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New Martial Arts Course!

Newsletter 1004

The Nine Square Diagram Course!

What better way to celebrate HanaKwanMass

than to announce a new course!

HanaKwanMass is

of course

Hanukkah, Kwanza and Christmas

And the new course is…

The Nine Square Diagram Boxing Course!

Now, it comes in two parts.

Part one is the hard style.

Part two is the soft style.

You can buy them separately,

or buy them together.

And, there are bonuses.

On the hard course,

I give the Nine Square Diagram Book.

No bonus on the soft style course


get both hard and soft courses,

and you get the Master Instructor Course.

That’s right,

a whole course,

and probably the best course I’ve got.

It straightens up ANY martial art.

Gets rid of the stuff that is confusing

and leaves you with hard core physics

as the real backbone of the martial arts.

Right now the course is all digital.

A week or two and I’ll get the physical disks up,


let me say it now,

this is the cumulation of everything

I have learned over 50 years.

It is complete,

includes virtually every other art,

and matrixes everything.

Hard to soft.

Concepts from any art.


I mean it when I say it is the last art

you will ever have to study.


it is pretty much the only art I do anymore.

All the classical arts I spent years figuring out,

they have been replaced.

All the techniques,

combined and condensed into true workability.

in the ring,

in the meditation chamber,

in the dojo,

in your backyard…

this really is the best art in the world.


check it out.

the website is new,

just bare bones,

but I have an order page up.



a word,

because it is brand new there may be bugs.

If you encounter one just let me know at


I stand behind everything I do,

and i will fix any bugs as quickly as I can.


have a great work out!


Real Martial Arts Power through Karate Stances

Newsletter 880

The Secret of Power in Karate!

I read an article on karate a while ago,
and the author made an interesting claim:
he stated that stances were basically for calisthenics.
That’s it,
no other reason for stances.

there’s a bozo born every minute.

I’ll tell you the truth here,
but don’t tell anybody.
It’s a secret.

When you stand,
your legs are straight.
You are at rest.
Standing up you are resting.

Bend the legs a bit
and you have to do a little work.
Bend the legs a lot
and you have to do a lot of work.

that’s a calisthenic.
sink into that horse stance,
hold it,
relax and breath downwards,
extend your hands,
and you will feel your fingers tingle.
Try it.
If you don’t feel anything,
you need to do it a few times
until you do.
You need to relax
and let your awareness grow
until you can perceive what is happening
in your body.

What is that tingling?
It is energy.
The body has an energy center called the Tan Tien (jap),
it is located about two inches below the navel.
Doing a horse stance excites that energy center.
It has to work harder to hold the stance.
That energy can be used in other parts of the body.
Do a punch in conjunction with a horse stance
and the punch is stronger.

Every stance in the martial arts,
if done correctly,
results in this energy building.
Every block or strike
if done correctly
should tap into this energy.

as described in the matrix courses.

If you treat the stances like calisthenics,
your legs will get stronger.
If you learn what the stances are for,
learn how to relax and breath into every technique,
you will build this thing called chi power.

Almost no martial artists in America have this power.
They did 40 or 50 years ago,
but people lost the ideas behind what they were doing,
so the kata became ‘exercise.’
The techniques became ritual.
And people with short attention spans,
who had not delved into the martial arts,
and certainly not understood the martial arts,
began teaching calisthenics.
They lost the power.

if you want to know the actual truth
behind how to build such things as chi power,
I’ve shown it in my courses.
You can order almost any course,
and I will show the the basic-basics
so you can make chi,
and I will show you in the videos.

I’ve also written about it.


It’s a simple book,
simple concepts,
but they aren’t known,
have been pretty much forgotten
and they are alien to the P. E. you have in high school
so I spent 150 pages to make sure
the descriptions could be understood.
and over 160 pics and graphics.

if you doubt,
check out the video on this page.
that’s me projecting chi outside my body.
Not punching from an inch away to put out a candle,
but flicking my fingers from over a foot away
so that the candle gutters out


Check it out,
and have a great work out!





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The Real Reason Karate Kata Are So Valuable in the Martial Arts!

The True Value of Karate Kata

There are several reasons why Karate Kata are so valuable to the martial artist. Mind you, we are including many forms of Martial Arts, kung fu patterns, taekwondo forms, whatever.

The first reason Karate Kata are so good for you is purely physical. Simply, if you are doing a form, you are doing body weight calisthenics. Many people over look this, but when you do the first form of Karate, Heian One, or Pinan One as it is sometimes referred to, you are doing approximately 20 squats on the front leg. If you do all five of these karate kata you are doing over 100 knee bends, and these calisthenics shape and power the legs in a multitude of ways. Simply, the leg is completely and fully powered up.

karate kata steps

Jackie Chan said he knows enough Martial Arts to start his own style! Why not you?

The second reason Karate Kata are so great for you is that they teach you control.

This starts with control of the body. You learn how to hold your body in a particular position in space, how to move to another position in space through the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

This fact of control progresses into technique, and here is where kata really shine. When you are doing a technique you are learning to take charge of another person’s body. You control it no matter how violent it is, and you learn to handle it without using effort.

Mind you, there are more efficient ways of learning fighting. You could punch a bag as in boxing for hours and hours, and not learn anything new about yourself body. And, to tell the truth, this author finds that method slightly boring.

So Karate Kata might take a bit longer to learn, but you are not learning to just destroy, you are learning to control, both your own body and somebody else’s body. Very valuable stuff. And that brings us to the third reason martial arts forms are good for you.

To control the body takes concentration, and thus you are learning to take charge of your mind.

Did you know that people who learn real karate, or real kung fu, usually do better in life? That is because they have learned not to just to control bodies, but awareness. They have learned to control thought.

And a person who can control thought can control the universe. Thus, the importance of martial arts forms, karate katas, or whatever you call them, cannot be underestimated.

Here’s a really good article on the secrets of the Martial Arts forms, or, you can always take a look at this online karate kata course.