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Neutronic Fighting in the Martial Arts!

Neutronic Fighting in the Martial Arts!

Good morning!
Hi to Kumar and Jerome this week.

A quick announcement,
I’m not going to be issuing certificates any more.
Just don’t have the time.
In fact,
going to be changes around here,
and I’ll let you know of them in the coming weeks.

The book is done,
just waiting for proofs.
Proofs are copies just for the author
so he can see what the book looks like.
So, a couple of weeks and the book will be out.

Been a saga,
and I’ll talk about that on the official release newsletter,
but the thing that I want to talk about here
is more neutronic,
and how neutronic relates to fighting.
I believe I have said some of this before,
but it’s worth a second go around.

Neutron means nothing.
No weight, no mass, no intention, no direction.
It is the frame of mind you want to achieve.
specific to the martial arts,
no emotion.

When somebody wants to fight you
they have to come for you.
I’ve actually stopped people from being aggressive with me
by simple saying,
‘You’re coming towards me.’
And who would come towards me in an aggressive manner?
The most obvious ones were people who,
when I was a teacher,
were upset about their child.
Parents can be really obtuse and mean.

the thing is this,
there are actually two waves of attack.
Three if you count the idea of attack.

first a guy gets the idea of attack,
second the guy has the emotion of attack,
third the guy attacks.

The thing that screws people up is this emotion thing.
Nobody understands emotion.
Especially not the psychiatrists
and the so called mental health ‘experts.’

Emotion is motion inside the head.

So the guy decides he wants to beat you up,
he throws rage at you,
then launches his body.

The rage is designed to intimidate you,
and to bolster himself.
The rage hits you
and you are slowed,
and the fight,
as your emotion starts to ratchet,
becomes a wallow through the currents of emotion.

I can’t tell you how to wallow through emotion.
That would be like telling somebody how to swim without water.

you need to take emotion out of the equation.
Let the emotion wash past you,
not touch you,
observe without receiving his emotion,
or mounting any of your own.

This is one of the reasons people
should study such things as Yoga,
or the martial arts concept of
motion without having emotion.
(Mushin no shin ~ Mind of No Mind)

Don’t get angry.
If a guy throws a punch at you it is a gift.
He is communicating with you.
look at it,
enjoy it,
handle it.

If you’ve got emotion going on yourself,
it is difficult to handle other’s emotions.

I learned how to do without emotion by fighting.
I would do freestyle and focus on the opponent so hard
that I ended up in a sort of a tunnel,
looking at my opponent.
This put me out of my head
and out of emotion.

I couldn’t have done that with fighting
if I hadn’t studied the forms first,
and learned the peculiar discipline that goes with that.

You can fight all you want and never get into the tube.
But once you dedicate yourself to learning about forms,
and about your form (your own body),
it becomes surprisingly easy.
It only took me about 20 years.

with matrixing you can probably do it within a year.
Maybe even faster.

Matrixing aligns all the data,
arranges your understanding of incoming force
so that nothing surprises you.
Matrixing educates you as to how the body functions,
and about ten times faster than classical karate.

BUT…of course,
don’t give up that classical karate.
There’s gold in them thar hills,
especially once you have the pick and shovel of matrixing in your hands.

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1a Matrix Karate

Okay, everybody,
I hope you’re working out every day this summer!
It’s the only way to get where you’re going!


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Karate Footwork for Fighting

Karate Fighting Footwork

what a gorgeous day!
Got up at 6,
worked out at 7
and everything gets better.
a work out ALWAYS makes everything better.

So there are lots of footworks in the martial arts.
Karate has lots of footworks.
the forms don’t usually show them,
so the student doesn’t get the real education.
Usually he gets a straight forward step,
or a spin to the rear,
or something like that
which has little relationship to fighting.

There are two specific footworks
that we used for fighting at the Kang Duk Won.
One is in the forms,
but you’ll never recognize it.
Been hidden pretty good.
The other one is not in the forms,
but we used to use it all the time.

One footwork is the ‘Switch Step.’
The other is the ‘Triangle Step.’

The switch step you bring your front foot back
so it is next to the rear foot,
then step forward with the foot that was in the rear.
this is a tricky one
and requires exquisite timing.
but it real works.
The opponent thinks you’re moving,
but you’re really just setting your legs
for the attack and…
You move in…and with the other side,
a side he’s not set up for.
It is best used for making small
forward and back movements.
Subtle movements when you don’t want to reveal
directions and intentions.
It really messes with his anticipation of distance and timing.

The triangle step is your side to side movement.
the specific triangle might have your right foot forward.
You bring your right foot back and to the side,
and move your rear foot to the position
previously occupied by the right foot.
The problem is that people start moving
their feet forward and back,
and don’t realize it is a side to side movement.

The switch step we just used,
no drills or forms illustrated it.
We just watched our instructor,
that’s what he did,
so we did it,
and it worked.

