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Newsletter 1030
Will the Real Karate Stand up?

Got an interesting email.
Fellow asked me which version
of the basic forms in matrixing
are the real ones.
The reason is that there are small differences
in the forms over the years.
And, he’s right.
So, what’s my excuse?

Aw, heck. I don’t have an excuse.
I just kept tweaking and tweaking.
The first version is going to be just as good as the last version.
So how can I say that about a science?
Because there is an art to the science.

I don’t break certain rules,
the body has lines of energy,
the body must be mounted on a base,
and so on.
But I do things like tweak entries,
explore different set ups,
that sort of thing.

And I expect you to do the same.

Back in the fifties
Gichin Funakoshi made the remark
that he didn’t recognize Karate as it was done,
that it bore no resemblance to the art he had been taught.

Well, of course.
Young turks in the colleges took it and ran with it.
Power was more important to them.
To an old man like Funakoshi
technique would have been important.
This would result in a MASSIVE shift
in how forms and techniques were done.

I have said this:
that the karate I see in schools, on youtube, and so on,
bears NO resemblance to the art I was taught.
And it is obvious why,
I have spoken of this many times.
Karate has been adapted for tournaments,
for politics and children and vested interest.

once people are done exploring the arts,
playing with this concept of styles,
once they undo the silliness of politics,
of being watered down for children,
and so on,
they will reach the same conclusion I did.
All martial arts are the same.

The physics of the body work only one way,
and so a body will eventually be tweaked to what works,
and what works is physics.

So much for the argument of which art is better.
They are all good,
but only as good as the man who
understands physics can make them.

All right,
One of the last versions of classical Karate I did was…

Temple Karate

Check it out.
It isn’t the perfect matrixed forms,
but it is classical karate
as seen through a physics filter.
Should make you think.

have yourself a great work out!

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