Making Martial Arts Techniques that Work in a Fight!

Poser Martial Arts Techniques!

What makes a good martial arts technique?
Actually, it is easier to ask what makes a bad martial arts technique.
I think I’m going to write a bit on this on future blogs,
but let’s start with what I call a ‘poser.’

First, before I give you the facts,
go on youtube and ask for bunkai,
or martial arts techniques,
or form applications.
have that page open while you read this newsletter.

The prime example of a poser technique is
when the defender punches,
then waits for the defender to do his technique.

This flaw,
this ‘stop-motion’ in the middle of a technique
is the quintessential definition of a poser.
In a real fight people don’t throw one punch and stop.
Does a fellow stop in the ring after he punches?

take a look at the technique open on youtube.
Does the attacker stop motion after a punch?
If he does,
no matter what,
no matter how august the art,
or prestigious the artist,
that is a poser technique.

If it’s a really bad poser,
if the attacker is frozen for a long time
it’s fun to take a stop watch to him.

Now, here comes the bad news.
Film yourself doing techniques,
or just watch other students do them.
How many of your techniques are posers?
The answer is a lot.
Most arts are about 90% poser.

In my art we train extensively
with a matrixed form of Lop Sau.
In this perfect exercise
the techniques we practice are in use.
They are not slices of a form
designed to teach you something abstract
that is not necessarily useful in a real fight.
We train so that you segue directly into counters,
so you can handle the secondary attacks that MUST happen
because of the body position you are in
and the techniques you are using.

the point is that you must examine your art
no matter how much you love it,
and define and eliminate all poser techniques.
To not do this is to invite a beating.

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Have a great work out!

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