Original Karate Technique!

Hidden Techniques of Karate!

I originally published this book as Chiang Nan.
I added several hours of video links
and renamed it
‘Hidden Techniques of Karate.’

The version called Chiang Nan
without the video links
has five star ratings.
Hidden Techniques, however, has no ratings.
You’d think I would have more and even better ratings
for a book that includes several hours of videos.

I want to discuss the first technique.
It’s the third move in Pinan one (Heian One)
the move with the rolling fists.
On the surface it is stupid, as I will show you.
But when you see what it is really is
it really makes sense.

Pay attention to the way ‘old masters’ do this technique.
It will demonstrate how even the guys
who supposedly know so much have been bamboozled.
My way is best,
and if you do it right,
and the guy doesn’t let go his grab
a little practice
and you can break his wrist with your strike.

Here you go.

If the link doesn’t work try copy and paste into your browser.

the book is
Hidden Techniques of Karate
It’s a video course book.
It’s got hours and hours of video
forms and applications,
and it is a valuable lesson in the right way to do martial arts.

Here’s the website link…

Hidden Techniques of Karate

Or if you want to just go to Amazon just type
‘Hidden Techniques of Karate’ in the amazon search box.

have yourself a funomenal day!
And a great work out!


Don’t forget to check out the interview

‘The Last Martial Arts Book’ has 12 ratings for 5 stars.
(There is a video version of this book with no stars yet)
My two yoga books have 9 ratings between them for 5 stars.
‘The Book of Five Arts’ has 8 ratings for 5 stars.
‘The Science of Government’ has 7 ratings for 5 stars.
‘Chiang Nan’ has 6 ratings for 5 stars.
My novel, ‘Monkeyland,’ has 5 ratings for 5 stars

That’s a lot of good ratings
so hopefully you’ll find the book that works for you.

How to Fix Karate:
A Karate Training and Workout Book
(Two Volumes)

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