Proper Mental Conditioning in the Martial Arts…

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The Proper Mental Attitude in the Martial Arts

Good morning!
I haven’t written for a while,
I’m finishing up a REALLy cool book.
It’s a complete matrixing of traditional karate.
Hope to open some eyes.
So I’ll let you know when it is ready…

The proper mental attitude.
that’s an interesting pickle.
there’s humility.
But under the humility you want to be
the most arrogant sucker
this side of suckerville!

Simply, you have to believe in yourself.
You have to believe in the arts,
and in the magnitude of your own soul.
Can’t get where you’re going without that mental attitude.

the proper mental attitude I am speaking of
is actually a frame of mind,
a discipline,
a place where your head goes when you do martial arts.

When you read a really good book
time passes without notice.
You are just engrossed in another universe
to the exclusion of this universe.

That’s how you should be when you practice the martial arts.

When I go work out
I judge the value of my work out
by how well I adhere to this attitude.

Am I sunk into the form,
so engrossed in checking angles,
imagining techniques,
extending my sphere of energy,
or am I…thinking.
Distracted by thoughts,
tossing myself out of the form
by letting my mind wander.

the funny thing is
you have to control your life,
get rid of distractions
or it’s hard to find this place.

If you are thinking about work,
or a relationship,
or something else,
then you aren’t doing karate,
you aren’t developing the correct mental attitude.

So before I work out
I try to make sure my life is calm and content.
No problems.
Everything either solved,
or on a list to be solved at an appropriate time
(the next day as soon as possible)

It’s funny,
because sometimes you need the martial arts
to attain this mental attitude,
but sometimes you need to handle life
before you can handle your mental attitude
and really sink into the pure bliss
that is the state of real martial arts.

A catch 22, you know?

Well, that’s it.
Simple, eh?
Yet one of the more difficult things you will ever do.

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