The triangle step is actually in the forms,
but it has been obscured.
The last move of pinan four,
for instance.
Don’t step forward or back,
or switch feet…
do a triangle step,
and suddenly that move
will reveal fighting potential in a form.

Now this is a bare hint of the things
I’m writing about in the book I’m working on.
There’s a lot of this stuff
as I lay out the forms
in a manner that is different,
and yet illustrates a core workability
that is often missing,
disguised, and obscured
in most classical karate systems.

Of course
you’re going to have to do the forms.
You‘re going to have to compare and contrast
the old with the new
to understand what is happening.

I’ll tell you right now,
this is not a book for people
who want to read about
and not do the work.
This book is only for people
who want to wade in,
get lost in the pages,
scratch their heads,
kick and punch the alligators swarming in their own heads,
and come the other side of the swamp.

One thing I will tell you, though…
there is matrixing in this book
and if you haven’t studied it,
the basic course on matrixing
will save your bacon.

It is ten times easier to study the classical
if you have studied matrix karate.

I have always told people,
do matrixing,
but DON’T put the classical aside.
There’s gold in those forms,
and hopefully,
with matrixing and this forthcoming book,
you’ll find it.

Probably a couple of months now
until I publish.
And say a prayer for poor Ted,
he’s right in the thick of 400 pages,
well over a thousand illustrations.
As soon as he’s out of the swamp
I’ll throw the rest of you guys in.

Here’s the obligatory ad for Matrix Karate…

1a Matrix Karate



And don’t forget to check out the interview

I’ve got nothing but five star reviews on

The Science of Government.
It’s really nothing more than applying matrixing to politics.

Politics is the justification for insanity by a group.

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On How to Beat up A Mixed Martial Artist!

Newsletter 877

Have You Beaten Up a Mixed Martial Artist Lately?

Happy freedom to all!

Got an most interesting email,
So interesting that I started to respond,
and couldn’t.
In spite of the fact that the writer sounded like a nice guy,
and appreciated Matrixing.
The statement he posed
just didn’t fit.

He wanted to know if I had trained anyone
to use matrixing against MMA.

On the surface,
it’s a pretty harmless question,
sort of interesting,
should be easy to answer,

Except that matrixing is about putting logic into the martial arts.
It is about learning enough about the martial arts,
all martial arts,
that you understand how they fit together.

It is about the martial arts as one art.
It is not about the martial arts as separate entities
that oppose one another.

one could learn enough martial arts that one could defeat an MMA stylist.
Or a Kung Fu stylist,
or any other specific style of art.

But that isn’t the point!
And I certainly don’t want to get embroiled
in that question that divides all martial arts…

‘Which is the best martial art.’

which question rapidly transitions into…

‘My art is better than yours,’
‘this art is better than that,’
‘my daddy can beat up your daddy.’

the best martial art is the one you study,
and when you change arts,
when you look further afield,
when you expand your thinking and viewpoint,
then your new martial art
is the new best martial art.

if you study matrixing,
figure out the logic behind the martial arts,
you become intuitive.
You become a better fighter.
You become a better martial artist.

The point of matrixing is to help you
appreciate your martial art as the best martial art,
to figure it out so there are no mysteries,
so that you understand everything about it.

And to figure out everything about the next art you study,
and then to put them together until…
your art is separate and unique.

You see,
the martial arts are taught by style and system.
But the real martial art is the one that grows in you.
All those styles and systems contribute
to the unique take you have on the martial arts.

Matrixing just makes that happen,
the point of matrixing is to build you,
to help you create your own art,
taking the pieces from all others,
to make an art that is perfectly suited to you.

So I can’t handle the question
that poses one art against another art.
All arts are good,
you just have to explore them
find out all about them
then put them together your own.

Matrixing is the science that helps you do that.

Matrix Karate is just a piece of it,
a logical slice of certain concepts.
Matrix Kung Fu,
same thing.
And so on,
through all the arts I teach.

Is there a Matrix MMA?
Of course there is.
But I don’t know it because I haven’t studied MMA.
But somebody,
one of you,
And that person will assemble the techniques using matrixing,
will write a matrix,
or compile some graphs,
so that MMA is logical and easier…
and faster…
to learn.
But this will not happen if people hold to the idea that MMA
is part of an arena of the martial arts.

It will only happen if somebody realizes that MMA
is a slice of the whole,
and studies enough arts,
and enough matrixing,
and enough MMA,
to figure out how it all fits into the scheme of things,
and can appreciate the whole picture of the martial arts
from the MMA point of view.

that’s probably what I should have answered,
as you can see from the rant here,
I was just too boggled
by the spirit of the question.

So go here…


This has three arts,
kung fu through classical karate through modern karate,
read these three arts,
do these three arts,
then check your understanding of Karate.
you will be bigger and better,
and you won’t be guilty of the silliness
of thinking one style of karate is better than another,
and that is a heck of a good way
to start your study of the real martial arts,
the complete and total martial arts,
that includes ALL martial arts.

Have a great work out!





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