy, and it’s time to start getting the revamped books out.

The purpose of this new website is to give you an offer, all three books, in instant download, for only $15.

Normally the books are $15 a piece! So this is a REAL deal.

Doing this enables me to make sure things work, to get feedback, and to start the publishing process anew.

BUT, this will only last a short while. I hope to have the books up on the market within a few days. And if I don’t take this offer down then, it will be down shortly after, because when I publish on Kindle they won’t allow me to sell books that they are carrying in this format.

So you might have as little as a week to take advantage of this offer.

So head for the website…


and check it out.

Let me know if there are any problems.

And if you want to wait for the physical books, it won’t be long, but this offer is here for right now…

have a great work out!