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The Secret of the Martial Arts

The Secret of the Martial Arts

Do you know why Karate
and other martial arts
make better people?

This is an interesting question because people say
it’s the discipline.
It makes for virtues like patience,
and all that sort of stuff.

The truth is simpler,
yet more difficult.

You face an opponent
you focus on him,
try to exclude the world
and all distractive thoughts
and focus on him.

you must reach him.
You have the target fixed,
and you slap or block his hands out of the way
and touch him.

So you are engaged in a very intense project
slowing the mind down
getting rid of distractions
achieving your target.

To understand what this means
you have to isolate each of these three things
and ask what they really mean.

To slow the mind down
means to get it out of the way.
You must perceive without the mind getting in the way.
If you can get rid of the mind completely,
you are there.
The mind is just a bunch of memories.
Memories intruding on your awareness
when you are focusing on a target
are just distractions.
That’s one.

To get rid of distractions
is to eliminate things that get in the way
that are generated
from the outside world.

For instance,
you are focusing on a guy
and somebody yells at you.
You should be able to ignore the yell
and continue to focus.
That’s two.

To achieve your target.
To get what you want.
That’s three.
If you don’t understand that you
are trying to get what you want in life
there’s no way I can explain this to you.

you practice karate,
or kung fu,
and you learn to ignore distractions of the mind.
I am not going to go get drunk tonight.
I am going to work out.
That’s discipline.
And that grows into…
I can get this job done.
I can finish this class.
I can handle all the problems that life hands me

And you practice more,
and you ignore distractions from the world.
“No, Joe, I’m not going drinking.
I’ve got to finish this job.”
and that grows into
I can get this job done.
I can finish this class.
I can handle all the problems that life hands me

And you practice some more,
and you get that A in class,
you get that job,
you finish that project,
You achieve what you want.

aside from being able to beat somebody up,
which is a very minor ability,
you become a person
who cannot be swayed from achieving things in life.
While the rest of the world blunders about,
gets drunk and gets DUIs,
while the rest of the world grouses
about how the boss in unfair,
or the wife picks on them…
you get what you want.
People think you are being disciplined,
but that is only the face
of your intense personality
that doesn’t settle for less.

here’s the bad news…
a system that has been diluted,
weakened or combined with other arts,
is harder to use for growing
the type of person I am talking about.

And most systems are this way.
Most systems are put togethers,
or influenced by other arts,
and it becomes more difficult to achieve
what I am talking about.

You want to get where you’re going?
You want the type of personality I am talking about?
You need to take the distractions out of your art.
You need to strip off the other influences.
You need to get rid of poser techniques,
time wasting exercises,
drills that don’t have much to do with
what I am talking about.

I would be severely remiss
if i didn’t point out
that that is the whole point of matrixing.
And you can matrix any art,
and return it to a pure state,
but Matrix Karate has the skeletal structure
upon which you can hang the meat
of any other art,
and lots of stuff
besides the martial arts.
It is a system of logic that can be used
in any number of ways.

I know,
that’s all I talk about.
Can’t i get a life?
tell the truth,
the reason I keep doing this
is because I don’t allow inner distractions,
or outer distractions
to get in the way of me achieving my goals.

here’s the link…

Matrix Karate

Have a funtastic work out!
have yourself a great work out!

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