Congrats to the latest Master Instructor…
Mr. Francisco Sierra de la Rosa

Here’s his win…

In my case, being a person who already practiced martial arts before, both Chinese and Japanese styles, the concepts I was looking for were not so much technical concepts as the possibility of learning elements related to teaching, body structure, and the science behind the movement of the body when practicing martial arts.
I consider that in the course there are really useful and important tools when it comes to martial arts and their application, very important is the lesson on grounding and how it affects the movement of our body and the ability of this to relate to an opponent.
Another concept very well treated in the course is the explanation to the student of concepts such as the generation of energy and the importance of dantien … or at least a simple way to understand the Chinese teachings on how force works.
I consider that one of the most interesting elements that I have learned is the importance of angles in martial arts, it is true that this concept I had dealt with before, almost without realizing it, but not with this clarity, applicable to different situations.
In short, if we are able to combine our physical structure, with the world around us, we find the practical application of lines, angles, circles and elements that undeniably build the world, the result of this I consider these concepts of the most important during learning in the course, and applicable in all systems that someone works, with their differences and details of each art.

Thank you, Francisco, and well done!

He’s really pointed out three crucial items.
teaching, body structure and…
the science behind body motion.

Teaching is easy to understand,
take something from your mind
and put it into your student’s.
But…so few can do it.

Body structure is another bug a boo.
It is crucial,
but nobody understands the six secrets
that will make ANY martial arts technique work.

The big item, however,
is what is behind motion.
Would you like to know what I was thinking,
when I wrote about
what is behind the Martial Arts?
It’s real simple,
but unless you get it,
you don’t understand what is behind motion.
The best way to explain this is this…

You are looking through binoculars.
Who is looking?
The binoculars are but a tool.
Okay, you are looking through your eyes.
Who is looking?
The eyes are but a tool.

I have said everything,
that is the secret.
And to understand the martial arts,
the universe and life,
all you have to do is understand one thing:
Who are you?

Okay, obligatory ad…

The Master Instructor Course.

1d Master Instructor Course

All the secrets
easy to understand,
easy to teach.

You’re welcome.


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